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How To Add A New MySQL User, For Beginner Database Admin And Backend Developer

MySQL database logo Adding new MySQL is not something we usually do on a daily basis as we are just stuck using a single user. I constantly forget how to add users because we don’t need to add users all the time. Maybe this article can help. Here’s how you add a new user to your MySQL database using terminal. 1. Create new user with username newuser, and host localhost, it can be an IP address CREATE USER 'newuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'YourP@ssword123'; 2. Add our new user permission, in this case we use asterisk symbol, mean this new user has root privileges GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost'; 3. Commit or Reload the changes FLUSH PRIVILEGES; Adding a new MySQL user is a very basic command, every database admin or developer must know these commands. It’s much easier to add new user by using some database management tools like MySQL workbench, you don’t need to remember MySQL command, but it is sometimes yo

Gitlab Or Github, Which One Should You Choose

Gitlab Or Github, Which One Should You Choose I really like Gitlab, one of the best platforms for hosting our codes, if you are much familiar with Github, then Gitlab is the same. Only with Github, they are limited for public repositories, meaning your codes are open for public, everyone can see it, even though your code isn’t supposed to be open source. That’s why I use Gitlab, unlike Github, in Gitlab you can create unlimited private repositories.  1. Gitlab Most of the time, I don't want to expose my code to other people, because it’s something that I really work hard on, so i need to keep it secret. I am not ready for open sourcing. If you're just an individual developer like me, or a small startup team that still struggles with getting stable revenue yet.  Maybe you want to minimize your startup budget, so Gitlab is the  wisest choice for your team. Gitlab as I know as I have been using it for more than 2 years now, is a free platform for your team to collaborate using Git

In Just One Month, Hackers Took Millions From Bitcoin Transfer

After some famous public figures' accounts on Twitter got hacked, and tweeted some bitcoin giveaway scam. The hacker announces that the account giving away a lot of cryptocurrency for free, as long as they send them some cryptocurrency first. This leads to an estimate of hundreds of thousands of dollars in total, that user sends a bitcoin to this fake tweet. Elon Musk Twitter Account Hacked The cyber attack trends continue, now they targeted a smartwatch based company, Garmin, with a ransomware attack. Few days ago, CWT, a travel management company, got hacked too, by an anonymous hacker using ransomware asking for 10 million dollar. Although the deal ended with only CWT paying the ransom for $4.5 Million dollars in Bitcoin, it’s still considered a major loss. This CWT hacking is interesting because we can see the deal between CWT and the hackers, which the negotiation between CWT and the hacker was left on a Live chat conversation. So we can see how the deal is happening and the s

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