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What is DNA Sequencing?

It's basically just determining DNA sequences of one biological creatures. The easiest way to do DNA sequencing is on simple viruses like Sir Frederick Sanger did back in 1977, it easier to do because even a simple organism like virus can contains hundred of thousands of DNA sequences, compare to complex species like human that has billions of sequences, it is still hard to do DNA sequencing  on none other than viruses. What's the benefit of DNA sequencing so that it's really important thing to do is because, it is like you can do anything with that sequences of DNA, as you already know, DNA is like our biological body's blue print, if we we do know our own blue print, we can either replicate our self, improve human health, curing diseases in our body like cancer, etc. there is many benefit of knowing the fundamental block of our body. The problem is still remain that's it is really complex things to do, it billion dollar project to map our Genomes because it

Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google AdSense and Google AdWords or now is known as Google Ads is subsidiary of Google in which their main activities is on advertisement bases, so they are responsible for managing ads that appear on Google Platform such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. When you talk about Google, the main idea to rise in your mind is Google search, where you can search for anything you want to get some result you really need, but Google can't run by just their search engine, with it advertisement, they can survive as company, because their main revenue is mainly from advertisement. There is also Google AdWords, it also advertisement based, but it has different goals, where google AdSense is for publisher to place google ads, google AdWords is where advertiser from many companies to make an advertisement that will be place on google publisher, some sort of, google AdWords is collecting ads and google AdSense is making output for all of those ads.

Composer PHP Package Manager

Composer is package manager used by many PHP developer. It is not a de facto package manager like NPM for node or pip for python, it's just the popular one, among maybe another PHP package manager. To use composer, there's two options, the first is a binary file without PHP dependencies, so it can run without PHP, and the other one is composer that written in PHP, we usually seeing it as "composer.phar" Composer is of course fast an reliable, it has huge collection of packages, from the popular framework like Symfony or Laravel to small mini project like if you want to generate JWT token you can use rbdwllr/reallysimplejwt . Of course composer syntax is different than any other package manager, npm an pip has install, composer has require instead of install, it's not a easy for developer from different language to use composer because of that differences.

Last Day On Earth Survival Games

Last day on earth survival or people just like calling it LDOE, is mobile game for Android and IOS about surviving on the last day on earth. You basically just running around to different location to collect resources for survive on the world that has been infected by some sort of virus that turn human into zombies. In the last day on earth, you are not alone, there's another survivors also try to avoid to death by the lack of declining earth, all resources are important from food to water, you must keep it safe so that you can use it, or exchange it with dealers, but to meat dealers, you need to repair your broken radio on your base. There as some known place you can visit, like bushes, mountains, another survivor bases, a farm, gas station and. and later when you're getting more advanced you can uncover more locations to getting more loot in other for you to survive by collecting stuff like woods, stones, that you can craft it into  more useful stuff like  have some mo

How To Start Java Web Development

Developing Web app on Java can be daunting, it requires deeper understanding on programming world, but don't worry, this post will give you a summary about set up web development using Java, for detailed step, you can just googling or asking on active forum. 1. Install tomcat 2. Set tomcat user password /tomcat/conf/tomcat-user.xml 3. Install Java EE plugins on Netbeans 4. Add tomcat server on Netbeans 5. Generate your spring boot project here notes: - on the dependencies field, add at least web, mysql, jpa and devtools - on packaging, choose war 6. Extract the zip file into your projects directory 7. Using Netbeans, open the project 8. Set up located in src\main\resources spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/youDatabase?useSSL=false spring.datasource.username = root spring.datasource.password = 1234 spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=create 9. Build the project 8. To deploy your web applicatio

Enable Remote SMTP For Local Development

When you are working on web development using PHP or other language, you may need to provide mailing feature, and you may already have a server with Postfix or similar mail program running, and then you want to enable that server to be able to send email with your local computer, because the default emailing port (25) isn't open for public. Without further ado, let's start to make your server to send email from your local computer, We assume that you already have Post-fix or similar software, if you don't just do quick installation, it won't took long. 1. Add new port for SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) services, the default port is 25, we are gonna add one more port which we will use port 2525. It's up to you whatever port you choose as long as it is not already been used by another services. 2. To add more SMTP port, you can use simple editor like vim or nano and with sudo privileges, now using vim: sudo vim  /etc/postfix/ 3. Then add ne

Inkscape Open Source SVG Editor

If you are a graphic designer, you must already been doing some vector manipulation, which usually wrapped into SVG format or other similar format, basically it's just an image format that can be easily manipulated its shapes using tool or even hand-coding the file because the SVG file is not encoded, you can open it using any text editor, but it's require a  knowledge of SVG specification which you can go into detail by this link SVG Tutorial . Inkscape is free open source tool, meaning you can using it without paying sum amount of money to get the program, you can install Inkscape by downloading the installer here Inkscape download link . Choose based on your operating system. Inks-cape is free tool with has many almost complete tools you can work on your project. You can do vector image editing, importing image, exporting image into variety of image file type like PNG or JPEG. And many other tools that can help getting your work done. And there's a lot of tuto

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