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How To Create Service On Windows

Windows is really amazing OS, you have cool GUI, full, optimize performance especially for personal PC, it has lot of capabilities that any other OS can't compete with windows. And if you are programmer, windows also support you by providing easiness of program development, like for example when we have a program need to have a service whenever every user log on to their computer. You can create a (.bat) file to be executed when user doing installation.

To create service for experiment purpose, you can run cmd using administration privileges

sc create MyServiceName binpath= "\"C:Program Files (x86)\My Service\yourProgram.exe\" --someparameter=0" displayname= "My Service"

The trick is, always create space after equals sign, and always create double-quotes in your program location. You can add more option, like for the example above we define displayname which will appear as our service name, You can also read more detail about SC command here from offic…

What is DNA Sequencing?

It's basically just determining DNA sequences of one biological creatures. The easiest way to do DNA sequencing is on simple viruses like Sir Frederick Sanger did back in 1977, it easier to do because even a simple organism like virus can contains hundred of thousands of DNA sequences, compare to complex species like human that has billions of sequences, it is still hard to do DNA sequencing  on none other than viruses.

What's the benefit of DNA sequencing so that it's really important thing to do is because, it is like you can do anything with that sequences of DNA, as you already know, DNA is like our biological body's blue print, if we we do know our own blue print, we can either replicate our self, improve human health, curing diseases in our body like cancer, etc. there is many benefit of knowing the fundamental block of our body.

The problem is still remain that's it is really complex things to do, it billion dollar project to map our Genomes because it'…

Google Adsense and Google Adwords

Google AdSense and Google AdWords or now is known as Google Ads is subsidiary of Google in which their main activities is on advertisement bases, so they are responsible for managing ads that appear on Google Platform such as YouTube, Gmail, etc.

When you talk about Google, the main idea to rise in your mind is Google search, where you can search for anything you want to get some result you really need, but Google can't run by just their search engine, with it advertisement, they can survive as company, because their main revenue is mainly from advertisement.

There is also Google AdWords, it also advertisement based, but it has different goals, where google AdSense is for publisher to place google ads, google AdWords is where advertiser from many companies to make an advertisement that will be place on google publisher, some sort of, google AdWords is collecting ads and google AdSense is making output for all of those ads.

Composer PHP Package Manager

Composer is package manager used by many PHP developer. It is not a de facto package manager like NPM for node or pip for python, it's just the popular one, among maybe another PHP package manager.

To use composer, there's two options, the first is a binary file without PHP dependencies, so it can run without PHP, and the other one is composer that written in PHP, we usually seeing it as "composer.phar"

Composer is of course fast an reliable, it has huge collection of packages, from the popular framework like Symfony or Laravel to small mini project like if you want to generate JWT token you can use rbdwllr/reallysimplejwt.

Of course composer syntax is different than any other package manager, npm an pip has install, composer has require instead of install, it's not a easy for developer from different language to use composer because of that differences.

Last Day On Earth Survival Games

Last day on earth survival or people just like calling it LDOE, is mobile game for Android and IOS about surviving on the last day on earth. You basically just running around to different location to collect resources for survive on the world that has been infected by some sort of virus that turn human into zombies.

In the last day on earth, you are not alone, there's another survivors also try to avoid to death by the lack of declining earth, all resources are important from food to water, you must keep it safe so that you can use it, or exchange it with dealers, but to meat dealers, you need to repair your broken radio on your base.

There as some known place you can visit, like bushes, mountains, another survivor bases, a farm, gas station and. and later when you're getting more advanced you can uncover more locations to getting more loot in other for you to survive by collecting stuff like woods, stones, that you can craft it into  more useful stuff like  have some more st…

How To Start Java Web Development

Developing Web app on Java can be daunting, it requires deeper understanding on programming world, but don't worry, this post will give you a summary about set up web development using Java, for detailed step, you can just googling or asking on active forum.

1. Install tomcat
2. Set tomcat user password /tomcat/conf/tomcat-user.xml
3. Install Java EE plugins on Netbeans 4. Add tomcat server on Netbeans
5. Generate your spring boot project here
notes: - on the dependencies field, add at least web, mysql, jpa and devtools
- on packaging, choose war 6. Extract the zip file into your projects directory 7. Using Netbeans, open the project 8. Set up located in src\main\resources
spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/youDatabase?useSSL=false spring.datasource.username = root spring.datasource.password = 1234 spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=create

9. Build the project
8. To deploy your web application to your sever, just upload your …

Enable Remote SMTP For Local Development

When you are working on web development using PHP or other language, you may need to provide mailing feature, and you may already have a server with Postfix or similar mail program running, and then you want to enable that server to be able to send email with your local computer, because the default emailing port (25) isn't open for public.

Without further ado, let's start to make your server to send email from your local computer, We assume that you already have Post-fix or similar software, if you don't just do quick installation, it won't took long.

1. Add new port for SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) services, the default port is 25, we are gonna add one more port which we will use port 2525. It's up to you whatever port you choose as long as it is not already been used by another services.

2. To add more SMTP port, you can use simple editor like vim or nano and with sudo privileges, now using vim:

sudo vim  /etc/postfix/

3. Then add new line, afte…

Inkscape Open Source SVG Editor

If you are a graphic designer, you must already been doing some vector manipulation, which usually wrapped into SVG format or other similar format, basically it's just an image format that can be easily manipulated its shapes using tool or even hand-coding the file because the SVG file is not encoded, you can open it using any text editor, but it's require a  knowledge of SVG specification which you can go into detail by this link SVG Tutorial.

Inkscape is free open source tool, meaning you can using it without paying sum amount of money to get the program, you can install Inkscape by downloading the installer here Inkscape download link. Choose based on your operating system.
Inks-cape is free tool with has many almost complete tools you can work on your project. You can do vector image editing, importing image, exporting image into variety of image file type like PNG or JPEG. And many other tools that can help getting your work done. And there's a lot of tutorial about …

How To Synchronize Database Using Navicat

Navicat is a database management tool provided by Premium Soft. I like Navicat so much, it is cool, easy to use and really fast in performance, i mean if i compare with like for example Workbench, it is outperformed it. And Navicat has lot of cool features, one that i really like much is the tool which we can synchronize the database from our local development computer to our server production, when you don't need to manually like for example changing or adding your database structure.

There are 2 different synchronizing tools, the one is for synchronizing the structure, second is for synchronizing the data.

1. To synchronize your database, the first thing you need to do is connect both your localhost and your server.
2. Go to Tools menu and select either Data synchronization or Structure synchronization
3. On Source section choose your most updated database, and on target choose the database that you want to update

4. Click next, then compare, wait until it finish the process, th…

How To HTML Parsing With PHP Xpath Query

I am doing a lot of PHP programming, it is easier than any other language, you don't need any setup to get started with PHP, in Windows there's program called XAMPP, and just about all you need to start a PHP programming. Because the simplicity, I've created many projects using PHP, and it's fun for creating small projects. Enough for the intro, here's some handy tips when you want to do some HTML parsing.

1. To get start, using file_get_contents function to get the HTML content of the page you want to parse, save it in a variable call $contents, whatever you name it.

$contents = file_get_contents("");

2. Declare the DOMDocument class, name the variable $dochtml, again whatever you want.

$dochtml = new DOMDocument();

3. Call the loadHTML, pass the contents from file_get_contents to its parameter.


4. Declare DOMXpath, pass a dom object to it's constructor.

$xpath = new DOMXpath($dochtml);

5. Le…

MySQL Allow Remote Connection

MySQL is undoubtedly one of the best database server exists, it is widely used by many of companies or even for just personal project around the world, because it is free and yet capable of doing something bigger.

For this tutorial we will discuss about how you can allow your MySQL server to be managed by local computer. The reason sometimes, especially for me for doing this approach is, when we want to use an advanced database management tools on our local computer, let's say we have Navicat or Workbench.

Without further ado, these are steps how you can do that. My server is Ubuntu and my local computer is Windows, but it think there's no much different.

1. Change bind address on MySQL configuration from localhost to your server IP. Login ssh to your server, and you can use vim for editing "mysqld.cnf" file.

sudo vim /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

# Replace xxx with your IP Address 
bind-address        =

Restart MySQL.
sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start

How To Start Git Web Interface

Git has been a very helpful software development tool, it is so amazing when we are developer given such a free tools that have so much power. But we are not gonna be discussing about git at this moment, this tutorial is a simple and easy steps on how to create a web interface for your git server.

We already have a post about how you set up a git server, follow this link for detail How to setup git server. Now login to your server, then init a new git server.

git init --bare my-project.git

Install ruby on your machine, well if you are using Ubuntu, it is so easy, you can just run this following command and ruby will be installed instantly.

sudo apt install ruby

Then we just this following command to make our web interface running.

sudo git instaweb --httpd=webrick

Now you already have a web interface for your git server, it's nothing like Github, but it's still has so many feauture to make our development experiences a bit easier.

If you somehow want to stop the git web interfac…

How To Zip And Unzip On Ubuntu Terminal

Well if you are using Desktop, it is easier to do zipping and unzipping an archived files, but if you are doing on server that running Ubuntu, or any other Linux distribution, here's a simple and quick way for you to do basic simple file management on your server.

1. Firstly, you must have an installed zip program ready for your terminal, just type zip to check if it's exists, or you can just run this command, it will check if a zip already on your machine or not, if it is not then it will installing it for you.

sudo apt install zip unzip

2. Zip files and folder  on Ubuntu, you can run this commands

sudo zip -r directory_of_your_files

3. To unzip a zip file, you can using this commands

sudo unzip -d directory_destination

That's so easy right, you can do that over and over to make you familiar with those commands, if you somehow forget, you can just bookmark this blog page and comeback whenever you forget.

Can I Delete Package-lock or Yarn-lock File?

The short answer is No, you must not delete the package-lock or yarn-lock file, it is crucial for your project to work and compiled successfully without trouble. Here's the quick explanation, why you should not delete it.

Basically when you and some library with node package manager (npm) or yarn, you save it to your "package.json" and when you install your project, the package manager will try to grab some required other library by the library that you use and save it in a lock file when the building process is finished.

If you delete the lock file, the package manager you use will try to search it again, searching a newest dependencies that exist, because they can find the lock file. The lock file is basically just a massive dependencies list with the version that was work on last successful compiled.

It's still noticeable when your project is not that big, but when you have some bigger project that required a lot of dependencies, it can be really massive mess. So…

How To Start React Using Typescript

This is how you can start React programming, it is cool framework for build front end web application, and not just for the web, React also can be use as Mobile User interface programming, but we will not cover that in this short tutorial. We are gonna start React programming for web using typescript.

Why typescript? it's because typescript supports static type programming, it is recommended to use typed language because your code will be more concise, structured and maintainable, and if you used advanced IDE, you will be given an error event before run time.

This is how you can start using React with typescript.

1. Make sure you have Yarn, if you don't, you can download it on this official website:
2. If you are using Windows, you don't need any setup after yarn installation, yarn will do it for your. But, if you using Linux or Mac Os, you should add Yarn global package to your path using this command export PATH="$PATH:`yarn globa…

Smartphone Frame Free Download - PNG Transparent Format

People often searching for Smartphone or iPhone  frame for many purpose, especially those who want to use it as a frame of their app. There's plenty of that out there, but here's the i give you a free one. And it's transparent, so you just gonna need to create another layer for your app Screenshot on top of this frame.

Use your favorite image editor, like Photoshop, etc. But if you don't have one, you can download image manipulating program for free, yes there's such a free kind of program, it's call Gimp, go to this page for more information.

Thank you for coming to this blog, i hope you like the image we give to you, don't forget to share this page to other friends, if you want to.

Spring Boot Hello World How To

Spring Boot is framework to make web development in Java much more simpler and easier. With Spring boot developing web application can be faster and without having to do lot of configurations. Many modern Java web application are now using Spring Boot.

This post is gonna show you how to create a Hello World in Spring Boot. Just follow the steps bellow.

1. To create a spring boot starter go to, which you will get the zip version of your project, it will be codes templates.

The dependencies we need is only Web, because it's just a simple hello world program, not require database connection or anything.

2. After you got the zip file, extract that file to your project folder, the structure of our hello world project will be like this.

3. Now create new Class for our controller under com.example.demo, we named it

4. Run the project. Open the browser and got to http://localhost:8000

Now you can start to build your project using Spring Boo…

Add Android Internet Permission In Manifest

Creating an Android app is easy, and lucky us that Android development has such an incredible Android Studio IDE, it helps us a lot to tell us the error at compile time. But unfortunately, android studio doesn't warn us when we miss something important in manifest file like App permission.

We mostly using internet for our app, we get the data from the Rest API, we call the services, which usually a JSON data. And to get your android App working with data on the internet, we must specify one simple line permission in our Manifest file.

You can simply add this line of XML code on your manifest.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
Place your code right after the <Manifest> tag. You can look the picture below, it is my Manifest on my android project.

Now you can run your project again by clicking the Green triangle button on the top right of Android Studio. Don't forget to inform me if something didn't work well.

How Many Videos Are There On YouTube?

YouTube is video sharing platform that has popularity all around the world, except some few countries that blocked YouTube like China. The content creator on YouTube that made them big are mostly ordinary people who has creativity to create content like Video Blog (Vlog) or Gaming. It so simple you just talk or record the screen of your video game and if you are lucky you can make living with YouTube, many people have been proved it. You can easily make money with money, all you need is quantity even with little quality. It is okay, people like dumb stuff.

If you wonder how many videos on YouTube, here's the answer, currently it has over 3 Billion Videos, not including video that has been rejected by YouTube because it's violating the YouTube terms of services. How amazing that number is, it is not surprising, because making video is easy, and with the power of internet uploading it online is not so hard. YouTube is free, and even give they can give you money if you get some …

How To Install Codeigniter 3 Using Composer

Codeigniter is PHP framework for creating web application with MVC structure, it is good for creating simple web project, because building using the framework is easy and quick, especially if you are a PHP developer.

So here's how you can install Codeigniter with Composer, the PHP package manager we love. So rather than download the zip version end extract it, it get lot more easier using Composer. Here's the command:

composer create-project kenjis/codeigniter-composer-installer codeigniter
The "codeigniter" you can replace it with your project name, as long as it has no space in it.

But we don't recommended using this Codeigniter framework version 3 for building large scale web application, because in the end your code will get clunky and end up being so hard to maintains it. It has no Namespaces, it has no package manager, it has no database migration, it can't integrated with IDE like PHPStorm.

How To Use Sass/SCSS In React

Using React is the new and modern way of building front-end web application, for me basically it is the latest efficient way to build web application, you can be more productive and the codes write would be much much more cool.

And you will getting much much more better if you replace a classic CSS file with SCSS, if you don't know what it is, SCSS is super set of CSS, it means that you can write normal CSS within it, with additional for example variable support. Your code will be 100% better.

To use React and Scss, you can simply just install the SCSS dependency, and React will handle it in the background, no need any configuration. Just doing these:

1. Add SCSS to your project:

npm install node-sass --save

2. Now on your App.js, instead of loading CSS file, you change it to CSS for example:
import './App.css' become import './App.scss';

That's it, now you can run your app again by npm start.

Install Email On Ubuntu

This is just a summary on how to install mail server on Ubuntu. You can check really complete tutorial from Digital Ocean blog right here How Install Postfix on Ubuntu 18.04, it's very nice tutorial, you can just follow there for more specific explanation, because this post is not gonna explain it in detail.

1. You can use Postfix

sudo apt install postfix

2. Configure Postfix, leave the default value, basiccaly you just press enter

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

3. Install s-nail

sudo apt-get install s-nail

4. Go to your domain manager, on mail section select type MXE record and set the value to your server IP.

5. Set /etc/hostname to what you want to make something that would be your email hostname, for example

6. To test your email is working or not, you can doing like

mail -s "Subject"

Please refer to digital ocean blog on the link above for more detail.

How To Change Windows Date Using Command Prompt

This tutorial is a tutorial on how to use windows command prompt to change computer date. Why using command line, we can just using GUI instead? We can save our command into .bat file and place the file on our desktop, so in case we want to change the date later, we can simply just click that .bat file. Because to change Windows date using GUI is sometimes confusing and not working.

You need to run the command prompt using administrator privileges, to do that I usually click the Windows button to open start menu, and then search for Command Prompt program just by type 'cmd', after you found it, then right click the program and choose run as administrator.

date 12/30/2018
Copy that commands above and paste it onto command prompt, I usually just right click on the command prompt and it will be automatically put the our previous copied text, in this case the commands above that we use to change our Windows date.

Change the date you want, the date format above is by month/date/yea…

Steps To Reverse Proxy Tomcat To Apache Httpd

This is a summary on how to reverse proxy for Tomcat to be handled by Apache Httpd.

1. Apache Httpd installed, if you don't have that, simply just apt install apache2 2. You already have Tomcat running on port 8080, this should be really good link digitalocean - install tomcat 3. These are some Apache httpd module that you should enable
a2enmod proxy & a2enmod proxy_http & a2enmod proxy_ajp & a2enmod rewrite & a2enmod deflate & a2enmod headers & a2enmod proxy_balancer & a2enmod proxy_connect & a2enmod proxy_html
If those modules weren't installed, then install it first.  4. This configuration will do reverse proxy for your Tomcat port 8080 to be pointed to Apache httpd  port 80, so here's settings for your 000-default.conf.
<VirtualHost *:80>
    ProxyPreserveHost On
    ProxyPass /
    ProxyPassReverse /

How To Create Git Server On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

This post will gonna cover easy way to init git server. To do the following steps, we assume that you already have a server running with SSH access, and you have already understand how git works and you already have some basic knowledge about git commands.

1. Install git on your server, if it is Ubuntu or Debian, you can type this command:

sudo apt install git
2. Create a new user called git, so this user will handle all git transaction. On normal Linux, you can just type:

sudo adduser git
Then you will be asked to set the git user password, just type in password that you can easily remember.

3. Now login to git user that you've been created

su git
4. Initialize your project central location

git init --bare myproject.git
5. Now on your local computer, open terminal on your local, make sure you already have git on your local computer, and then init your git project, and make first commit.

git init
git add .
git commit -m "first commit"
6. Then set remote git location

git …

Create MySQL User Using Command Line

Managing MySQL database is not hard, and if you are familiar with some SQL queries, that would be really an advantages. This is how you can create MySQL user using command line on Windows or terminal on Linux, the commands will work the same.
1. Login to MySQL using root user, and by default the root password would be blank:
mysql -u root -p;
2. After successfully logged in, create new user using command: create user 'newuser'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
Using these command, you can create a new MySQL user.
3. Grant privileges new created user using: 
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost';
You must grant privileges new created MySQL user to make it your new created user have some privileges, but in this command we can simply by just using "." (dot) to make all privileges to this user.
4. Flush privileges MySQL system:
flush privileges;
You need to flush privileges, to refresh MySQL server system user data.

How To Create Spring Boot Project Using Netbeans

Spring Boot is program that you can use to develops Spring Framework easier, without the need of using so many hard to handle configuration. This tutorial, we are gonna create Spring Boot Application by using Netbeans IDE.

You can of course create Spring Boot Appilcation on Netbeans, but it will be easier if just using plugin for Spring development in Netbeans,

1. Open Netbeans, click tools menu and click plugin. After plugin window opened, click tab Available Plugins and find the "Nb SpringBoot" plugin then install and activate the plugin.

2. After restarting the Netbeans IDE. Now you gonna be able to create a new project with Spring boot application. File > New Project > Under categories, choose Maven > then choose  Spring Boot Basic.

Now you can start the development of spring boot application using your Netbeans IDE. Open pom.xml to add spring boot dependencies you want.

Internet Explorer A Microsoft Legendary Web Browser

Internet Explorer has been gone since long ago, by gone i mean, the developer which is Microsoft is stop develops the classic beautiful web browser, it's not that bad browser, it's actually capable of doing modern web, even it's way behind the competitor like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The latest version of Microsoft Internet explorer is Internet Explorer 11, it is not that obsolete, it's still available in Windows 10, so if you are missing internet explorer, you can just press windows key to open start menu then find internet explorer, it is still available and working fine.

Even though it's been replaced by Microsoft new web browser, Microsoft edge. It's still behind Chrome and Firefox, Edge isn't going well, people still want fresh look, fast and integrated to their Google account, which is so far only Google Chrome can do that.

XAMPP HTTP Server For Windows

If you are a web developer, you must have a program that can make your own computer or laptop to be able to handle HTTP request, because by default, your computer wouldn't be able to handle that. Try to open your favorite web browser, and access at http://localhost, it shouldn't work, you need a program that can make your computer to handle such a thing,  it commonly called HTTP Server. If you are running Windows, XAMPP is program you need.

It's because XAMPP is easy to install, easy to use and full package. You have all everything from not just HTTP but database system like MySQL or Maria DB, running PHP program and many other extra features. Basically XAMPP is just wrapper for Apache HTTPD, MariaDB  and PHP, it works by manage all that program to work and integrated altogether.

It has control panel, so you don't need to open terminal and starting, reloading, restarting, stopping your HTTP server, you can just using GUI. The GUI is so simple, but it already has everyt…

Windows 10 Calculator Best Calculator Program

Calculating number is one of our human problem, it is so hard when it comes to crunching number, if you are just normal person like me, like most of us, we need tool to do number calculation.

In Windows 10, you already have pre-installed calculator program, so you do need to find it on Microsoft store or browsing in the internet. And yet, this new Windows calculator is better and has full of features and yet simple and easy to use.

Microsoft calculator is a powerful calculator program, it includes not just standard tool for calculating simple operation, but it also suited for scientific stuff, and if you are a computer programmer, it also has programmer modes, as well as a unit converter for example to convert decimal into hexadecimal number and many other.

It's the perfect tool to add up a bill, convert measurements in a recipe or other project, or complete complex math, algebra, or geometry problems. Calculator history makes it easy to confirm if you've entered numbers correc…

How To Make Windows 10 Text Or Font Size Larger Or Smaller

This tutorial is just a simple tutorial how to make your Windows operating system text larger or smaller. Follow these:

1. Press windows key (⊞) on your keyboard, then it will open start menu, then click the gear or cog icon (⚙) and it will open settings windows.

2. On settings, click or choose System, then a system menu will open, scroll down and locate Scale and layout, now choose your preferred font size, the best size it the one Recommended label, but it's okay for you to choose the bigger or the smaller you want.

3. But before it could work properly, you need to sign-out from windows then login again after that, or even better to restart your computer.