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Running Whatsapp In Web Browser Is It Possible?

Whatsapp is undeniably the most popular chatting app, outside the US. Whatssap has simple look, and reliably so fast in sending and receiving messages, that's the reason why so many people choose to use Whatsapp. Its features including text chat, video call, and phone through internet connection. I always using Whatsapp on web browser because almost all of my activities is me working with my laptop. It makes me more focus on work only using my laptop without even touching my phone when there's incoming message on my Whatsapp account, so i can be less multi tasking on using so many device, just open the browser and finishing my tasks. Yes it is absolutely Possible  to make your Whatsapp running on the web browser. Web whatsapp running on web browser Whatsapp available in so many platform, include using web browser, but if you use it on the browser, it can't make phone or video call,  only is available text messaging. These are some steps to make your Whatsapp runn

Tokopedia The Most Popular Marketplace In Indonesia

Tokopedia Product List Tokopedia one of the leading marketplace here in Indonesia. Many user consider it as the easiest place to buy something online. It has web and mobile platform available, most often the web is limited on promos, so people tend to be using their mobile app. Actually the business Tokopedia made is in advertisement, it's as simple as if some store want to sell their product and want to make their product to be displayed on the top of the search list, they can buy an ads package for sum amount of money for some period of time, this kind of business id proved to be success and have great quantity of demand. The world has been flooded by marketplace, it is everywhere, a lot of transactions happen in every single day, everyone tried to be exists in this industry, to provide an online market where anyone can sell and buy the product they have or they want. It is consumerism that leads this industry thriving. Some make it, some didn't, it's just kind o

BukaLapak The Largest Marketplace In Indonesia

Image web version Bukalapak is one of the largest marketplace in Indonesia. It is quite big and almost anything you want is there you can just browse using the search field. It is thriving and attracting many consumer to use their platform. They have lots of promos and events to make them not just survive from competition in the tech world, but also maybe could be the the tech giant in the world someday, we don't know. As many other marketplace, they allow you to sell your product, new or used, fake or original, it doesn't matter, as long as the product is in good condition, you can just take picture and upload on buka lapak and start selling that product, and maybe making some money. For buyer, it has good interface, supporting many platform, not just web, but also you can download their mobile on either Android Playstore or iOS Apple Store. It is slightly better to use the mobile version, because sometime the promo they made only works if you are running on m

Why Is My Windows 10 Slow?

If you are using Windows you might face the same problem as other Windows user to, i am one of those user who experiences the frustrating thing when i want to operate my computer, slowness of computer using Windows 10. To diagnose what program causing your computer so slow, you can open the task manager by right click on task bar and click task manager. Open task manager by right click on task bar After the task manager opened, you can look which program is running an using to much of your either CPU, Disk or Memory. If it's turn read or rich 100%, it means that your computer dosn't have anymore resource to use, so if you want another program, it need to wait until the previous program is finish executing the task. Task Manager List of Program In the task manager, CPU indicate something going on with your Processor, if your processor is an old version, it is better to upgrade to the newest release one. Disk is about what disk you are using, to make your computer

Windows 10 In A Nutshell

Window 10 Desktop Start Menu Windows 10 is the next version of many others says the failed Windows 8. It is completely the most reasonably the best Windows release so far. It is change so many aspect in its look or UI (User Interface), if you are using Windows 7, and it has Windows app store, so you don't need to browse via web anymore to install some program you want. Its improvement in a nutshell is about an OS that implement IOT (internet of thing), which is basically sending what ever your data to the internet, like your location, your internet browsing, etc. Because you constantly sending your activities on computer it can make Windows to better understand about you. In case you you need to know a bit about Windows, if you maybe really new in computer or technology. Windows is one of the most popular and the most used desktop OS. It's been more than 35 years since it came out at 1983, the OS still be the choices for computer user in the world. The thing that make Win

IMDB Movie List For Cinephilia

IMDB Top 250 Movie List If you are a Cinephilia, someone who loves movies so much, i am gonna guess if you must be already know this platform, IMDB. It is collection of the past, present and even future movie release. Not just movie though, but almost of entertainment including TV shows and documentaries. Not just that, but also actors and actresses is also presented. IMDB helps you before or after you watch some movie you like,  you can see the movie rates, which rated by IMDB members, and you can also get involved on that. You can go to  if you really interested to get involve in reviewing or just give rating to movie you already watched. But to make review on a movie, there's some moderation by IMDB, so every review that appear on IMDB was filtered and only review that has been approved by the IMDB. There are some good list on IMDB, Most Popular TV shows, like Top 250 Movies, etc, which is contains list of movies by rating, so it basically a list of movies

Flutter The Future Mobile App Framework

Image homepage Mobile app development can be really daunting, for my personal view, it is harder to develop mobile app than web app. It is because lack of good software or tool to work with, and also the smaller screen compare to desktop app, make it harder slightly difficult to build mobile app user interface. There are lots of mobile framework based on Javascript like React native, JQuery mobile, etc. And they are work great, but then it is still took time to developing it from start to finish, hard to learn, and the look isn't quite good, like native app. Now come Flutter, the framework for the future of mobile app development. Their Tagline is quite impressive and sounds promising: "Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single code base." Yes within flutter you can build cross platform mobile app that can run on Android, IOS and may be the future OS like Fuschia OS, since the framework and the OS itself is made

Postman Program To Debugging Web Service

Postman User Interface Doing debugging while developing your program is really hard and sometimes really stressful. It is not that we don't have ability to solve the problem, it is because sometimes we don't use the right tool for doing complex development task. For web developer, handling HTTP requests is the routine task to do in daily basis, there are some types of HTTP request such as GET, POST, PUT, etc. For GET requests, it is more easier you don't need other header, basically just can just open the browser and type the requested URL, and that's all about GET. But if we want to debug some specific request like POST or PUT, we can not just typing the URI request on the browser and enter, we need to specifying some header, like field name and value on the body of HTTP request we made. To do this task, developer can use such tool like Postman. Postman is tool for HTTP request, you can set whether it is GET or POST request, and you can set some variable or

How To Uninstall Angular CLI, The Angular Framework

Angular uninstall on Windows 10 If you are already using and installing Angular CLI on your machine, somehow maybe there's some bugs that you might face so that you want to be able to uninstall it, but it turns out to be not very easy to do it. And then reinstall Angular CLI later on, these are the steps that you can follow, step after step to completely uninstall Angular CLI from your local computer. First, start by opening your terminal (for mac OS and Linux) or command line in Windows, and then type the following lines of command, enter these commands line by line. npm uninstall -g @angular/cli npm cache clean If you've having some troubles removing the angular CLI on windows for some unspecified reason, you might open the command line using Administrator privileges.  Or if you are using Linux or Mac, just put 'sudo' in front of the  'npm' command, then enter your password and hit enter, wait until the terminal process is completed. Now your Angular C

How To Create Laravel Project In PhpStorm

Laravel is the most widely used PHP Framework in today's web development, it is modern, clean and have so many features you can use to make coding experience less painful. It is recommended for newest PHP projects you will create to use Laravel or at least using any other similar modern PHP framework. You can use advanced IDE to create your Laravel project to be much easier, you can use PhpStorm, a PHP IDE created by Jetbrains. It helps you develops your project much more faster, then if you just creating your project using simpler text editor and by the help of terminal. Here's some simple start to create a Laravel Project in PhpStorm: 1. Open PhpStorm, click new project 2. After that choose Composer. On the project location, choose your project folder, on filter package, search for 'laravel/laravel' then select that package. Then click the Create located on the right bottom of the dialog. PhpStorm new project laravel dialog Now wait for all d

Hacker News Where You Can Get Latest Technology News

Hacker News Homepage Hacker New has been exists for quite a long time, it is for me the best source kind of news feed about technology on this universe. It's simply just contains bunch of list of the latest blog or web post from any source related to technology and science. I don't have more detail on who or how they organized, but for sure it is an amazing web. If you want to go to Hacker News follow this link . It is simple and old classic web interface, not much can you expect from the UI, but it doesn't matter, we need more contains and great list of web, we don't need great UI but contains just useless things. There are some menu you can click. "Welcome" is which you can read their greeting or some information about hacker news. "New" is basically just homepage, but it is more update, i don't know the difference between home and new. Other menu, it is straightforward to the contents, so it doesn't

What and How Google Make Money?

Google Homepage Google is company that have multiple sub companies mainly provides an advertising solution for some other companies to advertise their product through platform they created called google ad words. Google have and own some platform to put on ads like Google search, Youtube, Gmail, and many more. And Google also own the biggest mobile operating system, Android, which they can also place ads on it, mostly on Google Playstore. Youtube is platform where people can share original video like video blog, gaming videos or other types of videos so other people can watch it for enteirtaintment purpose. And google search is their most and original product created by Lary Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Google as company is one of the tech giant, it made lot and lots of money every single day. Google in the world besides Facebook or Amazon, they grossed billions of dollar every year, million of dollars every single minutes. They are all based on California, United States. Sp

Intellij IDEA The Premium and The Best IDE

Using integrated development environment or IDE for today's software development is a must, it will help you writing codes much more faster than so manually write and config your code by only your own bare hand. IDE helps you refactoring or renaming your file or variables, so don't worry to messing up your codes if you it manually. IDE help you integrating your code with your version control like git, so you don't need to do git command anymore, you can just right click and push or pull, etc. One of the best IDEA in the world is IDE from Jetbrains which is called Intellij IDEA ultimate, current version is 2018.3. It supposedly to be the tool for Java development, but in fact you can do anything with that program. You can program Python or PHP, and you can doing front end using Angular or event mobile app, you can do anything withing this only tool, it's full package supporting many aspects of technology. If you work on a company you should make recommendation to y

Build Mobile App Using JQuery Mobile

Smartphone is everywhere, everyone has at least one on their hand, if you have an idea or product in technology, developing mobile app is a good decision. Besides, building mobile app is not as hard as everyone thought. You can build your mobile app by using many different type of programming language, you can use programming language you've been experienced in. You can use Javascript, HTML and CSS. Using JQuery Mobile, it make mobile app development much more simpler and easier, you can build incredible UI using JQuery mobile and by only using simple text editor and browser, you can write and debug your code much more faster than using any advanced IDE. It is not a bad decision to choose JQuery mobile over native solution like using Java in Android studio, besides you can be more focus on creating rather than learning new thing if you don't have any experience in other programming language or tools. You can deploy your app on Play store much faster.

PhoneGap Converting Web To Mobile App

Phonegap is one of the most handy tool if you want to create an Android app. It is not actually easy, it easy in case you already know HTML, CSS and Javascript. Becuase those language is easier then the language used by official Android. And Beside in mobile world, there's not just android, there is also IPhone and windows phone. It is not easy if you are not a big company, you need to have one side android developer and IOS on the other side. HTML, CSS and Javascript  are slightly more modern and its difficulty level is can be categorized low. Building UI on the web is much more fun and if you have some trouble or face difficulties, you can easily find solution on the web, because it has larger community support. Phonegap is a converter from web based app to Android, IOS and Windows App. Basically you just develop your app on mobile view, debugging etc using Javascript, and Ajax technology to communicate with your web services. If you want to start developing app using this

How To Rotate Image In Gimp 2

By using Gimp you can doing simple thing with images, like cropping, resizing or rotating with ease. And Gimp also capable of doing something more advanced. The reason for people using is its lightweight and of course free, you can open gimp in no time, it just open as soon as you double click the program. That's what makes Gimp is so special. For this task, we are gonna do some simple image rotating using Gimp, if you just starting using this program maybe you need need guide because your so confused or just not getting familiar with it. To rotate your image you just open the program, then open the image you want to edit. Then on the toolbox click the rotating tool. It looks like this. Then you can using your mouse to rotate the image or you can input the number of the angle manually, after that just click rotate and now your image is successfully being rotated. That's about it, it is so easy and simple.

How To Add SQL Server Database On Netbeans Service

SQL Server is kind of premium Enterprise level of database available on the world. It is capable of running faster queries, storing a lots of data and all about everything. Using Microsoft SQL server database may be the best solution if you want to handle complex transaction on your system. You can using Netbeans to manage your SQL database, but it is limited only for some simple database task, but then you can using raw query if you have some skill on it. The first thing you need to do for your Netbeans working with SQL server is adding its service to Netbeans. Adding SQL server service on Netbeans service panel is easy, you can follow the steps below, here is simple steps how you can do it: 1. Open service tab, right click on database, then new connection 2. On the Driver section select Microsoft SQL Server, then click next If Microsoft SQL server not available on the driver list, follow this step below: - Donwload SQL Server JDBC jar library from this link  https://m

Java Programming Language

Java Logo - Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY There are tons of programming language out there, there is new and shining like Kotlin, and there is old powerful C and C++. Some are vanish and some are thriving and become the main tool of many programmer. Java is one of the old still popular and still reliable unbeatable programming language. Java with their JDK and JVM is undoubtedly the most brilliant idea in the tech world. It allows you to develop your projects into manageable codes and run your code in every machine, it's really cool stuff. The problem with Java is, it can be really hard for beginner, so it makes many new programmer getting confused about how big and clunky the language is. It's certainly not an easy language to begin with, there is so many alternative like PHP and Javascript for new comers, but then when you really serious in the world of software development, you need to choose better programming language, and

SQL Substring Not Start From 0

If you are database administrator or a back-end software developer, and you just not having enough experience in SQL Queries other than selecting, updating, insert drop, you may get frustrated about this select SUBSTRING  thing in MySQL. Yes MySQL have a SUBSTRING function, it is really confusing because its start parameter is from 1 not from 0. I've been doing this so many times, but still can not understand why i wasting so many times by this function. The right syntax for function SUBSTRING in SQL is: SUBSTRING(colomn_name, start, lenght) So for example if i have data without filtering like this. Then when i run this query: SELECT no, random FROM my_table LIMIT 15; Then i select random using substring: SELECT no, SUBSTRING(random, 1, 3) FROM my_table LIMIT 15; Substring in MySQL is confusing, not like any programming language which usualy start from 0, it is start from 1.

Medium Blogging Platform

Blogging is something fun to do if you are passionate on writing. You can express your thought, your emotion or your way to do something within a blog post. In this day, it is really easy and free for you to start a blog. One of the recent booming blog platform is Medium. Medium is great place to create your blog, you can write and publish your writing and their community will lead you to gain audience. It's easier to get more audience on Medium than in any other blogging platform, because their community, with their paid membership. When you write on medium, you mostly need kind of advance level of writing technique because their reader and most of other writer on Medium is really look professional writer, they will write long and detail writing, they gave their personal insight put on it. So you if you decide to write on Medium you need to be more than ordinary blogger. You can also make money with Medium, but off course it is hard and again you need to be a grea

Why I am Using Visual Studio Code?

For software developer, a good IDE is a must, and there are lots of good IDE out there, with their own one or more special thing that makes it different than their competitor. This post is just kind of an introduction of Visual Studio Code, more detail about this software will be available in this blog not so long from now. One of my favorite IDE is Visual studio code, it is new IDE came not so long ago, and it's booming and growing popularity so fast. It is because this IDE is free and kind of using modern GUI system. Also it has a lot of tools and plugins to support you on working on so many different programming language. I mainly use it as a front end IDE. What's make this IDE so good so that so many people using it and over talk about it. Here's 3 things i really like about VS code. 1. Intelsense It's about when you type some word then the IDE recommend you the full syntax of your related programming language, in case you completely forget the right syn

How To Create Java Application Using Maven On Netbeans

Creating application using maven is kind of the standard of java development these day, it makes your project to be more easy to be shared to your team, because you don't need to share jar library again. This tutorial covers how you can create java desktop application using maven in Netbeans IDE 1. Open Netbeans IDE create new project, choose Maven then choose Java Application. 2. After you click Next, then write in your project name, click finish and wait until the process is completed. That is how you add maven to your java application. Now you are ready to use maven and now you have pom.xml file to manage your project dependencies with maven. To find maven dependency you can go to maven central, find your dependency you need than copy XML tag on there, then paste it to your pom.xml.

How To Create Spring Project On Netbeans IDE

Netbeans IDE is one of the oldest yest most used Java IDE, it is really good and have lot of tools, also support many Java Frameworks. You can of course do Spring coding on Netbeans IDE, it is really easy, and you can add many supported plugin if you want. Spring is really modern and it is now choose by most of java web developer around the world, it is popular and have lot of community. Let's start how you can develop your spring code in Netbeans IDE. 1. Open Netbeans, and click new >> maven >> web application, then next. 2. Then enter your project name, click next again. 3. Choose server, in my project i am using Wildfly 12, it is JBoss Wildfly, but you can use whatever you want, then click Finish. Wait until your project is created successfully. 4. After your project is created, right click on your project then properties. Select framework, then add new framework, choose Spring Web MVC. 4. Now you can test it by right click on your project

How To Use MySQL Workbench 8.0 At First Time

MySQL Workbench is good database management GUI program, it's fast, rich in feature and free. You can do inserting, updating or deleting data of your database. But detail on how you can managing data is not covered on this post, it is just how you can setup or to connect MySQL Workbench at firs time with your MySQL server. But first, make sure MySQL is already installed on your machine, if you don't please refer to this link How To Install MySQL . 1. Open MySQL Workbench program. Double click on local instance MySQL 80, then type your password and click OK. Now you are connected to MySQL using MySQL Workbench, then you can start to manage your database, you can create, update and delete your database.

How To Install MySQL On Windows

Installing MySQL on Windows is not hard at all, you just need to download the installer, next and next and ok. It's that easy. So how could some people unable to install MySQL? Let's talk about MySQL first, it is basically just database, a structured relational database, which means that it is storage for your data in a structured way. So for example if you want to manage your inventory, than it relates to it supplier, then supplier relates to it's owner, it's address, MySQL can manage those data much more easier. How to install MySQL: 1. Go to MySQL official download page . Choose MySQL Community Server and click download link. 2. Scroll down and click go to download page of windows installer. 3. Scroll down again and click download button on Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer (mysql-installer-community- 4. MySQL want you to log in to their system if you have MySQL account, but on this tu

Mi 8 Lite - Good Looking Smarthphone

Chinese Phone is everywhere, it's because it's price is so way below IPhone or Samsung, but also have quality not far from those high-end phone. Xiomi is one of electronic manufacturer headquarter in China, it's been producing some types of phone, they call Redmi, Pocopohne and Mi Phone. Mi 8 Lite is one of Mi type phone, it is the eighth version of Mi series. Mi 8 has glass as it's case, so it makes this phone look trendy and cool. That's the main commercial slogan of this phone "Colors that keep things interesting", it has gradient color within it's body, make this phone looks one of flagship phone out there, even though it's price is cheaper than those flagship phone. It's selfie camera using Sony with 24MP, it's really has quality in this specs. And it's main camera is not that disappointing, it is 12MP + 5MP AI dual camera, Dual Pixel Auto-focus, 1.4μm pixels. Screen is 6.26" with notched display. Quite big and wit

How To Install PHP In Windows

PHP is great programming language, it is widely used in modern web application in the world, they have lot of user bases and growing user communities and group. It is gonna be an advantage if you understand the language. And if you are just beginner and confused about how you gonna do or starting. This is really simple step you need to follow, a guide to install PHP on windows and start learning it as your first language. 1. Go to PHP download page, the latest current version is 7.2 here's the link: Choose the zip version, and extract it after you finished download, in whichever folder you want, but you need to remember that path. 2. Copy the path from your extracted PHP file that you've been download earlier, and then add it to your windows system path. Enviroment variable >> System >> Path >> New (path extraction) (path environment variables) 3. Now you can start to testing it by open windows command

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