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Intellij Spring Boot JSP Page not found or too many redirects

Intellij IDEA - the leading Java IDE This is a bug in IntelliJ version 2021.3 probably gonna be fixed in the future release version of IntelliJ. So, if you have a similar problem, maybe this can fix it. The error usually shows up as page Not found or too many redirects, when you run spring boot code with JSP template using the Intellij run icon. Here’s a simple quick fix to solve it: - Go to the run Edit configuration - Select Modify option - Select a Working directory - And put this variable: $MODULE_DIR$   - Then run once again It is not something wrong with your code, JSP codes, if you debug it you will see that everything just works. Even if you are using the spring-boot maven plugin, like doing mvn spring-boot:run the program just works fine. Sometimes we need to debug our project using the IntelliJ debugging feature, which is impossible to do by just using the maven spring-boot plugin. So we need to run the program using the IDE. I hope this can fix and solve your

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