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How Start Building Mobile App Using HTML, Javascript and CSS via Cordova

Nowadays developing a mobile app can be created using so many frameworks and language, of course the native approach is much more recommended as it will produce native apps with look and performance very fast and adapt to its mobile OS, in this case material design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines on IOS.
The drawback of using native code like Java in android or swift on IOS is that they are not compatible with each other, so if you want to create a native code for two IOS and android, you must have two different code bases.
There’s google flutter or react native for creating native apps with just one single codebase, but again it's a new learning curve. What if we just want to use the language and UI templating that we already knew, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
Yes, you can create cross platform mobile apps by using Javascript, HTML and CSS technology, there's a framework for doing that, one which is my favorite is Apache Cordova.
This how you can start developing cordova …

No mouse no problem, How to use computer without mouse or even touchpad

Is it possible to use your computer without even using our touchpad?
Reason is sometimes we just don’t want to touch the mouse because our fingertips hurt after a lot of scrolling and clicking.
Yes it is possible, i am using Windows 10, many OS are hard to navigate with just a keyboard, but windows 10 in my opinion is the easiest and for me it is just my favorite because i’ve been so familiar with this OS because i’ve been using windows for since beginning i am using computer.
1. Windows searchIn windows 10, everything is searchable from app to files, so basically for example to open a program, you can just press the windows button and then start typing what app you want to open.
2. Click desktop iconTO open program that is on your desktop or wallpaper, you can begin with CTRL+D and than using arrow key to navigate through each icon, then press enter as soon as it points to app that you want to open.
3. Open program on taskbarTo get started just press Windows key + T and then start navigat…

CodeLobster - Modern IDE and Free Editor for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

A variety of modern WEB-technologies opens great perspectives for specialists for professional and career growth. 
In this article we are going to consider CodeLobster PHP IDE, which constantly follows new trends in development.
You need to choose IDE very carefully, a good program will speed up your work and contribute to mastering new and most effective technologies.
Such key factors as a convenient and fast editor, hints on the code and autocomplete solve a lot. They help you to unleash the full potential of the programming languages used.
1. Main Editor FeaturesAutocomplete - get a list of available functions by pressing Ctrl + Space and a hint on the parameters with Shift + Ctrl + Space;
Syntax checking - CodeLobster automatically highlights errors in the code and adds closing HTML-tags, quotes and brackets;
Tooltips - just hover your cursor over the element of interest for detailed information about its purpose;
Dynamic help - when you are coding IDE automatically selects a list of lin…

Take Photo From Webcam Using Javascript (Example Code)

If you want to take a picture from your computer or laptop webcam, you can easily do that using Javascript, there's a library called webcamjs, it's really simple and easy to use. 
Here's an example code of how you can take a picture from a webcam and then upload it to the server.
1. First grab the Webcamjs CDN and paste it before body tag of your HTML<script src="" integrity="sha256-JTH6WxFs/GvXkgGMSYlAXBawtdhTdyYA3+7hhkBG6/o=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
2. Now create the HTML for camera preview and camera result<div id="my_camera"></div>
<input type=button value="Configure" onClick="configure()">
<input type=button value="Take Snapshot" onClick="take_snapshot()">
<div id="results" ></div>
<input type=button value="Save Snapshot" onClick="saveSnap()"&g…

The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [caching_sha2_password]

This time i got this PHP error after upgrading my MYSQL from version 5 to 8. Error says:

The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [caching_sha2_password]
This is because of the changing of default authentication password mechanism from previous MySQL to newest MySQL 8. The newest version uses an authentication plugin called caching_sha2_password meanwhile the older version is mysql using native password. So I guess it's a security thing, but don’t worry the older version I believe is already secure enough, you just need to make your password really strong (for your production server).

So if you execute SQL query below

select User,plugin from mysql.user ;

You will see what the plugin is being used for the user password, something like

| User             | plugin                |
| root             | caching_sha2_password |

So the …

Mysqli::real_connect(): Server sent charset (255) unknown to the client - PHP and MySQL 8

Below is the PHP error occured when developing PHP apps using upgraded version MySQL 8, before that I used MySQL 5.

mysqli::real_connect(): Server sent charset (255) unknown to the client. Please, report to the developers
This PHP error happens after i upgrade MySQL version from 5 to 8, it happens because the utf8 is being replaced by utf8mb4. So if you use this SQL queries, you will see what the default charset is being used by MySQL:

show global variables like 'character_set_server';
In MySQL version 8, it showing something character_set_server | utf8mb4.

So the easiest way to solve this problem is to change it back the way it is before, to change it to utf8. So here’s the query to change it back from utf8mb4 to utf8.

You can change the character set by putting or changing this in your my.ini:



collation-server = utf8_unicode_ci
character-set-server = utf8
Save my.ini and restart MySQL service. M…

What You Need To Know About Java Platform - For Beginner

Java is an amazing platform, both as a language and its JVM. The language is not that beautiful but it is concise and can be easily integrated with IDE. The VM may not be that good either, some say it's a clumpy-memory hunger program, but surely the cross-platform thing makes it fascinating.

Here's some Java related terminology in Java you need to know if you are beginer in Java application development.

1. Java the language It’s a full object oriented language, which means everything must be written in a class style. So after the class is initiated then you treat them as an object where you can do some operation using its properties and methods.

2. JDK (Java Development Kit) JDK is a set of tools mainly for compiling Java code into binary JVM bytecode. So then you can ship your product in a binary either JAR or WAR after your code is successfully compiled by the javac command included in JDK.

3. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) The JVM works as runtime for reading Java bytecodes, so…

Must-have Windows appplication for software developer fresh OS install

1. Gimp Gimp is an open source lightweight very capable image editor, sometimes we need to just resize, cropping, or layering an image, Gimp can do many things to alter images.

It is a free and fast application, also the learning curve is easier than let’s say Adobe products with many hidden little buttons we don’t even want to know about it.

2. Git Git is the most popular version control, every software developer using Git nowadays, its command line is simple and we can use it to clone as many cool open source projects as we want. I mean not just cloning, you can use git for your daily routine developing your app in your  professional tech company.

3. Google chrome If you are using windows there’s already have two ugly web browser by default (explorer and edge), such a waste of disk space, if i could get rid of it i would definitely uninstall it from the beginning of OS installation, it’s an F useless, a clumpy dusted program.

Ever Since i used Chrome, I've never used any other …

How to install Mac OS Catalina on VMWare on Windows 10

Yes it is possible to install Mac OS on VMWare, or even whatever OS you want to, VMWare can handle it. It just sometimes VMWare doesn't want to load your OS image perfectly, so it needs special tricks to handle the situation to make it work.

In this tutorial, we are going to use VMWare player version 15.5.1, so pay attention if you don’t have the similar version like i use, it may not work.

You must have a WMDK image of Mac OS, you can find them on Geekrar dot comA patch tool / VMWare Mac OS unlocker, to make Mac OS available on the list of OSes when we are trying to create new, also available from Geekrar
So here’s steps how to install Mac OS on VMWare

Download and extract the patch tool, then Install the patch tool, by right click on ‘win-install.bat’ and run as administratorAfter finishing install the patch, close and reopen VMWareNow create new Virtual MachineConfiguration, select TypicalInstall from, I will install the operating system laterGuest OS, Mac OSVersion, select the …

How to restore a SQL Server backup file (bak) database using SSMS

It is not a hard task to restore our backuped SQL Server database data, but it's a bit tricky for a newbie because sometimes the error message provided by SQL Server is sometimes not straightforward and can lead to confusion for beginners.

The first time I tried to restore a database was literally quite a stressful experience. so i don't want you to spinning your head like i did, these are main advice for doing restoring database in SQL server using SSMS:

- Don't create the database
- Put the backup file in the right location

In my machine it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup (It depends on your version of Sql-server)

It is easy to restore database from SSMS, here’s how:

1. Right click on the 'Databases' then 'Restore database'
2. After popup open, on the Source field, select Device
3. Then click the three dotted button to browse your backup database
4. After that just press OK and you're good to go

Well SQL serv…

Coronavirus positive impact on people become aware to live more hygienic

This corona virus named Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, mainland China has been spreading the last couple weeks, believed to be started at late 2019 and still spreading till this day.

Since the news about the virus is coming out everywhere on TV, on the internet, I notice that people around me are starting to be aware about their personal higenity. They wash their hands frequently like I've rarely seen before.

I think we should thank the internet because people are able to find a way by searching on how to prevent Covid 19 or any other disease related to the virus infected them. Also social media which i frequently use people posting positive to encourage people on their personal hygiene.

Coronavirus impacts on people hygienity, they are becoming aware that if they don’t wash their hands for example they can be infected and it’s kind of a positive impact of the virus for the people who are not infected by it.

But I hope this awareness that our body is fragile to even small viruse…

Social Media is an addictive innovation of early 21st century

This is the early 21st century. Social media nowadays is like a basic need for the majority of people on this planet. With the help of our fast processing device called smartphone, social media now has made people using it kind of out of control.

Social media is not to be blamed for making people addicted to it, because it’s fun to use it. Especially when we don’t have anything to do, we only have a smartphone in our hand, social media is like a friend when we don’t have any friends to talk to.

Of course there's a lot of options, lots of apps we can use, games, but sometimes other apps are just too boring. Social media is like watching our friends or someone far away we don’t know, what were they doing, even though they are not present, we feel like we are connected to them. Social media is winning in the smartphone apps world, because we don’t want to be alone, even if it's not perfected yet, current platforms like Facebook are still helping them to connect.

Sharing their ph…

Candlestick for dummies, 90% Accuracy. What i know little bit about how to predict stock price

It never guarantees that all these candlestick patterns can work all the time, because predicting stock market using technical analysis is not enough, there’s also one important factor, a fundamental of the company, that plays a significant role of its stock prices.

But below candlestick is what I call common sense, after years of years reading the candlestick chart, these are what comes to my conclusion of whether the price will go up or down.

There’s human psychology involved in determining stock prices so by reading candlestick, i believe know about 90% accuracy where the price will move (but again not always).







Sometimes none of those things works, but most of the time it can work, because stock prices not determined by candles…

Is React the future of web front end technology?

We used to write web page using straight HTML code, now there’s come React, rather than writing it in HTML, we write in React component, it is much more reusable, because with this approach, a component we can separated each of it, and then when we want to use it, we just need to provide its props and state.

Prop and state is how a component will behave, for example a Button component can be reused to have different color, different shape and different behavior when its clicked.

HTML tag is predefined and standardised, meanwhile React component we can create it by yourself, name it with whatever we like.

React codes can’t be executed directly by Web browser, so React developer created a tool to transpiles our react code to native HTML, Javascript, and CSS to syntax so that Web browser can display our application in web platform, and behave as we’ve already told in React/javascript codes.

The thing i like about React is already i told you above, we can write a component and publish it…

Born too late to explore the earth, too soon to explore the galaxy

The question of what I want in life is a defining question I've always struggled to answer. All the knowledge I have, political views, and beliefs will be gone anyway when i die. It doesn’t matter what I want, in the end it just gone.

So why do I care anyway, i already have a job, not a steady one, but it’s enough to pay the bill, to feed me and my family, so why do i need to care about anything anymore? I mean why should I care about climate change, why should I care about global war, why should I care about human civilization can colonize the entire milky way in the near future.

I’ve always loved to watch movies or tv shows about sci-fi, you know like star wars and stuff. It is amazing seeing humans can explore the unknown, creating giant dyson sphere to harvest some star energy, go as fast as speed of light, it’s all amazing.

When humans can colonize the galaxy, they can go from one star to another just blink of an eye, we have infinite amounts of resources, we can feed an inf…

Don’t Just Hope For Something Can Get Better By Itself, Create Plans and Act On It

As I am still at a young age, I have many dreams and I still have the chance to achieve all of my dreams, to have a better life, happy, healthy and financially secure.

Then I just realized that all those things i want in life mathematically can be achieved, if i am not just hope for anything to happen by itself, rather if i make a proper planning, with good strategy with all my knowledge and skills, it all can happen.

I shouldn’t just sit and wait for any opportunity to come to me, I should go actively seeking for those opportunities.

Don’t be passive, to improve your life, to get better for yourself, you should have full energy, actively looking for opportunities, if the opportunity is coming to you, then take it, act on it.

You do not jost hope for something to exactly match your expectation. You should do something about it. If you are fat, don’t just hope you're gonna get slim tomorrow or the next day without doing anything, act on it, do some real physical activities, exerci…

Watching Video Experiences In Windows 10 Movies and TV

This is like in the middle of the night, while everyone fell asleep, no cars, no any other noise except from my computers speaker with 80% volume, watching this movie from 2014, John Wick. I don't know i can't sleep, so i decided to order iced McCoffee, a 24 hour resto.

Watching movies in the middle of the night is a quite experience.

I don't have Netflix, it's expired while ago, i don't continue the subscription, too expensive. So instead i am doing something i don't know if it's ethical or not, whether it is i am doing illegal action that could jail me, i downloaded movie from hacked movies website. And watched it offline using Windows video player.

A very satisfying computer operating system, Windows is amazing, it is my favorite OS I've ever used, I've tried different Linux OSes, also Mac OS, it is not as fast as Windows. The responsiveness, the UI, everything is just works perfect satisfied all my need.

I've been using Windows OS since the …

Grep Simple Command Example, Learn To Filter Results In Linux Terminal

Grep is one of the most used command line utilities in either Linux, Windows or Mac OS. Grep is used for searching a specific text from the command line output, we combine grep with other commands, grep is basically to find and filter the output of the command we executed.

So understanding Grep command is a must for a back end developer or server admin, because it can be very useful for managing our server.

You don’t need to know all the available, only some basic grep options is probably enough to do most of basic terminal operation, usually filtering large results.

Here’s example of a simple grep command in Linux to filter list of files using LS command inside folder /etc:

ls - a | grep -i 'php'

Normally we use LS to list all files, but if inside directory there's too many files, we can use grep to filter the output

LS with grep filter word 'PHP'

But if you want to know more on how you can do advanced filtering using grep, just type grep --help, and then it will …

Why is it so hard to start doing things that to finish the tasks we have

Many factors can prevent us from doing the things we really want to do, like laundry, wake up in the morning and exercise, eating healthy, finish the tasks in office, sleep early, and many daily activities sounds simple but in actual fact it can be done easily.

So why are we not doing all those things, even though it will give you significant impact for our life, getting rise, life healthier longer, happier. Why don't we do that, why is it so difficult?

Our psychology is both blessed and cursed, sometimes it tells us to stay away from danger, but on the other hand it also prevents us from improving our life.

Small things around us can prevent us from starting doing the tasks in our list, we need to finish it soon but we don’t even touch it. Some factor that may starting something is hard are for example :

- Not enough lighting in your room, or too bright
- Spaciousness of work desk, or too big
- Tidiness of my stationery and folders, or too tidy
- Cleanliness of my bookshelves, o…

Asian Market Improve A Bit After Monday Plunges Cause Of The Corona Virus

Today’s Asian Market is in green after starting the week in a total red, because of the Corona Virus. This is the Shanghai composite index looks like showing the performance of the last week charts. It’s in a crazy dive, plunging about 8.6% at Monday's closing.

Today, all of the Asian market trying to recover the damage, overthought the sentiment about the virus is still covered in most of public mass media.

Tuesday February 4, 2020, Shanghai composite index tries to stabilize its position by going up about +1.34% to level 2,783.29 after a massive loss in Monday.

Japan’s Nikkei NIK gained as little as +0.49%, compared with South Korea’s KOSPI a bit better, a +1.84% strong gains.

FBMKLCI in Malaysia up about  +0.91%, Taiwan Y9999 gained in, +1.77%  , Singapore STI, +1.29%   and Indonesia JAKIDX, +0.65% .

Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 XJO, +0.37%   rose 0.3% as the Reserve Bank of Australia left its benchmark interest rate steady Tuesday.

As a retail trader, i don't want this nega…

How You Can Start In The Stock or Forex Market If You Are Beginner

Today I spent my day looking at the stock market chart, i open different companies, look and study how the prices move. So basically I am not doing any other things beside buying and selling stock my stock shares.

Instead of dealing with my real day to day  job, which today i don’t have, i learnt so many fascinating stuff about how to trade in the stock market, I learn staring at the chart, analyze the movement, and then analyze when I should put a stop loss, when the price will go bad.

And learn how to use many other indicators that can be used to predict the price movement. It started to make sense for me, i feel that i am beginning to be a real trader.

I’ve already stated before that I am just a beginner trader, but not actually beginner, I've been doing online trading before, in the Forex market, but keep ended up lose my money, because i don’t learn it seriously, I am still very young, I don't have enough money and enough motivation to start online trading and learn abou…

Maybe I am Just Gonna Blow My Money In Stock Market That I Just Start

This last couple of weeks I've been doing intensive Stock trading, it is not my first time doing this kind of activity, I’ve been doing similar online trading in the past, but not stock, it’s Forex trading, which is for me much easier to enter the Forex market because there's a lot of Forex brokers out there offering Forex trading with only requirements

But this Stock market, i am doing local stock trading in my country, not in the US, the requirement i need to provide to register a stock account is and Identity card, and of course email and Phone number, but it’s more formal because it’s not instantly accepted, i need to wait for about two days.

The trades I've been doing so far is not profitable, it’s just gain small up, and the market is actually in a down trend because of the Corona virus, so the last Friday i don’t even enter the market at all.

I don’t have big money in my account, but i am still keep pouring my money into it, because I believe I already have a solid…

Building Wealth From Zero By Work Hard and Smart

If you are not born from a wealthy family, and you are still young, it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing at a young age is just keep working. Working on what you love doing it, ignore all the distractions that will prevent you from the path of success.

There is a really simple way to become a wealthy person, number one is to produce a value, that you should work on something, and then finish it fast, and distribute to the costumer.

And along the process of your work, learn more knowledge, you should learn all the strategies from other person, or from your own experiences to double up and expand your business.

The internet is wide open, it contains a vast amount of material on how to accumulate wealth, habits what makes people become wealth, read and study those things, and apply it in your life.

By just doing a simple Google search, there is tons of information you can study, variety of ways of accumulating wealth, those topics is called self improvement.


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