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How To Disable And Re Enable Hyper V On Windows

VMWare Logo If you use an older version of virtualization machine like VM ware or virtual box you might at some point face this problem “VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible”, this is a message telling you that there’s a conflict from your newest installed program with VMWare. For example i tried to install Docker (a containerization program), afterward my VMWare stopped working. There’s conflict between VMWare and Docker, Docker can only be run when Hyper-V is activated but VMWare doesn’t work if Hyper-V is activated.  The solution for this type of conflict is actually very simple, disable Hyper-V when you want to run VMWare and then enable Hyper-V when you want to run Docker that needs Hyper-V activated. How to disable Hyper-V 1. Open control panel 2. Programs 3. Turns windows feature on/off 4. Uncheck all feature under Hyper-V 5. OK Disable Device/Credential Guard It probably is not enough to make your VMWare work by disabling Hyper-V. You need one extra

How to Protect Your Windows PC with Cloud Backup Service?

Nowadays, more and more computer users are aware of the importance of computer backup. Because once the data is lost, it may cause serious consequences to users, especially for enterprises and special institutions. However, data on your computer is always facing the risk of losing due to system crash, hardware failure, human errors and so on. Is it necessary to cloud backup Windows PC? Since backing up your data on the computer is necessary, what is the best backup solution for computer data? In the past, users thought external storage devices like external hard drives, flash hard drives, USB drives, etc. are safer than local hard drives and preferred backing computer data to these external storage devices.  But recently, people have realized that the external hard drives are not safe either because they also may be damaged or lost. Therefore, users want a safer backup solution to protect their computer data. According to the 3-2-1 backup strategy, to prevent your data from losing in m

How To Build a Simple OS Using Windows WSL-Debian

How to build simple os from Windows This is just a repost from Osdev wiki here . It’s very thorough and easy to follow step by step guide developing a simple OS. I don’t have the skill of explaining that well, so if you want to know in-depth, read the original post. I will only provide a method that is working for me, a summary and the code that is working on my Windows 10. Actually it’s not Windows, it’s Linux inside Windows, it’s 100% Linux, not cygwin or mingw. It tastes like 100% Linux. Now, here's a step by step to develop an OS on Windows. 1. Have a Linux on your Windows First thing to do, you are gonna need Windows subsystem for linux (WSL), because the main Windows OS usually doesn’t have very many tools for this kernel development purpose, it’s easier to do in Linux. In case you don’t know what WSL is, you can read my previous article ( Windows terminal WSL ). I use Debian (but Ubuntu or any Linux that has an apt package manager will be

This Is A MySQL Tutorial For Real Beginners

MySql for Beginners MySQL is one of the most popular and widely used in the world, so if you are planning to be a programmer, especially web-based programming, skill in MySQL is one of the required skills you must acquire.  If you just started learning programming, here’s some really step by step to work with MySQL. 1. Start by installing MySQL I am a big windows fan, so installing mysql on windows is just like you are installing any other software, download the installer and start configuring your MySQL root password. Just set your mysql password 1234, it’s easier to remember because you are gonna use this password a lot, don’t worry it’s okay for our local computer. To install MySQL, you can download the installer here , follow the installation step. 2. Make MySQL available on terminal You must be able to use MySQL on the terminal, on windows, open environment variable and add mysql.exe to your system path, mysql binary by default is at C:\Program Fil

To learn or to suffer - Programmer’s rambles

Chart up green arrow, sales growth I am trying to write anything from vim starting from now, this is actually the first article that i wrote for this blog without using any advanced word processor. I just open terminal, type in vim command and start to create a new file and write this article content. This may not be very interesting for anyone, but for me it's quite compelling. I really like pushing myself to almost the limit of my capability. VIm is not something extraordinary, probably the majority of programmers even already have  experiences with vim for years. So nothing special. So little bit about myself, I have been working as a programmer for quite a few years, not that long but i feel like i have been doing programming intensely so it feels like very long for me. I feel that I have enough experience to write any code without any help from IDE, or even from the internet.  Of course i am not gonna be that extreme, there's a principle  in software engineering that any s

How To Install Vim Plugin On Vim For Windows

Vim nerdtree on Windows 10 As a beginner vim user, even just installing a plugin is already something that confusing, i don’t know why the first time i try to install vim plugin just doesn’t work, even though i believe i have followed the instruction correctly.  So if you are someone like me, struggling to install vim plugin, you can follow this step by step guide. Actually it’s very simple, but because vim users mostly are linux users, it kind of difficult to find a reference of Vim for Windows. Now to install a plugin, let’s start by opening our windows command prompt or there is a new cool windows terminal (if you don’t know about windows terminal, this is a really cool terminal, you can read in my previous article here ). Move to HOME /vimfiles/pack/vendor/start directory using cd command. If the path doesn’t exist, you can manually create it. Note that the HOME is your home directory, on windows, Home directory usually something like C:/Users/your_username . Now clone the source

The Ultimate Terminal For Windows, Couples Things To Begin With

Watching star wars from windows terminal Today i just discovered a very cool terminal for Windows OS, it was developed by Microsoft itself, so it’s not gonna be disappointing, and probably a long term project. This very cool and modern terminal, the best terminal console I've ever seen. If you don’t know about this project, Windows terminal is Microsoft project, a better version of terminal that runs on Windows. Here’s the Official website of the terminal ( ) from Microsoft. You can look for much detailed information, and how to install it. What to do the with the terminal The first thing i would do is to make the Windows terminal launch in fullscreen mode (maximize mode), which you probably already know, even this simple thing is not possible to do in classic cmd or even powershell. To make windows terminal launch maximize,just put "launchMode": "maximized" , into your settings.json . If you don't know where settings.json is, open W

Should I need To Learn How To Write Code On VIM Or IDE

Vim text editor logo This document is written in Vim, a terminal based text editing program, there's not a lot of fancy things to do with Vim. It can not be used for doing any complex editing, but it's still working so it's actually not that bad for writing, because it’s very fast, and i love working on a terminal a lot. When I am writing code on Vim, you need to memorize your codes because there’s no code autocompletion like if you are using an IDE. But that’s actually a good practise on writing codes, because you can write code much faster if you remember all of the language's syntaxes. I still kind of switch between IDE and VIM, because sometimes the clients or project managers at the company that I work for need a quick fix, so I only use vim for doing personal projects in my spare time. If you are a beginner, an IDE can really help you write better codes quickly, and also it will guide you with lots of code recommendations. But for me I have been using IDE for quit

Not That Very Important Tips About Blogging For Beginner

Graphic Designer - Photo by XPS on Unsplash The Internet is very huge, and has been growing so fast from just private military projects to something that not only we can just enjoy using it, but the internet also provides some people a way to make revenue. From small scale to big tech companies like in FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google). 1. Don't expect too much at first To some individual lone wolfer like us trying to make a dime from the internet, it’s sometimes not only so hard, but almost seems impossible. But today we have video streaming like Youtube, you literally only need to upload videos to youtube, probably a little bit skill in video editing, maintain the video quality and chances are you are gonna make some online income if you are very persistent. Blogging on the other hand seems so simple but as nowadays the internet is already full with millions of websites, the chances of getting success on blogging are probably a bit smaller. But here’s just very

Drawing Border / Polygon on Map Using React Leaflet

Drawing Border / Polygon on Map Using React Leaflet So i have actually known leaflet for quite a while, but in the past i used to implement it using vanilla JS, now i almost do any front end stuff using React, so i need to learn how to use leaflet in React. As you may already know, leaflet is kind of really complex and has lots of APIs, so it must be quite difficult to port leaflet to React. Lucky for us, the React community is growing so fast, i believe any top open source Javascript project has already been ported to React, maybe porting to React from vanilla is not something that difficult so people can do it pretty easily, but I don't know, i have never done that. I use this react-leaflet library, basically just a leaflet ported to React, so it is much more manageable. Here’s how you can draw a border or polygon on Map using React leaflet. 1. Install leaflet and react-leaflet to your project yarn add leaflet react-leaflet 2. Your map would be something like this import 

Step by Step How To Use cURL Library Using C From VS Code Windows

When we want to develop a pure C program, not C++, and we need to transfer and download files over the internet via http or any other internet protocol. I am not expert in this but it is probably platform specific, meaning different OS have different API. so without a library, it’s gonna be so much painful to just implement Http GET or POST. In C there’s been a solid Http file transfer library as you may already know is a library called cURL. So we can use cURL to do file transfer. Here’s a step by step how to use cURL in C and an example code doing HTTP GET, to download Google webpage and store it in our current project directory. 1. Firstable, if you don’t have a VCPKG package manager, you need to follow instructions to install VCPKG here . If you already have VCPKG, skip to step 3. 2. In that article I also cover how to start a CMake project in VS code. 3. Because we are going to write our code in C, you might rename main.cpp to main.c, and change inside CMakeLists.txt lin

Get Oldest Version Of Open Source Project From Github

To become very expert on software development, one of the things that usually i did is by looking and learning from someone else's code. Lucky open source world is kind of out of control, there’s literally millions of open source projects out there, whether it’s popular and continued or it’s just kind of one commit sort of thing. Github is the home of open source projects, you can search any open source software or platform there, for very big scale like Linux operating system, Apache web server, Google chrome V8 engine and many other big projects that you can find. The problem is that projects are sometimes already growing too big and difficult to follow because they are already very complex, because updates over the years. We are very lucky that there’s Git version control, we Got, you can keep track of the old codes of those projects. For example you can still see Linux version 2.6.x released back in c2005 here . May

How To Use Package Manager In C++ Windows

C++ logo frow Wikipedia The thing I like about coding in C and C++ is the low level stuff, and the simplicity. But this simplicity is also one of the things that makes C doesn’t seem to fit for rapid development applications. Although sure it depends on how experienced the programmer is, for someone who has been doing C/C++ for a while, it’s not gonna be much of a problem.  But for beginner C and C++ like me, coming from higher level programming languages and tools, even small things like how to use a library for example the library that we are gonna use is cURL, are already big steps that it is already hard to handle quickly. If you are someone like me, a C/C++ beginner and want to use this very useful Curl library, on Windows, here’s how you can use Curl or any other library.  In Linux based OS maybe it could be much more straightforward, because cURL is usually already included. Now we can easily  use any libraries, thanks to VCPKG: a C++ package manager for Windows, and probably it

How To Create C/C++ Code In Visual Studio Code

 I like Visual studio code, it’s cross-platformed, and very fast IDE(or for some people they just call it a text editor). But this text editor is very smart and supports many features, well actually you can just create your own extensions if you think that your programming language or tool is not available in the extension market. In this tutorial I am using Windows, to develop C/C++ code, firstable you need to already have C/C++ build tools, which you can install through Visual studio installer. But if you prefer using MinGW or Cygwin, it’s up to you, but i am not familiar with that. 1. Assuming you don’t have C++ build tools on your windows machine, then first you need to Download Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 here: 2. Open Visual studio installer 2019, select Desktop development with C++, and install them. 3. All those above steps are just one time process, you're not gonna repeat that each tim

Deploying Web Application Stack Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Domain Name and SSL

  Web application server stack Apache, PHP, MySQL I’ve just used GCP recently, so I created one Virtual machine, and as usual I try to develop my own web server manually as I always did in the old school ways, by using SSH. Although GCP has some tools for deploying button click web servers from the marketplace, for example LAMP, you can install those and your web server will be ready quickly, but i am not familiar with that so i decided to do the old ways. And besides, the prices of those marketplace solutions can be 5 times higher than if you just installed your own server stack by yourself. All the web application components are all open source and free from the Operating System (which i choose Debian 10), the web server (Apache), Database (MariaDB) and PHP. Except extra cost for Domain name and SSL. Turns out, I am still not that much familiar with bare metal web application development either. I still struggle to remember what to do, but I have the big picture so I can install a we

Why We Need Better Information Technology Security

Photo by Senor Sosa on Unsplash Data security is an important task that must be performed by a business or organization. Several decades ago it might not have been much needed, but along with the rapid development of technology, cyber security is now a very important part of a company that has technology involved in it, especially businesses who use technology that is connected to the Internet. The following are some of the reasons why we need data security on computers / IT systems. To protect digital data in our database, from destructive unwanted actions by such unauthorized users or from the cyberattack or a data breach. 1. The increasing Statistic of Cyber attack / Cyber crime We need to look at some statistics on cyber attacks so that we know that recently cyber crime has been very dangerous and has a very big impact ranging from individual users to big companies. And that gives us a solid signal that any IT system needs a better security system and that is very vital.

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