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How To Install Apache PHP MySQL Server Stack On Ubuntu 18.04

Apache PHP MySQL Ubuntu If you are a beginner server admin, you may be confused with a lot of steps you need to do in order to set up a new web application, using Apache Httpd, combine with PHP and MySQL. It's gonna be hard if you just started it, but if you follow these steps you can make your web application run in minutes. The component we use, i don't think there's gonna be much different if you are using a slightly different version. - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Apache Httpd Server 2.4 - PHP 7.2 - MySQL 5.7 1. Login using SSH access 2. Preferably create new user with sudo privileges 3. Login SSH using those sudo user 4. Get the update from Ubuntu repo sudo apt update 5. Install the update sudo apt full-upgrade If a reboot is required, then just reboot 6. Install Apache sudo apt install apache2 7.Adjusting Firewall, Lets just open port 22 for SSH and Port 80 and 443, because your server is gonna be visible to the public, if you expose all the port a

Tips How To Write Blog Articles Regularly Every Day

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Writing a blog post is not easy even if you have lots of vocabulary, knowledge or skill in writing. It's often the hardest part of writing is in our psychology rather than in the writing itself. You will face many challenges to even start writing one or two sentences. It's gonna be harder if you don't start it right now, you will get distracted by your phones or friends and eventually you will end up never actually write any sentences at all. But actually if you can fight yourself from your distraction and your low self esteem, putting your thoughts into writing can be easily done. These are tips you can do if you want to actually write regularly. 1. Don't procrastinate The more you postpone to write the more you will never actually write anything at all. Procrastinating is the biggest negative habit most of use have. It is easier to just doing nothing, not putting your brain into battle that may or may not we will su

IF ELSE Condition In Microsoft Excel Or Google Spreadsheet

May you have some condition to put it into your spreadsheet, you can use IF ELSE statement for simple IF something TRUE return the first parameter otherwise return the second. So here's the simple syntax of IF ELSE statement in Spreadsheet: =IF(condition, value for true, value for false) When you doing spreadsheet, you may want to put some logic to manipulate your cells. You can use IF function if you have a value to compare to something, then return your desired value for if the statement is TRUE and also if the statement is FALSE. For example if you have some conditions like this example below, if: >80 = PASSED <80 = NOT PASSED You can do IF ELSE statement in Excel or Google spreadsheet. Just look at this below example real spreadsheet data for using IF function. Example of using IF statement in Spreadsheet = IF ( A1 < 80 , "NOT PASSED" , "PASSED" ) To make those function clear for you, you can look at the above real example sprea

SWITCH Function In Microsoft Excel Google Spreadsheet

So when you doing spreadsheet, you may want to put some logic to manipulate your Excel cells. Switch function can be used if you have a value that match list of values, then return the matched value. For example if you have some conditions like this example below, if: 1 -> Very bad 2-> Bad 3 -> Normal 4- -> Good 5 -> Very good You can do that in Excel or Google spreadsheet using Switch function, look at this below example spreadsheet for using switch function. The syntax of switch function =SWITCH(Value , Value to match1 , Value to return if there's a match1, ..., Value to return if there's no match at all) Example using switch = SWITCH ( B1 , 1 , "very bad" , 2 , "bad" , 3 , "normal" , 4 , "good" , 5 , "very good" ) To make those function clear for you, you can look at the above real example spreadsheet. SWITCH function can be used to evaluate some value or an expression against a list of

LOOKUP And VLOOKUP Function In Microsoft Excel Or Google Spreadsheet

Basically if you want to lookup and retrieve data from a specific range of column in a table you can either using LOOKUP, VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP. In this article i am going to show you an example of using VLOOKUP. The syntax of VLOOKUP function as you can see in this example : = VLOOKUP ( B3 , D2:E4 , 2 , 0 ) To make it clear what the above function look on a real spreadsheet with real data,  you can look at this picture below. What is LOOKUP And VLOOKUP function VLOOKUP is a Spreadsheet function to lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table. It supports approximate, exact matching, and wildcards for partial matches. The "V" stands for "vertical". Lookup values must appear in the first column of the table, with lookup columns to the right. Spreadsheet program is very useful for doing data processing or data manipulation, because there's support to use functions, we can get specific data from specific cells  using some logic. we can use

How To Transfer Data From MySQL To SQL Server Database

Navicat Logo It's a difficult thing when you need to transfer data between two different database systems. It's even difficult when SQL server is one of the databases. For me SQL server is the worst in terms of making our job done quickly. lots of constraints violation, identity violation, will occur so often that it can frustrated lots of people Transferring between two database often can take time. To do this kind of task requires experiences using the database management tools and understanding of database queries. It can even get really frustrating if it's involve lots of tables and data. But I hope this list of steps can really help you, this is what works for me using Navicat premium 12. A. Export Your MySQL Data 1. Open Navicat 2. Create and connect to both mysql and SQL 3. Open all the objects/tables on mysql 4. Select which table you want to transfer 5. Right click then export wizard 6. Export format CSV, next 7.  Click the triangle on select all

WinSCP Free FTP SFTP File Transfer For Windows

WinSCP Free FTP SFTP File Transfer For Windows When editing code or script on live production server, we use an FTP program if the server we are using doesn't have graphical user interface, like most Linux distribution server. Using FTP client such WinSCP can help us doing downloading, uploading real quick and practice. We don't need to type Linux command, using graphical user interface usually we just need to navigate which our local location and which to put it on the path location on the server. Deploying PHP and Javascript codes to production server can be done instantly, we don't need to compile them because it's scripting language. The best FTP client i found so far is WinSCP. It's really easy to use, fast response, navigating to directory tree is really quick. To connect with your remote server, you can either use SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and SCP. Just create new connection using the configuration you have and start managing your file on the

Tech Blog Junkies, Why Most Of Those Tech Blog Is Boring

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash It's only me, or all of those tech blogs out there in the world are a complete useless. Don’t get me wrong, even this blog included, it's shitty. I don’t want defending myself, i also feel that this blog can’t give you relevant information based on what you need, or what your interests. We don’t have that kind of technology to detect and provide you something like that. Instead we are just keep writing as we can and forget about what can make user feel satisfied. This and all the tech blogs in the world can not survive if we only posted quality content. It’s not that people don’t like quality content, but judging what it is a quality content is relative. Different people, different moods, different ideology. To perfectly give what people want from a blog is not possible, the technology that’s being used on any blog in the world is still primitive. What can we do? We have Google analytics and Google search console, but it’s not e

How To Use Roboto As Our Blog Font Family For Blogger

Roboto Font Family what it looks like Roboto font is very popular on Android device with material design principle, the font looks so smooth and normal, just as what we mostly see on letters of most books and mass media. If you have a blog on blogger. then you might want to use Roboto as your blog font style. It is not hard to implement it. Just follow these simple steps below: 1. Login to Blogger 2. Open menu Theme, on your selected theme, click the three dots icon then Edit HTML 3. To embed your selected fonts into your blog, copy this code below before </head> of your HTML document. The HTML codes is really long, so just find the </head> tag by using CTRL + F key. <link href="" rel="stylesheet"/> <style>body,p{font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;}</style> Specify using CSS rules, which classes or tags you want to have a Roboto font on it, in this

3 Most Used Database Management/Development System

MySQL Workbench, SSMS and Navicat Managing database can not be done by just using simple command line queries. Sometimes it's to complicated so we need to have a graphical user interface to get things done with our database. Wit a management tool, you can do many database operations much more quickly, you can just navigate to different menus and buttons that are available on the program you are using. Here are my top three favorite database management system I usually use when I need to be doing some database operations. 1. MySQL Workbench It's kind of like the official database  management tool for MySQL. It quit comprehensive on doing some database stuff. It can only be used if you are using MySQL database, well maybe you can use it for MariaDB, which two databases have no significance differences. But from my experience. I have tried basic functionalities like queries, schema design only. I am not sure if it can be compatible for more advanced operations.

Opera The Fastest Browser With Free VPN That Can Protect Your Internet Activities

Opera Browser, modern and fast internet browser Browser is one of the most commonly used form of application by many people while they're using their computer. Such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera Browser. Those are the major browser most people know. I don't have them all on my computer because mainly I'll just stick with only one browser that I like, because it’s practice and fast. I have 3 browsers, but I only use either Chrome or Opera, because those are in my opinion the best for some reasons. Browser enable us to access the internet by just specifying a URL we want to visit, put it on the address bar and hit enter. Or if you don’t know what the URL of the website is, by just typing on the address bar whatever topic and it will search it for you by known search engines such as Google or Bing, they will provide you bunch of website you can visit that match what you are looking for. Why i need a VPN on a browser? VPN services estab

Get The Last Modified Files By Date Using Windows Powershell

How to Get The Last Modified Files, Power Shell Commands When you edited a file and want to know which files are being modified for example after December 5 2019, you can do this command using Powershell, a new terminal or console application in Windows 10. Here's the command line syntax to do that. Dir C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject -r | ? {! $_.PSIsContainer -AND $_.lastwritetime -ge '12/25/2019'} C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject which you can change it where the path location of the files you want to get. 12/25/2019 is you specifying the date after, so it will only shows you all the files which are being modified after December 25, 2019 under the directory C:\Users\adam\Documents\MyProject . Important that the files that’s being modified on December 25 will be excluded to include the files modified at December 25, just change the date to 12/24/2019. Can you do that on the old command prompt application? Unfortunately no you can't, I've tried it

Non Technical Tips For Programmer If You Want A Good Life

Programmer Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash Programming is not an exclusive job that only you or some small percentage of people can do this job. Programmers can be found everywhere around the world because to learn any programming is easy nowadays. That's why it's gonna be difficult to make decent money as a programmer or software developer. It is also not a job where you can just sit and relax because you need to focus on solving the tasks the project manager given to you. Sometimes it can be really stressful working as a programmer, different bugs, security issues, reading other team codes that's unreadable, tasks that can not be done in minutes, sometimes it can take hours if not days for just solving a single task. It is important to do this below tips i given to you to make a balance between your career and your personal life. I've been doing programming quite awhile, so maybe I can share some tips, it's not a technical tips. 1. Sleep and wake up

How To Show File Extension On Windows File Explorer

File Manager, Explorer Icon Transparent  If you want to change the file extension for example from JPEG to JPG or whatever you want, you can do it using File Explorer. By default Windows file explorer do not show you the extensions of the file listed on it graphical interface, it only showing the name of the file and then some other attributes like the date of when was the file created and Size of the file. To change the extension of file through Windows File Explorer, follow the below steps 1. Open Windows File Explorer 2. Click on the menu View, then checked the file name extensions 3. Navigate to the location of the file you want to rename 4. Right click and rename the file for whatever you want, if there's a pop up warning, just proceeds Yes or OK Windows File Explorer is the default application for managing Files on Windows 10, sure there's many other File manager application available on Microsoft Store, but why would you use them when there's already

Inno Setup Installer Creator For Windows Programs

Inno Setup Windows Installer Creator We can use whatever programming languages for developing a desktop application, but to ship the program in one single installer file we need a tool. Inno Setup is one of my favorite tool for creating an installer, it’s simple, free, have many good features, have anything you need to create a sophisticated installer file for your desktop application to be shipped on Windows computer by a single EXE file usually called setup.exe . Using Inno setup is not complicated, you can do it in first try. Basically all you need to do is to prepare all the binary files you want to include inside the installer, an entry executable file, an icon. After all is ready. Click menu File and New, now you will be guided with Inno setup wizard, just follow it, the instruction is very clear. Don’t forget to Includes all the necessary in order to your program can actually run normally after the installation process finished. Hit compile button when you finish with a

How To Access Others Computer Using Windows OS

Windows RDC and TeamViewer For some reasons, sometimes we need to log in to someone's computer to gain full control of their system. For example maybe for fixing problems that occur on someone's computer but the person is far away from our house and they didn't know the instruction we gave to them via text messaging, so the only way we can do is access their computer and try to fix it. We can access somebody's computer without touching it physically. Accessing other computer can be done in Windows computer using several ways, but there's 2 most popular ways of accessing remote computer, that is Using Remote desktop computer from Microsoft and TeamViewer a third party application. 1. TeamViewer TeamViewer is practice way of accessing remote computer as long as both computers have an internet connection. The host only need to start TeamViewer and then set the password give the credential to the client so they can login to our computer correctly. Because i

Sublime Text 3 Simple Reasons Why Use It And Why Not

Sublime text code editor 3 logo Sublime text is one of the most popular code editor programmer use for writing the codes, it's simple text editor with syntax highlighting for almost all programming languages, simple code auto completion, finding words in a whole  folder, open folder as workspace, support for third party plugins, multi line cursor, change the editor theme whether dark or light, and many more sublime text can offer. What's choose Sublime text over any other editor Those features may be the reasons why people use and love Sublime text, but also the important thing about why people love sublime text is because it's very light, really simple fast app, writing code is just without delay, it's just feel like writing normal text. Opening and closing sublime text is so amazingly fast, you don't find any other code editor as fast as sublime text, it's as fast as regular notepad, but also you will get little bit decent code highlighting in sublime

How To Wrap Text In Microsoft Excel Windows

Before wrapping the long text Sometimes when we are working on Microsoft Excel, when we have long words to write it on an excel cell, without formatting it just looks messy, so we need to format the column that has long description of text, wrap the text to make it more readable on our computer screen. Here's how to wrap the text on excel column so that we can make it look beautiful and readable. 1. Just select or block the column that contains long words, in this example is column C, click on the column C 2. On the home tab, select Wrap text 3. Now you can adjust the width of the column based on your needs. After wrapping the text As a programmer or whatever your job, spreadsheet is one important and handy program we can use, I am still using spreadsheets to do some data export and import from XLS or CSV document to the application I developed. Sometimes I use it for writing to do list or tasks that I need to work on it, it's much more clear writin

How To Download 10 Times Faster With Internet Download Manager

Download file from the internet faster using IDM  If you like downloading stuff online regularly in big size files, IDM or internet download manager can be one handy tool for that kind of activity, it allows you to download whatever file you want (mp3, mp4, zip, etc) much faster than regular download like if you are using browser for example Google chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. So if you want to get Internet download manager, you can download it from its official website at . Download the installer and install the program, on the process of installation it will also try to install some Browser extensions to make IDM can be integrated with your browser. So the download link will appear each time IDM detected a file on page you visited. How to install IDM - Download Internet Download Manager from the link above - Run idman635build18.exe - Follow installation instructions - Run Internet Download Manager (IDM) from your sta

Some Helpful Tips For Beginner Web Programmer Front End And Back End

Web Programmer - Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay I am not a pro web programmer, but I've been in this industry for about 5 years now, I think it's quite enough experiences to have some lesson learned along my career. I do both for front end and back end development, so these tips are for you if you are just starting your career on web programming on those areas. 1. Always finish the task, never postpone In any situation, if you postpone something it's going to be really hard to start, so you will waste a lot of time if you are not trying to finish the task right now. Writing codes can take time, even some task that we thought it could only took several minutes, but along the way while you are trying to solve these problems, it turns out to be there are a lot of complicated logic that one depends on another. So the problems can only be fixed if you fix the other first, that could end up in a long chain of codes. 2. Focus on the output, not on the codes Whatever th

Java IDE Options For Beginner And Pro Java Programmers

Java IDE Intellij, Netbeans, Eclipse, VS Code Programming in Java can be easily done with just a text editor, because the Object oriented style, and namespace, etc, make it's hard to write all the codes by our hand, we need a little bit of help of an IDE, often we need very advanced IDE in order to make it easy for the development process. Unlike an interpreted language like Python, which you don't need to compile it to test the results, so every code changes you can look the output right away, Java is compiled language, it's gonna be time consuming if you are not using any tool, so every small changes you should compile it first to know the exact results. With IDE, they will tell you a usually red notification if there's an error on your codes so before you compile the code you can fix it first. Below are some JAVA IDE options you can choose for your Java development IDE. 1. Intellij IDEA In my opinion the best Java IDE in the world, and probably the best ID

Your site has been switched to Mobile First Indexing

Notification from Google Webmaster Dashboard When i open Google Webmaster dashboard to see my blog statistic, i saw this notification appears. This is a new thing I've never heard of. I believe this is will make a big impact to our blog or websites if our blog or websites is not responsive toward mobile devices. About this notification, you don't need to do anything, it's is just an information that you can just accepted it, there's no disagree button, so all you need to do is to optimize your blog or website to much more mobile friendly. Mobile first indexing means Google bot which crawls your website contents, it will crawl your blog or website on mobile appearances first, desktop version later, because these days the number of people searching on Google is majority come from searching using their mobile phone. It means how your blog performances on mobile device will contribute significant points to you to compete with other people's blogs on Google search

Build Android and IOS Mobile App Using Javascript With Cordova

Cordova Build Android and IOS Mobile App Using Javascript, JQuery  This guide is for you to create mobile app using Cordova, which means it will use Javascript, Html and CSS, not Java or Swift. Your codes will be one single code base for both Android and IOS, that's the other advantage. I know that to create a mobile app if your background is coming from web front end developer  it will be really challenging writing mobile app using native codes, but luckily, with Cordova we can create mobile apps by just using HTML, Javascript and CSS. 1. Install Nodejs You are going to write Javascript based application, so you need Nodejs to be on your computer. If you don't know how to install Nodejs on your machine, you can read here ( how to install Nodejs ) 2. Install Cordova CLI Cordova CLI is a command line tool for working with Cordova application development, from initiating the project structure to build the binary APK file ready to distribute to Play Store. To Install

How To Install Nodejs And NPM On Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Nodejs, npm, Javascript Logo dark background JavaScript is really popular language for building web based frontend application, even before the presences of Nodejs. Now there's Nodejs, with it not only you can just build front end application, now you can build any kind of application using Javascript with Node Js. With it's package manager called NPM (node package manager), the biggest collections of libraries in programming world, you will build a robust application using Nodejs with its huge collections of libraries written in Javascript, you can just search whatever dependency you need, pick it, use it whichever for free. Now if you are a beginner programmer who do not know how to get started doing Javascript programming with package manager. This is without further ado let's just start on how to install Nodejs into your platform. 1. Install Nodejs You need to install Nodejs to use NPM, to have Nodejs installed on your Windows computer. You can download Nodej

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