4 Steps From Beginner To Advanced Level Of Mastering C/C++

C and C++ Logo If you are just a newbie programmer, before you can jump and build a real application using C, you don't know how to get started or you just know very little about the syntax, the flow, the technique on how to do real programming in C. You can just begin your programming journey by learning some simple C code or to create small for just fun projects. Here is my experience doing some coding from scratch in C, level after level, from the easy to hard that I did. 1. Learning Pointer Manipulation In C Pointer is not an array, but a pointer behaves similar to an array. The difference is that an Array has an index while a pointer has an address to manipulate the value or the data in that specific address. A simple comparison diagram of Array and Pointer with respect to index and address can be seen in this diagram. You can learn more about pointers and with example codes from C programming pointers from here

Linked List Data Structure Implementation In C Language

Linked list is a data structure, a collection of data that each node in the list has reference to the next node and in a double linked list it can have a previous node. Linked lists are preferred to be used because of the efficiency in the insertion and deletion. Linked lists also can be used to implement other abstract data types  like stacks, queues, etc. The basic idea of linked list is that it has a head Node that we can iterate the next node until we find the very last node or the tail node to find specific data, usually given an index or the position of the data. In this post I created a simple reusable implementation of singly linked list in C, which probably is not very efficient in terms of speed and performance, but for me I feel like it’s much more human readable. Run Linked List Demo This implementation of linked list has features  that I will describe in a quick explanation below. - List_init To initialize the first node, or the head node if the linked list is empty or

How To Start Web Development Using Javascript NodeJs

Web programming using Javascript Javascript is no doubt the easiest programming language, and that’s probably the reason why it is such a popular and very widely used programming language. Right now maybe you can only build website stuff, but actually it is general purpose that maybe in the future it will support programs in Javascript not just for website stuff. Doing web programming using JS is as simple as installing Node js and creating package.json and one file that will be used as the main file to handle HTTP requests and return the response to the user. If you are interested in learning programming, you can follow this tutorial on how to start building a website using Javascript, follow this instruction below. 1. Install Nodejs You can find the installer here , select base on the OS you are using such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS 2. Open your favorite text editor or IDE For example VS code, Sublime text or whatever IDE you preferred to use. 3. Crea

Some Must Read RFC - A List Of Technical Documentation Behind The Internet Technology

Some Must Read RFC If you are a software engineer or some IT related job, you must already know about the RFC or Request for comment. It is kind of a non formal standard for internet related things. The most popular I guess is HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). The RFC for HTTP alone has been aged 26 years (1995), but it’s relatively new. The first Rfc is from 1969, was issued by Steve Crocker. The first RFC 1 defined the “IMP software” used in the communication between hosts on the ARPAnet, a predecessor of the internet. There’s so many RFCs, almost 10000 in number, so if you want to read some important or mostly known RFC, here’s my pick and list some of RFCs that are maybe the most well known. - RFC 2324 - Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) - RFC 3629 about  UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 Who doesn’t know about UTF-8, yes probably nobody, everyone knows it. This RFC standardised how UTF-8 must be implemented.  - RFC 2246 about Transfer Layer Securit

3 Practical Ways On How To Start Writing Now

Photo by Surface on Unsplash So many articles on the internet about tips to guide you on writing a blog, some are helpful, some just not so helpful, it depends on your understanding of the thing that you read. Regularly feeding your blog with content everyday can make your blog grow from just a personal blog into a big successful blog. But then it’s not so easy to maintain the focus on growing your blog, especially when you are just starting a blog, you can easily lose and find your blog without any content for months and then it becomes a dead blog. I have some practical ways that work for me whenever I feel like I want to write a blog post, but I feel stuck and feel that it’s already seems hard to even come up with an idea on what I am gonna write.  Usually ideas don't come up naturally, you need to force yourself to think about it. Also some techniques maybe need it to have a better view on what type of content you are finished to write. The easiest way is just to begin writing

How To Use React Ckeditor Upload File Image With Demo and Example Codes

This is a simple tutorial on how you can configure React Ckeditor wysiwyg library to handle file upload when users try to insert a picture into our editor, so the editor will upload the file to the server rather than providing the base64 string the default case by CKeditor.  At first I feel like it may look very easy, and it should be because image upload is a standard feature in the editor so it doesn't need to be that complicated, but it turns out it’s far more complex than I thought. I read somewhere online that some people took days to solve just this problem. Firstable assume you have a backend API that will handle file upload into your server with this criteria. Request curl --location --request POST 'https://YOUR_API/upload_files' \ --form 'files=@"/D:/Pictures/my-image.jpg"' Response {     "filename": "1622085846852.jpg" } Then on the react side, create a custom Ckeditor component that we can reuse that component anywhere on the

How To Update Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 check for update Updating your OS is a simple task that will probably update it automatically, if your computer feels different or you are just curious to check and update your Windows OS here's a few steps on How to update Windows 10. 1. Press windows key or windows logo on the bottom left of the screen. 2. Click the gear icon or settings. 3. Select menu update and security. 4. Click the button Check for updates. 5. And finally Download and install the new updates. 6. Wait the downloading and installing patches process to finish. 7. If it’s required to restart, then restart your pc, make sure all your working documents are saved before restart your computer. If you are using a laptop, make sure to plugin to source power so your windows update does not break your pc when suddenly your computer is out of power and the updates is only doing it partially. If you have some crucial information on your computer, or some account that you are logged in using your computer it is

7 Tips If You Want To Blog From Your Smart Phone

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash One of the simplest and easiest ways of content marketing is to create a successful blog that attracts a lot of visitors. Because writing on a blog is probably easier than many other types of media content that need to be created in order to attract some potential consumer. But sometimes you are in the mood of writing content, but you are not always in front of a laptop or PC or mac, you only have a cellular device. It is actually what the situation currently i am in, i wrote this blog post on an Android device with google docs. So it is not a problem whether it is a big fast computer or just a regular cell touchscreen phone. Here are some tips if you want to write a blog post just by using your phone: 1. Make it as habit Blogging from your phone may not be as efficient as blogging with your laptop or PC, but actually anything is just a matter of habit, if you are make anything as a habit, whether you are exercise daily, eating healthy food, writing

Some Usefull Tips If You Have No Idea What To Write For Your Blog

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash The vast and growing number of people on the internet gives you lots of opportunities if creative enough it can make extra income for you, even probably as your main source of income. I have a successful blogger friend that always motivates me whenever he shares his success by just becoming a blogger.  Writing and maintaining a blog is hard but it will pay off if you discipline enough giving your blog contents. So here are some tips if you struggle with coming up with new ideas for your blog next post. 1. Stop your perfectionist thinking Yes, coming up with new blog post ideas for your blog is somehow really difficult, sometimes we are too much thinking about people's response so at the end of the day you can end up with nothing. You want everything to be perfect and tidy but those kinds of thinking are just slowing you down. 2. Read some Reddit threads I have been using Reddit mostly just a silent reader for a long time, reading threads on reddit

C Pointer Program to get the last name from a full name

C Language Flag / Logo Another C programming here, this article will simply explain how to do char array operation in C language to get the last word from a whole sentence, or in this case we just rename our function to be more specific to get a person last name from its full name. This is a very simple C function to get a user last name from a user full name. This function will do some pointer operation, so if you are trying to learn about pointer in C, this may help you little bit on understanding about a pointer in C: char * get_last_name(char * full_name) { char *last_name = full_name; int last_space=0; for(int i=0; i 0) last_space+=1; last_name += last_space; return last_name; } This function will loop through all the characters bit by bit and will try to find any spaces located on that character. If a space is found, then store the last space pointer location and return that pointer as its function return. - We define our function called get_last_name to

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