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3 Ways To Make Money From Blog

Blogger Logo Making money from blog is really hard. You can't expect to make money from just your first hundreds of you blog posts, it could takes years with lot of contents from your blog to make your blog appear at least in Google Search page one, and that's how you get visitors to read your blog and clicking ads that appear on your blog, that's how most blogger make money from blogger. But that's just traditional techniques,  you can also have some membership plans on your blog, maybe you have services you can offer to your visitors that willing to use and pay for your services.  There's so many variety of ways to monetized your blog to make money. These are just 3 common ways of how you can make money from blog. 1. Advertisement Space Google ads or any other internet advertising company need a lot of partner to publish their ads. You can allocate some spaces to place their ads on your blog. but remember don't put to much ads, it's gonna make y

Create SQL Server Remote User Login Using SSMS

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best relational database system in the market. Even though from the beginning of installation it is not easy to do, even creating new user is challenging task to do for the first timer using SQL Server. The syntax of SQL they are using is so weird and different than many other database system like MySQL or PostgreSQL. I used SQL Server mostly for just in development process. And if your struggle to create new user in SQL Server. Here's how you create a new SQL Server user using SSMS : 1. Login to using your existing SQL Server user 2. Object explorer > Security > Logins 3. Right click on Login and New login 4. Fill in the Login name with your desired login username 5. Choose SQL Server authentication 6. Enter desired Password and confirm the password, bot must be matched 7. Unchecked the Enforce password policy SQL server add new remote login 8. On the left side Select a page Server roles SQL server login roles 9. Check

How To Unpublished Your Android App From Google PlayStore

Android PNG Transparent Logo Icon Maintaining a mobile app is not an easy task, you must be professional, dedicated your time fully on that, sometimes just once a week sometimes, it is daily, it can drains your energy, so those are the reasons to give up your mobile app and unpublished it. Here's how to unpublished your Android app from Google Play store. 1. Go to Play store dashboard 2. Select your app 3. Select menu Store Presence, then Pricing and Distribution 4. On App Availability, Select UNPUBLISH 5. And then Confirm Now your App has been disabled and can not be found and installed by people. It is not permanent, you can just Publish that App again instantly. Having your own App means you have responsibility about the contents or services you put on your mobile App, it must be accurate and satisfied your App users, not making your users mad or be misleads by the information you provided.

How Send An Email Using Google Mail / Gmail

If you are never writing an email before, and your not familiar with emailing application, we will have a short tutorial on how to send an email to your acquaintances, friends, or business partner. Using Gmail, an email provided by Google.  And a web browser or mobile app. Web browser could be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser. 1. Open one of those browser, in the address bar type and hit enter 2. And than Login using your existing Google account, if you don't have one, you can click this link and read that tutorial to create one 3. After successfully login to Gmail, on the top left of Gmail interface, click Compose Gmail compose button location 4. Then on the bottom right will appear a form Gmail Compose new email look like Fill that form with: * To - is the email address of the person you want to send your email to, for example * Subject - you can fill subject with topic of

What differences between Dependency and DevDependency in package.json

NPM , NodeJS, JavaScript, Logo, Icon Differences of devDependency and dependency are devDependency we use for just development process , dependency in the other hand will be included or transpired into the minification process Javascript files that were gonna deploy it for our run time application. devDependency more into tools for make us easy on the development process of our application. For example some of command line tools such as angluar-cli or react-script. Also testing tools like Chai, Mocha, Enzyme. Dependency will be included or transpiled, meanwhile devDependency is not. Babel, ESLint is example of devDependency. React, Redux, Express, and Axios is example of dependency that will be use on run-time. I mean you don't need to learn that much serious about the differences, it's just tooling stuff, don't think about any of that too seriously, don't lead you into premature optimization. When i started coding i never thought any of that thing, i mea

How to Auto Page Break in Microsoft Word

Whenever we are writing one long document, sometimes we must make a page break to make it clear for the reader that we want this paragraph is beginning of new topic, distinct from before, but  also sometimes it's just a way to make our documents look much more tidier and nicer. So here's how we can achieve that, by creating a new Style, we can apply that Style to make our paragraph automatically started in a new page, no matter we add or delete lot of paragraph above that, it will always started in new page. A. At specific paragraph We can create our own Style to force a page break whenever this style is applied to the first word in our paragraphs, look at this example below. In the above example, a new paragraph Et tempor mauris... , started in new page even though there's enough space above it. Here's how we do that: 1. At the Styles tools on Home tab, click that More button 2. Then Create a style, then Modify 3. Click format at the bottom of dialog, an

Login Layout In Flutter Example

Flutter Login Layout Example Developing mobile app is hard, it's even harder when you have to make your app to be run on both Android and iOS, of course  there are plenty of tools or frameworks out there to build multi platform mobile app by just one single code-base, like React Native, Flutter, etc. Here's a simple login layout to begin your journey learning Flutter UI design: import 'package:flutter/material.dart'; main() => runApp(MyApp()); class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return MaterialApp( title: 'Flutter Demo2', theme: new ThemeData( primarySwatch:, backgroundColor: Colors.black12 ), home: MyHomePage(title: 'Flutter Demo Home Page2'), ); } } class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget { final String title; MyHomePage({Key key, this.title}) : super(key: key); @override _MyHomePageState createState() => _M

Converting Array To List and List To Array in Java

JAVA - Photo by Sahil Pandita on Unsplash Learning Java is not that easy especially because Java is statically typed language, it requires you to add a type of variable you created. Array is collection of objects, for example String[], Boolean[], or YourOwnObject[]. List  also just a collection of object, but it is wrapped inside ArrayList() class, this class has lot of methods you can use to work with your list, for example dynamic size, adds, removes, sorting, etc. So it is a recommended why to use List over Arrays. But if you somehow have to create Array first than you want to convert that array to List because it  is the right way, you can do something like this example below: 1. Convert String[] to ArrayList<String> import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.List; public class TestClass { public static void main(String[] args) { String[] strings = new String[]{"Hello", "World"}; List stringList =

MIME Types - Complete List

MIME Types List Icons Mime types is important in software development, sometimes it is used as system security to verify whether a file contents match with the extensions. Some attacker can just name any file to pass extensions checking, but inside of the file is actually a harmful contents, can be use to read our system, stealing our data even worse using our resource for their benefit. Here's complete list of mime types, pair with the extensions of file. 123 application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3 ez application/andrew-inset aw application/applixware atom application/atom+xml atomcat application/atomcat+xml atomsvc application/atomsvc+xml bdoc application/bdoc ccxml application/ccxml+xml cdmia application/cdmi-capability cdmic application/cdmi-container cdmid application/cdmi-domain cdmio application/cdmi-object cdmiq application/cdmi-queue cu application

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