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3 Basic Principles For Success In Life - Learn Plan Action Technique

People love to get rich quickly because we as humans have an urge to get instant gratification. Being rich overnight, or making money fast, but that’s unfortunately not how the universe works. Universe works very slowly, and humans only live for some tiny fraction of it. These 3 principles are very simple rules that if you follow it, it can help you to become better and successful in your life. Photo by Eliabe Costa on Unsplash Learn Whatever field you are doing in your life you have to be knowledgeable about it. The world is getting more competitive day by day, and chances are higher to win that competition if you have a better understanding of the field you are doing.   Lucky for us that the Information age we are living in right now gives us more opportunities to learn literally anything from the internet for free. Go and open the internet for positive things like learning, so that you have a better chance to succeed. Not everything on the internet is positive and useful. In your l

Write A Word Counter Form UI To Count Words Using Javascript

Javascript UI counting total words Here’s a fully working code written in HTML and JavaScript to work with counting numbers of how many words in one big article. The user interface is written in HTML and jQuery JavaScript framework, this simple program works by pasting your words you want to count, and when clicking on the submit button, it will count all the total numbers of words. Bonus additional feature for clearing the input text area, which you can do manually by selecting all the text and press delete. The Code Explanation of the code <texatea> To create an HTML form with one single text area field input, to type or copy pasting the words that you want to count. <button type="submit"> Create a button for handling a submit of a form, or a click when you finish inputting the sentences. <button type="button" id="clear"> The last button is a clear button when it’s clicked it will empty the area that you input on it. The button has

What To Do To Become A Good Content Writer - A Guide For Beginners

Content writer desk with laptop and paper - image by  Thought Catalog @unsplash If you want to be good at content writing, if you want to make money out of it, here's the very basic principles of becoming a good content writer. The first thing you have to do is to push yourself to read a lot, and only read on a topic (or in content writing we call it a niche) that you are interested in, no need to read a lot of miscellaneous stuff. only the one that is fascinating to you the most. learn and master that topic as deep as you could possibly be. Then after you have a better and strong understanding of that niche, you can finally begin to try to describe that topic in your own words. Split into different articles, produced as many articles on that topic every single day. Study the niche deeper As long as you have the knowledge (very strong knowledge) of a specific niche, you can basically write anything on that niche, as many paragraphs as you want. Some content writers suggest writing

Fees Transferring Money Overseas Via Paypal

Paypal Logo 2021 Color Transferring money overseas from Paypal to a local bank in your country is possible but it is so expensive, the fees are extremely very high. You need to think twice before sending your money, just don’t do it too frequently. Maybe there’s some viable option outside Paypal that you can use for lower fees.  Paypal's reputation is very strong, for its security and features, and the number of people using paypal or at least know about paypal, so it is more convenient just using Paypal  than any other platform, for your online transaction. Few days ago I tried to transfer my Paypal balance to my local bank account here in Asia and it only took 1 day for the money to arrive at my local bank. I know that still feels too slow but there’s probably no faster solution for overseas transactions. The thing you need to know about Paypal is the fee that is very costly. Even when you're sending money to your local bank and it’s failed, paypal still reduces the fee from

8 Tips On How To Start Blog From Zero To Success

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash There seem to be some basic rules that govern a successful blog, and it doesn’t require spending money. Most of the blogs I know, a personal blog usually get popular naturally, by naturally i mean, unlike a big company’s product that needs an intensive advertisement. Usually a  blog is without that marketing thing. It just organically comes from the internet like people search on google or a link shared by someone's to their friends, etc. With no more intro, here’s 8 things that are sort of basic things if you want to start a successful blog. You can follow these tips as your guide on blogging whether you are a long time blogger but struggle on making a successful one, or a beginner and want to have a successful blog.  1. Really just start a Blog Most of the time you have a picture of perfection, you don’t want to start a blog because you are overthinking about a lot of stuff that prevents you from starting a blog or writing content into your blog.

How To Install Vim On Windows The Right Way - Using Chocolatey

Nowadays you can find a lot of very advanced IDEs that are really smart and support robust development of any application. But among pro or advanced level programmers some prefer to use vim as the sole code editor to use, why? Vim is a terminal based text editor that is very popular among programmers. It’s been years for Vim to be around  programmers for their major code editor, who have been proven to work from any scale of application development. It is simple, fast and supports many plugins to work comfortably using only your terminal and computer keyboard. So why bother to choose difficulty over simplicity that is offered by many smart IDEs out there. 1. Install choco package manager Chocolatey can save a lot of time, especially installing software that otherwise would take a solid half an hour to install and set up to get it running. For example installing a media tool like ffmpeg, in choco you can just type choco install ffmpeg. And choco will handle all the install process until

4 Steps From Beginner To Advanced Level Of Mastering C/C++

C and C++ Logo If you are just a newbie programmer, before you can jump and build a real application using C, you don't know how to get started or you just know very little about the syntax, the flow, the technique on how to do real programming in C. You can just begin your programming journey by learning some simple C code or to create small for just fun projects. Here is my experience doing some coding from scratch in C, level after level, from the easy to hard that I did. 1. Learning Pointer Manipulation In C Pointer is not an array, but a pointer behaves similar to an array. The difference is that an Array has an index while a pointer has an address to manipulate the value or the data in that specific address. A simple comparison diagram of Array and Pointer with respect to index and address can be seen in this diagram. You can learn more about pointers and with example codes from C programming pointers from here

Linked List Data Structure Implementation In C Language

Linked list is a data structure, a collection of data that each node in the list has reference to the next node and in a double linked list it can have a previous node. Linked lists are preferred to be used because of the efficiency in the insertion and deletion. Linked lists also can be used to implement other abstract data types  like stacks, queues, etc. The basic idea of linked list is that it has a head Node that we can iterate the next node until we find the very last node or the tail node to find specific data, usually given an index or the position of the data. In this post I created a simple reusable implementation of singly linked list in C, which probably is not very efficient in terms of speed and performance, but for me I feel like it’s much more human readable. Run Linked List Demo This implementation of linked list has features  that I will describe in a quick explanation below. - List_init To initialize the first node, or the head node if the linked list is empty or

How To Start Web Development Using Javascript NodeJs

Web programming using Javascript Javascript is no doubt the easiest programming language, and that’s probably the reason why it is such a popular and very widely used programming language. Right now maybe you can only build website stuff, but actually it is general purpose that maybe in the future it will support programs in Javascript not just for website stuff. Doing web programming using JS is as simple as installing Node js and creating package.json and one file that will be used as the main file to handle HTTP requests and return the response to the user. If you are interested in learning programming, you can follow this tutorial on how to start building a website using Javascript, follow this instruction below. 1. Install Nodejs You can find the installer here , select base on the OS you are using such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS 2. Open your favorite text editor or IDE For example VS code, Sublime text or whatever IDE you preferred to use. 3. Crea

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