Is Yogurt Good For You, Health Benefits Of Yogurt?

One of delicious dairy products, yogurt is very popular can be found on many supermarket fridge or vending machines.

Not only it tastes  good, yogurt also has a lot of nutrition that can be good for your body and health.

Here’s nutrition facts in a 100 gram yogurt:

Calories 59 gTotal Fat 0.4 g (0%)Saturated fat 0.1 g (0%)Polyunsaturated fat 0 gMonounsaturated fat 0.1 gTrans fat 0 gCholesterol 5 mg (1%)Sodium 36 mg (1%)Potassium 141 mg (4%)Total Carbohydrate 3.6 g (1%)Dietary fiber 0 gSugar 3.2 gProtein 10 g (20%)Vitamin A 0%

Which Better WinZip vs WinRAR? Windows Zip and Unzip Tools

For compression and extracting file in Windows, we need good program that is especially fast and not make your file become corrupt or unusable. WinZip or WinRAR has already proven both have to be the best tool to dealing with file compression and decompression, both work perfect.

We deal with compressed files a lot, from flash disk, downloading from the internet and many other source because with compressed file either ZIP or RAR, we distributed many files into single file. And also the compression file working to reduce the size when it's being warped into ZIP or RAR format, so the size is much smaller than if don't compressed it.

The two programs for doing file compression i know is WinRAR and WinZip, so here's a comparison of the two most popular compression tools.

Slogan WinRAR: Compress, Encrypt, Package and Backup with only one utility
WinZip: The easiest way to zip, unzip, protect and share your files

Performance I tested today with the latest version of WinRAR and…

Reasons Whether To Quit Or Keep Drinking Coffee, Caffeine

I won't say caffeine is bad for you, in terms of health benefits, several studies reveal that drinking coffee regularly doesn't affect your organs in bad way, unlike drinking alcohol will cause your liver, or smoking will deteriorate your throat and lung. Caffeine does have a positive impact for your organs.

Caffeine which is the main  thing in  coffee is not a harmful substance, here's some pros and cons about coffee so you can decide whether you want to keep drinks coffee or quit.

Pros 1. Coffee Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter Whatever foods or drinks we consume contains energy, but coffee not only gives you energy, it also boosts your energy and make you increasingly aware of your body.

With caffeine in your blood you become totally sober, you can use your full brain capability with the help of caffeine.

2. Can Help You Burn Fat Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which sends direct signals to the fat cells, telling them to break down fat.

3. Can Drastic…

How To Gain Twitter Followers That Still Works in 2020

Twitter is kind of old social media, it's not that old but compared to many new social media like SnapChat or Instagram, Twitter is kind of a thing ages ago. But we are gonna talk about Twitter anyway.

Some of us still want more Twitter followers, because it feels pretty fun to have people read our tweets, liking or commenting our tweets, it's still fun to have our voices heard by someone.

The easiest way to gain followers, not just Twitter, but any kind of social media is so simple, you just have to be popular, either you are a celebrity, athlete or whatever people find that you are a fun guy, or maybe you could be just a guy tweeting fun tweets might it could works.

Those are the obvious facts of how many twitter followers you will have. Now there are some technical tricks you can do, these are three different ways of getting more followers on Twitter.

1. Write a lot of tweets with trending hashtag Write a tweet whatever it is, and put some trending hashtag, for example:

I …

What Passive Income Is, Compared With An Active Income?

Passive income is a topic that's very interesting for so many people. So what is passive income really is?

Passive income is a type of income where you can earn money without you are actively involved, wherever you are in the world and regardless of whether you're actually physically working or not. That is what passive income definition.

These days, many assume that people who can successfully made passive income and earn millions of dollars by doing nothing think that they are a few lucky people, because they don't have to do anything, therefore they can live free and do whatever they want.

But the truth behind all the success for those who already enjoyed passive income is that this kind of income or easy money is not something that can be easily achieved, in the process of those who made passive income, they have been through a very rough journey.

Passive income is not easy generate, passive income or financial freedom really is a dream for so many people but only fe…

3 Things To Do If You Want To Be Successful In Content Marketing

Internet age create opportunity for us to make a living that the world never seen it before, it helps us working in a digital world, one of the example is we can create a content which can attract an audience in which has the opportunity to make profit out of it.

Actually there's many different ways you can do if you want to succeed in content marketing industry. But here's just my top 3 practices i can do to maximize the potency on this Internet marketing.

1. Consistency Consistency on supplying content to your blog, podcast or YouTube channel with new content every day is the most guaranteed way to be able to make it in this industry.

Maybe not everyday, if it's Video usually it can took longer to produce it. There's like video editing stuff that needs to be done and usually took longer than just contents for blog when you can just write in a certain number of words.

If you can create as many as possible, it's better, I think you should consistently adding new c…

New Year Resolutions Of This Blog For 2020 And Me

I've received countless happy new year email, most of them are not genuine, they don't even mention my name, so it's just a bot email, then I blocked them.

Yeah this is not gonna be an informative thing about technology, if you are a reader of this blog or just want to know about this blog or want to know about me, maybe. You may proceed to read further.
If you aren't interested in it at all, I'll let you to leave, or even better give a comment or some constructive feedback to help me become a better writer. To make the upcoming posts on this blog would be useful at least.

This blog it's been kind of trash, i know there's little something you can get after finish reading some articles on this blog.
It's hard to come out with a really sophisticated idea, and then combine it with a list of useful facts, trying to make it to be not boring. I am still struggle on doing that kind of thing.

To write a funny at the same time an informative material, i want to…

What is the Cheapest VPS? Google Compute Engine Vs Namecheap VPS Pulsar

If you need a cheap server for running your website, there's plenty of company out there offering really cheap VPS server but it capable of handling some thousands of visitors daily for your website traffics.

You don't need to start big when you are just starting your own website or blog, just choose the smallest VPS available will be enough to handle the incoming traffics of visitors of your website, without any lag or any kind of security, performance issues.

I've been using Namecheap VPS service for over 5 years now, so I probably i know it better than other services I've never used. Namecheap has really good service, good customer service and product, it has been my favorite.

Then i recently just tried the Google Compute Engine, it is part of Google cloud platform, to be honest i am using it as production server because it's kind of difficult to manage it.

But from the price perspective here's compassion of Namecheap VPS vs Google VPS.

Namecheap VPS pulsar…

ERROR 1819 (HY000): Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements

This error happened when I tried to create a new MySQL user using CREATE USER, turn out it doesn't work on MySQL 5.6 and later

The error message is stated as below

ERROR 1819 (HY000): Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements
Solution Then i try reading MySQL documentation and I got solution by using this simple command below to solve the problem

SET GLOBAL validate_password_policy = LOW;
Notice that i am using MySQL version 5.7, maybe on other version have different variable name, and the other doesn't have it at all. So to check if that variable is exist in your MySQL version, using this command below

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'validate_password%';
The problem was that i believe MySQL version after 5.6 have strict password to be at least Medium level, so either you are using Password with many combination, or just set the Password policy to low will solve the problem.


How To Install Apache PHP MySQL Server Stack On Ubuntu 18.04

If you are a beginner server admin, you may be confused with a lot of steps you need to do in order to set up a new web application, using Apache Httpd, combine with PHP and MySQL.

It's gonna be hard if you just started it, but if you follow these steps you can make your web application run in minutes.

The component we use, i don't think there's gonna be much different if you are using a slightly different version.
- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
- Apache Httpd Server 2.4
- PHP 7.2
- MySQL 5.7

1. Login using SSH access
2. Preferably create new user with sudo privileges
3. Login SSH using those sudo user
4. Get the update from Ubuntu repo
sudo apt update

5. Install the update
sudo apt full-upgrade

If a reboot is required, then just reboot
6. Install Apache
sudo apt install apache2

7.Adjusting Firewall,
Lets just open port 22 for SSH and Port 80 and 443, because your server is gonna be visible to the public, if you expose all the port attacker can easily intrudes into your server and using…

Tips How To Write Blog Articles Regularly Every Day

Writing a blog post is not easy even if you have lots of vocabulary, knowledge or skill in writing. It's often the hardest part of writing is in our psychology rather than in the writing itself.

You will face many challenges to even start writing one or two sentences. It's gonna be harder if you don't start it right now, you will get distracted by your phones or friends and eventually you will end up never actually write any sentences at all.

But actually if you can fight yourself from your distraction and your low self esteem, putting your thoughts into writing can be easily done. These are tips you can do if you want to actually write regularly.

1. Don't procrastinate The more you postpone to write the more you will never actually write anything at all. Procrastinating is the biggest negative habit most of use have. It is easier to just doing nothing, not putting your brain into battle that may or may not we will succeed. The brain just don't want to put us into…

IF ELSE Condition In Microsoft Excel Or Google Spreadsheet

May you have some condition to put it into your spreadsheet, you can use IF ELSE statement for simple IF something TRUE return the first parameter otherwise return the second. So here's the simple syntax of IF ELSE statement in Spreadsheet:

=IF(condition, value for true, value for false)

When you doing spreadsheet, you may want to put some logic to manipulate your cells. You can use IF function if you have a value to compare to something, then return your desired value for if the statement is TRUE and also if the statement is FALSE.

For example if you have some conditions like this example below, if:
>80 = PASSED

You can do IF ELSE statement in Excel or Google spreadsheet. Just look at this below example real spreadsheet data for using IF function.

Example of using IF statement in Spreadsheet

To make those function clear for you, you can look at the above real example spreadsheet.

The IF function in Micr…

SWITCH Function In Microsoft Excel Google Spreadsheet

So when you doing spreadsheet, you may want to put some logic to manipulate your Excel cells. Switch function can be used if you have a value that match list of values, then return the matched value.

For example if you have some conditions like this example below, if:
1 -> Very bad
2-> Bad
3 -> Normal
4- -> Good
5 -> Very good

You can do that in Excel or Google spreadsheet using Switch function, look at this below example spreadsheet for using switch function.

The syntax of switch function
=SWITCH(Value , Value to match1 , Value to return if there's a match1, ..., Value to return if there's no match at all)

Example using switch
=SWITCH(B1,1,"very bad",2,"bad",3,"normal",4,"good",5,"very good")

To make those function clear for you, you can look at the above real example spreadsheet.

SWITCH function can be used to evaluate some value or an expression against a list of values, that will return the result correspondin…

LOOKUP And VLOOKUP Function In Microsoft Excel Or Google Spreadsheet

Basically if you want to lookup and retrieve data from a specific range of column in a table you can either using LOOKUP, VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP. In this article i am going to show you an example of using VLOOKUP.

The syntax of VLOOKUP function as you can see in this example :


To make it clear what the above function look on a real spreadsheet with real data,  you can look at this picture below.

What is LOOKUP And VLOOKUP function VLOOKUP is a Spreadsheet function to lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table. It supports approximate, exact matching, and wildcards for partial matches.

The "V" stands for "vertical". Lookup values must appear in the first column of the table, with lookup columns to the right.

Spreadsheet program is very useful for doing data processing or data manipulation, because there's support to use functions, we can get specific data from specific cells  using some logic. we can use some spreadsheet functions…

How To Transfer Data From MySQL To SQL Server Database

It's a difficult thing when you need to transfer data between two different database systems. It's even difficult when SQL server is one of the databases. For me SQL server is the worst in terms of making our job done quickly. lots of constraints violation, identity violation, will occur so often that it can frustrated lots of people

Transferring between two database often can take time. To do this kind of task requires experiences using the database management tools and understanding of database queries. It can even get really frustrating if it's involve lots of tables and data.

But I hope this list of steps can really help you, this is what works for me using Navicat premium 12.

A. Export Your MySQL Data 1. Open Navicat
2. Create and connect to both mysql and SQL
3. Open all the objects/tables on mysql
4. Select which table you want to transfer
5. Right click then export wizard
6. Export format CSV, next
7.  Click the triangle on select all> choose export selected to…

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