Web Development Using Spring Boot For Beginners

In this series of posts, we are gonna cover tutorial on how to get start web development in Java using spring boot. For your information, I've been working on web developments for quite a while but not using Spring, and not using Java either, so it's kinda like i am also newbie as you are, but don't worry all code on this website will be tested so that it will work when you copy/pasting. And because it's for beginners, all codes on this series would be full single class file, no cut.

1. Prepare your favorite IDE
It is Java not Javascript, you are gonna write enterprise level codes, in other to have readable, maintainable codes, you need to have better tools, IDE helps you refactoring your code, code completion, and building your code with a press of a button, usually hammer icon.

2. Initialize spring boot project
Simply using, you can create your project template, all you need to do is specifying project meta data, dependencies you want to use, etc.

Add …

How To Deploy Spring Boot Web Application To Production

Building web application is somewhat hard, but with good tools support, good programming language, and good framework, this daunting hard time consuming tasks can be minimized and can be somewhat fun.

Building web application using Spring Boot has many benefits, of course your gonna doing it faster, easier, large community support, and the beautiful maintainable codes. And the results of your web application performance, because it is Java technology, it can be fast, salable, and capable of handling thousands of thousands transactions.

This time i am not going to share java codes, it's just an easy simple tasks how you gonna deploy your application to production server. Of course there's lot of ways to do it, but for this time, i am only showing you 2 of the most easiest way to deploy your application.

1. Embedded Tomcat

This is the easiest way, basically you just installed Tomcat to your server, this is article to doing that How to install tomcat on Ubuntu. After that, login t…

What is GraphQL anyway?

GraphQL becomes really popular in these days, what's GraphQL anyway, is it something similiar with SQL, is it just replacement of SQL?

For current usage, Graphql is not gonna replace SQL, because most of todays application  using GraphQl in fact still need a database to get data, and database system like MySQL, not changing, and it is pretty dangerous if you expose GraphQl to directly connecting to your database, it is mainly becuase GraphQL can be queriend front frontend application.

GraphQl is just a spesification, people can doing whatever they want with a spesification but mostly in current most uses, is how you can query a data from front end application that has spesific limitation by the server side of your application.

It can be use to get your data, it can be use to delete a data, it can be use to updating your data, pretty much everything we need for an application.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a run time for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. …

How To Create Service On Windows

Windows is really amazing OS, you have cool GUI, full, optimize performance especially for personal PC, it has lot of capabilities that any other OS can't compete with windows. And if you are programmer, windows also support you by providing easiness of program development, like for example when we have a program need to have a service whenever every user log on to their computer. You can create a (.bat) file to be executed when user doing installation.

To create service for experiment purpose, you can run cmd using administration privileges

sc create MyServiceName binpath= "\"C:Program Files (x86)\My Service\yourProgram.exe\" --someparameter=0" displayname= "My Service"

The trick is, always create space after equals sign, and always create double-quotes in your program location. You can add more option, like for the example above we define displayname which will appear as our service name, You can also read more detail about SC command here from offic…

What is DNA Sequencing?

It's basically just determining DNA sequences of one biological creatures. The easiest way to do DNA sequencing is on simple viruses like Sir Frederick Sanger did back in 1977, it easier to do because even a simple organism like virus can contains hundred of thousands of DNA sequences, compare to complex species like human that has billions of sequences, it is still hard to do DNA sequencing  on none other than viruses.

What's the benefit of DNA sequencing so that it's really important thing to do is because, it is like you can do anything with that sequences of DNA, as you already know, DNA is like our biological body's blue print, if we we do know our own blue print, we can either replicate our self, improve human health, curing diseases in our body like cancer, etc. there is many benefit of knowing the fundamental block of our body.

The problem is still remain that's it is really complex things to do, it billion dollar project to map our Genomes because it'…

Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google AdSense and Google AdWords or now is known as Google Ads is subsidiary of Google in which their main activities is on advertisement bases, so they are responsible for managing ads that appear on Google Platform such as YouTube, Gmail, etc.

When you talk about Google, the main idea to rise in your mind is Google search, where you can search for anything you want to get some result you really need, but Google can't run by just their search engine, with it advertisement, they can survive as company, because their main revenue is mainly from advertisement.

There is also Google AdWords, it also advertisement based, but it has different goals, where google AdSense is for publisher to place google ads, google AdWords is where advertiser from many companies to make an advertisement that will be place on google publisher, some sort of, google AdWords is collecting ads and google AdSense is making output for all of those ads.

Composer PHP Package Manager

Composer is package manager used by many PHP developer. It is not a de facto package manager like NPM for node or pip for python, it's just the popular one, among maybe another PHP package manager.

To use composer, there's two options, the first is a binary file without PHP dependencies, so it can run without PHP, and the other one is composer that written in PHP, we usually seeing it as "composer.phar"

Composer is of course fast an reliable, it has huge collection of packages, from the popular framework like Symfony or Laravel to small mini project like if you want to generate JWT token you can use rbdwllr/reallysimplejwt.

Of course composer syntax is different than any other package manager, npm an pip has install, composer has require instead of install, it's not a easy for developer from different language to use composer because of that differences.