ERROR 1348 Column Password Is Not Updatable When Updating MySQL Root Password

When trying to update my root password database, either MySQL or MariaDB, i get this following error:

ERROR 1348 (HY000): Column 'Password' is not updatable
This is because i use this SQL command to update my root password, and it is wrong:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('1234') WHERE User='root';
So you can't update a user password using Update commands, to update the password, use ALTER commands instead. like the following:

ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '1234';
And then using flush privileges to commit that command into the system, like this:

flush privileges;
So now you have your root with password 1234.

MySQL or MariaDB is one of My favorite database system for either developing or even i use it for my production services. It is easier to install and to manage than any other competitor database system out there.

I love MySQL, it is fast, and using SQL dialect that lot of peoples uses, so in case i got trouble …

How To Install MySQL or MariaDB Services From Zip Archive

MySQL and MariaDB is one of those popular database system currently revolving on the back end system of major websites, or any other computer application, offline or online. It is not only for just a development tools, it is capable of handling real production system, million of transactions i think it can handle.

Here is how you can setup MySQL or Maria Db on windows machine manually from zip file not using installer that you've been downloaded from their official website. Without further ado Starigth away open Windows command line using administrator privilege.

A. MariaDB Simply run inside bin directory will install MySQL with default installation parameters.


B. MYSQL In MySQL, instead of running mysql_install_db.exe we run :

mysqld --initialize-insecure --user=mysql

It work the same, to initialize data directory and first MySQL user.

C. Start MySQL from console To test our MySQL can be run or not, we can starting it from console:

mysqld --console

Start MySQL …

How To Install Apache, PHP and MySQL Manually On Windows

If you are a web developer, using Apache, PHP and MySQL is the most easiest way you can do. You can start your website stuff in just few minutes. If you are using windows, there's program called XAMPP, it gives you a bundle of Apache, PHP and MySQL altogether, by just following Next and Next button, you can start your web development journey right away.

But if you want have lot of control over your Server stack, you can do install manually. By installing them separately, you can switch between version of Apache and PHP much more easier. So here's how you can server stack for your web development manually.

Before you start the steps, it is important that you need to have Visual C++ (VC) run time exactly the same for your PHP binary build, and Apache binary build, the newest VC ++ is version 15,17,19.

1. Download the VC run time 15,17 and 19

From this link:

Visual C++ 2015, 2017 and 2019 is compatible with each other. Unlike the pre…

What Services Created By SQL Server Installation

Microsoft SQL server is one of the best database system in the business. This short post only gonna show you what services, how many of them are SQL server Express is created during the installation process. Here's list of SQL server express services:

SQL Server
The core of SQL server

SQL Server Agent
Schedules jobs and handles other automated tasks.

SQL Server Browser
Listens for incoming requests for Microsoft SQL Server resources and provides information about SQL Server instances installed on the computer

SQL Server CEIP service
CEIP - Customer Experience Improvement Program is a program designed to collects your computer statistics information and how people use SQL server, useful for Microsoft to improve SQL server n the future and solving the problem if the SQL server somehow not working or crash. It is running automatically when our computer started,

SQL Server VSS Writter
Backup and restore of SQL Server through the Volume Shadow Copy Service framework. It is running automati…

The Worst App Ranked

Mobile apps has been probably the most attraction thing for today's people around the world play with, it ranges from Productivity, like taking photos, Recording video, making notes to just bad as Phone is just another toy for adult to spend their times, like Social media, watching silly entertainment Youtube videos, etc.

And here's the worst app ranked personally by me, i don't have broad list ranges of apps, but the app that is listed below is the very popular app yet it can impact me in negative way rather than it's being useful and help me to be better in life. So because the impact of these apps is for me make me worst, i decided to not using it, i used to playing with it but now i don't, i completely avoid them because it is not just useless but also it din't help me in any kind of solving any of my problems.

1. Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any kind of social media
Social media for me is the worst invention of the internet, if you think it deeply, the…

How to Add MySQL JDBC Driver To Wildfly

Wildfly is one of the best application server for Java, it is implementing Java EE, so if you are doing Java EE application development, you can use Wildfly either as your main production server or just for development process. It has a lot of documentation out there, so if you got into trouble, it is not that hard to find the solution.

Here's how to add MySQL JDBC driver to Wildfly, currently i am using Wildfly 12.x, and MySQL connector 8.x.

Using Terminal  Try creating the Module itself using the command rather than manually writing the module.xml file. This is because when we use some text editors, they might append some hidden chars to our files. (Specially when we do a copy & paste in such editors)

[standalone@localhost:9990 /]  module add --name=com.mysql.driver  --dependencies=javax.api,javax.transaction.api --resources=/PATH/TO/mysql-connector-java-5.1.35.jar

[standalone@localhost:9990 /] :reload
    "outcome" => "success",

Windows 10 Runtime Broker

As a Windows 10 user, i am really impressed how much this OS is helping me in a lot of situation, for me it is probably the best OS in the world, it is fast and have many pre-installed program so that i do not need to search online for program some basic use case like browsing the internet, playing music and video, taking screenshots, and many more. But still the OS has so many downside. One of annoying things on Windows 10 is, for me there are some background process that i don't really know but they consume a lot of my computer resources like RAM, CPU or Disk. Windows Run-time broker is one of that annoying background process.

What is Runtime Broker? It is a Windows process to helps manage some permissions on our program that we installed them either from Microsoft Store or directly download installer from the internet. So basically this process will run if only we installed some buggy apps to our computer. It is not 100% Windows fault.

Should i disabled it? Again, the problem …