How To Live a Happier Life - A Work Life Balance

Photo by Datingscout on Unsplash Welcome to our latest blog post, we will discuss on achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. These are some guides or advice to make a happier life, and some practical aspects to achieve true balance and contentment of your life. 1. Seek Personal Growth Create realistic objectives and goal Learn skills until you are good at it Educate yourself Celebrate achievements 2. Engage in Activities You Enjoy Pursue hobbies Participate in fun events 3. Focus on Positive Thinking Practice gratitude Look for the good in situations 4. Limit Stress Manage workload Take breaks Avoid overcommitting 5. Maintain Healthy Relationships Spend time with loved ones Build supportive friendships 6. Prioritize Mental and Physical Health Exercise regularly Eat a balanced diet Get adequate sleep Share your experience problem with someone close Seek mental health support if needed 7. Give Back to Others Volunteer Help those in need 8. Accept and Adapt to Change

Understanding What Makes Life Feel Unfulfilling

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash Here are a few factors that can contribute to a sense of emptiness in individuals. 1. Personal experiences or life events Lack of fulfillment in daily activities or relationships Overwhelm from excessive responsibilities or expectations A sense of helplessness or powerlessness Traumatic experiences, such as abuse or loss Lack of Social Skills: Difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships due to poor communication or social skills. 2. Philosophical influence or Personal beliefs Nihilism, existentialism, and absurdism can suggest life lacks meaning. Stoicism may encourage emotional detachment. Postmodernism questions traditional beliefs, leaving some feeling adrift. 3. Cultural and societal factors Lack of close friends, family or people to rely on. Pressure to have more things and success. Spending too much time indoors and not seeing the outside world. Too much thinking about Unfairness and inequality in society. Cultural or Language Barriers: Diffe

How to improve your online voice. Effective techniques to improve your speaking skills

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash Whether you're an aspiring lecturer, gamers, or simply someone eager to improve your ability to communicate. It's better when you speak clearer so the audience can understand your message better. Here  I gather some techniques to improve your speaking skills with a more detailed explanation of each point. 1. Make Your Mic Closer When You Speak - Position your microphone closer to your mouth to capture your voice more clearly and reduce background noise. - Adjust the mic's distance for optimal audio quality without causing distortion. 2. Record Yourself Talking - Recording your speech allows you to review your communication style, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time. - Listen to the recordings critically, focusing on aspects like pronunciation, pacing, clarity, and intonation. 3. Enable Voice Playback - Some software and apps offer voice playback features that let you hear your spoke

Creating Transparency Effects with CSS - Background RGBA and Backdrop-filter

Image web design What really the key to becoming a good front-end website developer is all about being creative and innovative. You have to learn from many other people's works and sometimes just out of nowhere you will find your own idea, web design is more art than technicality.  Drawing buttons on a web page is easy, but making the button engaging is difficult. How do you design a checkout button that makes the user want to click it so badly, that leads to sale?  Well, it is not just about buttons, many aspects of a website must be cool, innovative and engaging so that users are willing to spend more time to discover what the business offer and what the users need. One of the things that makes a website stand out is the transparency effects. Continue reading, I will tell you about how these effects changed the way users experience (UX) of a web page, and how to implement it. It all started when I wanted to make a website that would leave a lasting impression. I

How to make money by freelancing at Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Quick answer: I don't know how. So this article is more about why are you getting rejected? Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online outsourcing marketplace, for individuals can apply to work online and get paid. For businesses to submit tasks that mainly focus on Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), to be honest I don't actually know the details because I got rejected. Yes I was very curious, so a few days ago using my new Amazon account, I applied, then it needed three days for manual review or verification by Amazon staff. But I ended up getting rejected, but it’s okay, I'm just curious and want to try, it seems like not much money I can make there anyway. I don’t know what qualification of the approval process for MTurk, I don’t have any of my friends that are approved, I guess it is based on your IP location maybe, only specific applications from certain age or regions that are approved.  Well, after reading from their website:  Selecting eligible workers , finally I go

How to start an event driven microservice backend application using Spring Kafka

Have you ever started a project from the start and it became a very large Project?  As your application grows, the complexities to your code also grows. Even the once perfect, orderly project can turn into chaos because you constantly put more and more features, services and assets into the project, making maintenance a nightmare.  One of the solutions to prevent a growing application from becoming a mess is by separating your application into smaller microservices. Microservice is a contrast to monolithic architecture, rather than putting your feature into one giant codebase, in microservice you divide your project into smaller projects(microservice), and then each microservice has only one responsibility with a specific task or functionality. Here’s some feature what most application has that can be divided into microservices: 1. User authentication and user Management Make your authentication and authorization of your APIs into different services, usually this type of service called

Very Beginner Tutorial How to Develop Python Applications Using IntelliJ Community

This tutorial is intended for beginners trying to learn a programming language, or you are a programmer but have never used the code editor called Intellij before. IntelliJ is widely regarded as one of the best choices for developing web applications using Python. Whether you are a professional software developer or a beginner, IntelliJ offers a comprehensive and user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can greatly enhance your Python coding experience. In this tutorial, we will explore how to start writing your first Python program using IntelliJ Community Edition, which is the free version of IntelliJ. And hopefully as your skill level increases, you can develop much more complex projects using Python. Download Intellij community edition here - To get started writing your very first Python code in Intellij community, follow these steps: 1. Intellij is Java IDE, so to start Python programming you must Install the Python plugin.  2. To ins

Tips for a success software project: Enhancing features, innovation, and little bif of marketing strategy

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash Yesterday was one example of some of my unproductive days as I spent the entire day just sleeping. In the afternoon, I just felt that I lacked the energy to work, primarily due to my inability to control my time effectively. The constant stream of thoughts about work, side projects, and my blog prevented me from maintaining a regular sleep schedule.  I usually sleep very late. It’s become obvious that sleeping late has become a persistent challenge in my life, affecting my overall productivity and well-being. Recognizing the negative impact it has on my daily routine, I have made a solid decision to address this issue and regain control over my sleep patterns, but somehow it works sometimes it doesn't, I guess it’s just human nature. Balancing Side Projects with Full-Time Employment Despite being a full-time employee, I find myself with enough time to dedicate to side projects. However, currently, these day job projects I handle have be

Exploring the World of Web Development Part 5 - Spring and MySQL database

In today's digital age, data plays a crucial role in web applications. Storing and retrieving data efficiently is essential for the success of any web development project. One of the most popular and widely used databases for web applications is MySQL. In this article, we will explore how to configure Spring Boot with MySQL, learn how to save and retrieve data, and understand the process of altering and removing data. This tutorial is designed for beginners in web development, and it is recommended to continue using the code from the previous articles to build upon the existing Spring project. Configuring Spring Boot with MySQL To begin, let's ensure that our Spring project is configured to work with MySQL. If you haven't set up a local MySQL database yet, you can download the installer from and follow the installation steps. Once installed, set up your credentials, including a username and password, and create a new database for your application. If you want to

Motivation on becoming a successful web developer - want to create a future masterpiece in UX user experiences?

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash Have you ever dreamt of becoming a successful web developer? Everyone does, I totally have! Being a web developer means you get to create awesome stuff on the internet that people will use and get amazed how the web fulfills their day to day life, helps alleviate people's life. It's like being a doctor providing treatment, cure the patient's illness, but with computers and coding! For me, becoming a web developer is as cool as being a doctor.  To make my life more fulfilling, I don't want to limit myself by just working for some Tech company. Nope! I have big dreams of starting my own Tech-giant company someday, specializing in Web user experience, meaning creating a better web experience for users. I want to be my own boss and create amazing products that people will love. But hey, I also know it's important to be happy along the way. So, I don't want to sacrifice my happiness in the moment just for some unknown future. It

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