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Why People Want Another People to Fail

A tribe going to attack other tribe over scarce resources In the stone age era, it was easy to tell people to be nice by telling them some mythical stories about the punishment they will get if they do terrible things. But in the modern era where people can learn any information quickly, they have reasons to not believe in any such thing, people are just getting harder to control. Humans are fundamentally carnivores, we hunt animals for food. We make a sharp arm to defend our tribe when another tribe tries to attack us, we have a very cruel and selfish history in the past that is passed from generation to generation. To go to the top chain of food, or to go to the top of social class we have to be the strongest. Sometimes by using any means necessary to achieve that goal. And that inner beast that is descended from our past is still inside us. We get jealous when the Success of a coworker means bad for us because we are such a selfish species. In the past, food can be very rare to find

Most Influencing People In My Career and Personal Life

These are some people or even myths that I admire, and inspire, and also their thoughts that influence my life. 1. Seth MacFarlane (actor, writer, director, and more) Very progressive person and very funny, he is the creator of the Cartoon that every episode I have watched, Family Guy. Also his new Star wars sitcom, the Orville. Whenever he appears on TV I always find him to be a very funny and inspiring, really talented person. 2. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX) Could probably be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. A businessman, The richest person ever lived, some say that African kings are the richest, but I didn’t believe it. Elon musk is very successful, achieving so many things in his life, with his knowledge. I like how the business man he is have been creating multiple company like so easily. Also like his futuristic views about space exploration. 3. James Gosling (the programming language Java) Not everyone know about him, even in the developer community, but he is very

What To Do For Productivity As a Solo Developer

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash Not long ago I wrote something in this blog about the definition of AGILE principle to better improve productivity. Well, this blog has a lot of things, and i couldn’t even remember when. Now I continue to do more practical ways of doing AGILE in a team or individual work. It’s not fully AGILE, but still a part of it. When trying to deliver a project it is always not an easy task, especially if we are not a disciplined person. We need some system or a routine to achieve the goal we dream of, which is getting bonuses from the boss, or if you are working for yourself, getting your product launch feels special already. Daily stand up meeting We do quick meetings at the end of the day to share our day to day progress. What we have done today, If it's not done then explain what’s the problem causing it that took long, and if it's solved, what each individual is going to do for tomorrow. And it’s not even take an hour, it could be very simple at least th

Firebase and JQuery Tech Stack - Simplest and most Scalable way of developing a website

Firebase jQuery Bootstrap stack A lot of companies and indie developers in the real world develop websites using so many tech stacks that it is such a waste of time, money, and resources. It’s economically not wise, either they don't know or they are just deliberately doing so to make the company they work for spend tons of money. Certainly, there’s a better approach to doing websites, which should be a cloud base. This is not a secret, you can develop a large-scale application with just less tech stack that even a beginner does not need to learn so many tech stacks. The tech stack I recommend is Firebase, JQuery, and Bootstrap. In the traditional app, these are the workflow of setting up the tech stack to make their website run: Lease a server from some hosting company Install the OS for the database Setting up the database of choice: MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, Mongo, whatever Install the OS for the backend / Rest API Setting up the web server for the backend API Developing some back

Coding On Your Android Phone Using Termux

Writing code on Android Termux app Software development is not a task that you can solve in one sitting, it can take you hours to build stuff, and requires a lot of debugging. But to do small things like develop a small feature in your free time when you're away from your laptop is a time hack. You can achieve that by using your phone alone. Here's how. Install Termux All developers or whatever IT guys need is a simple command line tool that you can use to do some operation like editing a file or installing some tool or program on the system. Luckily the Android world is very robust, we have a terminal tool to execute the Linux command line on your phone. The app is called Termux. Although Termux is available on the Android Play Store, it's been long abandoned by the developer, it's still running but no longer maintained. The newest version of Termux is available on the F Droid app store. So the first thing to do is install f droid and install Termux from FDroid in