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ASUS Battery Health Charging Software To Make Your Battery Life Longer

ASUS Battery Health Charging ASUS battery health life charging is a program you can use with your ASUS laptop to maximize the lifespan of your laptop battery. By using this software it can make your laptop battery life last longer compared to if you are not using this tool at all.  By using ASUS Battery Health Charging, it will increase the longevity of your battery life. So it is economically better to use this app rather than to let your laptop over charge which can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. Link to download ASUS Battery Health Charging Software This app is very helpful so if you don’t have the app installed on your laptop, you can find it on Microsoft Store, search on it using keywords “ASUS battery health charging” or simply just click here to download ASUS battery health charging referring to the app on Windows store. Begin the installation on your Windows PC. Soon after that launch the app and set the ASUS Battery Health Charging, which amount or capacity t

Artificial Intelligence In Year Million

AI or artificial intelligence is an advanced technology created mainly in computer science that could replicate human intelligence or even better than human. We are more familiar with robot which is of course an example of an AI, but not just robot, AI can be anything, it can be computer program, vehicles, etc. Embed from Getty Images In the future AI will be surrounding us, they can help us better to do anything faster and efficient. They can teach our kids in schools, they can drive us to work, they can be fast food delivery. Many things can be done with AI. The problem with AI is that, it will replace our job, they will better than human so they replace the field of job that human can't handle. In the future maybe they will just take all of jobs in the world so no job left for human, and may cause the end humanity. And maybe AI could colonized the galaxies not us.

How To Connect To Server Using FTP

Download the ftp client program, the best such program i know is Winscp, it is the best FTP client so far i know, you should use it for your own good, you can read the short review here . You are gonna need some configuration that your hosting given to you, you need the server host, username and password, that's all you need. Host can be a domain name or IP address. If you already have all the configuration, you can now open Winscp Ftp Client. 1. Click new connection and add new site, then fill the inputs with your configuration you have. Winscp connect to server If that configuration not working try to change FTP Protocol from SFTP to FTP. And that's still didn't work, try change FTP protocol and port to another, you can contact and ask to your hosting provider. I've been using Namecheap and they have good customer services, i write short review about Namecheap here .

Notepad++ Simple And Useful Text Editor

Notepad++ Simple Useful Text Editor There are tons of text editor program out there, it ranges from the very simple but so light so that you can start the program quickly like the native Windows notepad to the very advance editor that can check spelling like Grammarly. They are useful depends in your situation, if you just want to make a simple note, like for example reminder, writing task or to do list you can use notepad. But if you want to write like for example blog post or formal letter, you can use Grammarly or Microsoft word, you decide which best suited for your use case. Notepad++ is program that either it is simple and advanced, some people use notepad++ for writing some to do list, and mostly it can be use for writing codes. You can use notepad++ if you just writing some simple codes like HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP, it is so fast because it just simple code editor, you can get some basic features for coding like text coloring, folding, some auto complete, navigation

Navicat The Best Database Management Tool

Navicat database management tool There are so many database tool in the world, from the simplest one like Adminer to enterprise level tool like SQL Server Management Tool. If you are a database administrator, you really need the best tool and suited for your environment, the right tool that can bring you to be much more productivity. The best tool you can have is Navicate, it full pledged database managment system, doing things like queries, showing tables data, insert data, filtering, designing table, it can do a lot of things. And it capable for not doing just MySQL database system, it support other database, MySQL, P Navicat is in my personal opinion the best tool for managing database, it capable of doing and handling queries, and support many variant of database system. Not only mainstream database like MySQL or MariaDB, Navicat can do many other database system, for example Microsoft SQL server. The best thing about Navicat is that you can transfer your database data, s

Onefilecms Simple Yet Useful File Manager

Onefilecms simple single file file manager If you have server running that you need to manage, you must have file manager, Onefilecms is one of the kind of file manger, the different than any other file manager out there is that, Onefilecms is just so simple, it only consists of one single file. So simple and useful, i occasionally using it because it's so practices.. Even just one single file, you can do almost anything with your file, creating new file, copy the file, cut the file, or even capable of editing your file as long as it is plaint text type of file. It's just don't have compressing and decompressing zip or any other similar file, but maybe in the future those feature will exist. To run Onefilecms, you just need to have upload one single PHP file, yes it is build using PHP, so you nee to have PHP on your server. If you have Wordpress installed, simple just put Onefilecms on the root of your Wordpress location. To download Onefilecms you can go to http

Lightshot The Best Screen Capture Program For Your PC

Lightshot the fastest way to customize screenshot If you want to take screenshot of your computer, Lightshot is the right program you can use, it is handy, useful, so light weight so that it took no time for installation. So if you don't have it already you can go to their official website, download it and install it, it's gonna be so fast, you don't to wait to long quickly you can use it after the installation process is finished. Not only you can use Lightshot to take screenshot of your computer, it also has feature like pencil, eraser, adding text, etc, so you don't another program to for example to make outline or marking your taken image, it's available after you took the screenshot. You can also save your screenshot on their cloud service, so you can share your picture to other people just by sending the link of your image. It's really useful yet simple and light software, i don't take much of your computer resources, so your computer can stil

Adminer Simplest Database Management Tool

Adminer DB Management Interface Adminer is simple database management system written in PHP, it is so simple that it only a one file program, yes a single PHP file capable of fully managing your database without help any other database management system. So simple, easy to use and full pledged and production ready, it is okay to use adminer in production server, as long as you keep your password safe. It support relational database system like MySQL or Maria DB. So far, I've only doing those two database type, and i have tried it to connect with Microsoft SQL server but it didn't work. I don't know for sure why can't adminer be use for managing MS SQL Database, but maybe someday they will work on it and finally we can use it to work with Microsoft SQL Server Database. The simplicity of the program is what make me or everyone else like that, to use it, basically you just need to copy and paste one single "adminer.php" to whatever location you like, as

Tsunami Happen After Anak Krakatau Erupted

Tsunami happen after Anak Krakatau erupted, in December 22th at about 10pm Indonesian Western Time. Krakatau is the most dangerous volcanic mountain in the world, because what most people already know that in about 1883 there was a massive explosion that not only kill thousands of people in Dutch-East India current day Indonesia, but also caused global temperature to drop about 1 degree. Embed from Getty Images Krakatau eruption is a common, so many local geologist maybe not aware that this December eruption could be end devastating. There is no sign that tsunami could be happen by this eruption. So the tsunami itself is technically happen not from the eruption itself, but still the landslide probably still People on the internet are complaining why there is no alarm system that could ring and warn people that there will be a tsunami. Yes, in Indonesia, there's not much alarm system available on every cost of the islands, even in the dangerous area near Krakatau. If there Sciences News Website

Livescience Homepage is a website that provide daily sciences news, it cover almost sciences field from anthropology to astronomy, and everything else about sciences. And it's active and well managed, so don't worry about the credibility of the news they shared, it is fully credible source. If you like sciences and want to keep update on what's new on sciences, Livesciense is the kind of website you would like to bookmark. You can subscribe to their mail list, so you can get notified by mail when there's new news coming on their website. The problem with Livesciense is that they are  full of ads all over the pages, it's annoying and kind of looks unprofessional, you can't read the article comfortably because they only leave small space for the article because the ads is cover on the top and bottom of the page, and sometime on the right and the left side.

Google Play Console To Publish Your Android App

google play console dashboard Play console is dashboard where you can monitor your android app you've publish. It also use to create or publish new app. It is great tool that Google has made, if you are an app developer, you can easily using this tool to make you are app ready in Google Play store. Unlike their competitor apple, to upload or publish app on Google play store you just have need to pay  for $20 for lifetime and unlimited android app you can publish. It is so cheap and affordable. You can upload as many as app you can build. google play console logo If you are new to android deployment, to publish your app so that it can be installed by android user around the world, you can go to this link  and make 20$ payment first. Then upload you app bundle or apk, fill some questionnaires, etc then wait for moderation.

Wikipedia Is The Most Complete Encyclopedia

Image wiki about wikipedia Wikipedia is the most complete encyclopedia about almost anything in the world. It describes in range from history, sciences, politic and even the smallest unimportant subject. It's so complete in almost aspects, and free to use. They are so large so almost everything we search in Google, they are almost always on the top of the result. The information that available is free to use, free to copy and also free to edit,even you can contribute to Wikipedia if you have some useful information that's not described on there. You can collaborate with another Wikipedia contributor to make Wikipedia become better in explaining every useful information we need. Wikipedia is maintained under The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Because the size of the data they have, and it's not managed by big company, and they are free services, it is hard for them to maintaining their data, they need lot of money to keep their server running. So in other

Winscp The Best FTP Client

Winscp Best FTP Client Winscp is one of the best FTP client out there, it has simple interface and easy to use program, compare to another FTP client program, it is still the most handy tool to use, you can do almost anything with WinScp. As a FTP client, Winscp has basic feature like connect to FTP server, downloading and uploading file. Other than that, it has added features, you can zipping or extract files, copy and move file, and integrating with our favorite Text editor. As a software developer, i am really happy to have Winscp work with me, almost everything that requires me to connect to server, i almost using Winscp more than other.

Spotify The Best Music Streaming Platform

Spotify is music streaming platform, it has huge collection of music for all over the world, from indie band songs to new hit pop songs. It's available on many different platform, from Android, Iphone, Windows PC, Mac OS, and web browser. It is really the best music platform in the world. Spotify requires you to subscribe their monthly package if you want their premium services, but if you don't you can still listening music on their platform, but with limited features, like you can't skip to next song in playlist, and they display ads. But become premium member in Spotify is super easy, they offer many different payments method, and beside it is really affordable, only about 9.99$ per month. Bad thing is, unlike illegal music download website, Spotify is a legal one, their brand is huge, so they need to pay some kind of royalty to their original singer, so the problem is, if label or singer didn;t want their music to be in Spotify, they can't do nothing, so thei

Headphone Not Plugged-in on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the ultimate version of Windows operating system series, it is the latest and the best of any other windows version. Microsoft as the owner is focusing their team to be work on windows 10 and less in earlier version. So getting windows 10 is the recommended version for your computer OS. But sometimes Windows 10 as new OS, it has many program that can't work properly on our device, it's called a bug. Sometimes it's not even bug, it's just your windows installation isn't completed or with the wrong driver, etc. To get rid of error on Audio device, windows 10 using Realtek high definition audio driver, sometimes it's buggy, didn't work properly on our computer. This post is simply just how to fix earphone or headphone that couldn't plugged in to our computer, or Windows not detecting our headphones. 1. Simply go to device manager, you can search it in start menu. After it's open, under Sounds, video and game controllers, right click

How To Generate Mobile App Icon In Many Different Sizes

Create a mobile app can be really daunting, there is to many thing that can be done easily if we are working on web app, but really difficult to do in mobile app. One of the hard things is to create icon for our mobile app. There are lots of icon size we need to have in order to work nicely in mobile devices, it is because there should be many icon in variety of size in smart phone, for example icon for launcher, icon for different screen size, or different pixel density, icon for notification, etc. They require us to create different size for our mobile app. This post we will be using online icon generator that can generate one single icon into many size of icon, so we don't need to do it manually one by one, we are gonna using . Follow these steps bellow. 1. Open your browser and go to the web Click "Choose file" button then select your icon with recommendation size 1536x1536 px. 2. Upload will take a while, just

Gmail - The Most Used and Secure Email Services

Gmail on web browser We all have email, or even more than one email, maybe because we forgot the older email or we just don't like our email, or our email provider. One of the most reasonable thing why we have more than one email addresses is because creating email is so easy. It almost take no time and only one step button click. So easy that even beginner using internet, they can do it. But if you are confused to created an email, there is one post I've create to create an email, here's the link Gmail is the most used email service in the world, almost of my friend, my co workers, they are using gmail as their email provider. Gmail is popular because it is under the name of their owner, Google. Google has everything to keep gmail to be loved email by many people. The keep innovating new feature and look, and performance and many other aspects that other company can not do. Gmail is still used because it is integrated with other Google products, mostly if people u

Android OS Short Review

Android Mobile Operating System Android is the most used mobile OS, it is open source, so there's nothing hidden behind the android. And of course the performance is so fast, that's why they beat any other OS except the IPhone. Android has really large community, android developer is everywhere, almost anybody want to make their own app or games, it is because developing Android is easier than developing other mobile app on another OS, google provides tool like Android studio which make developer become more and more interested to develop android app. But not just the software side, but the hardware side is flooded with so many smartphone manufacture want to build their phone based on android OS. Again it's because android is free yet capable of doing bigger thing. With android, you can do almost anything, never like before. But the sad thing is, Android soon or later will be replaced either by Google itself, because rumor says that there is new OS called Fuschia

Google Drive File Manager System

Google Drive In Browser Google drive is file storage system made by Google, it used to store our file usually when we attached a file into our email that we usually send, not just email, Google drive also integrated with other google products, like google photos, so when we take a picture with our Android smartphone, it is save to google drive. Google drive is good to keep our file safe, so it is also used for backup our data, in case we delete it in real computer files system, if we use google drive you can get back the files, except if you also delete your file in google drive. Google drive available in many platform, in mobile and desktop, so it is easy to keep using google drive event we are on our Windows PC or Linux or Mac book. In every device that has web browser. The bad thing about Google drive is because it is connected to internet, we don't like cloud system, because internet connection is still a problem, even if we are in developed country, uploading and do

About Social Media For Making Money

Instagram On Windows 10 PC Instagram or other social media has lot of contains even though most of them is just peoples photos or stories. Yes it is because Instagram is not to be the app for not other than social media, it is place where people shares their current photos, like when they go out eating, taking picture of their food, or on vacation. People want to know other people condition because we are social creature. Sometimes we got motivated by what people have already achieved, but sometimes it also can be negative feeling like jealousy, because we can't afford what other people did, it is normal feeling, we are all like that, not just you. But we need to accept that what we can't afford is because it is beyond our capabilities, people who can afford something we can't afford is that they just better than us. We can't blame other, blame ourselves, you need some sort of introspection, what we do wrong so we couldn't make it, what we should do so we cou

Medium Blogging Platform

Medium Homepage Medium is of popular blogging platform, it has modern and simple interface, make it easier and comfortable to use. It has also large number of community. Compare to another blogging platform, medium is complete package, it has everything you want to support your writing. It has minimalist editor, minimalist tool for just basic underlining, bold, italic, etc, doesn't need to have bunch of unused tool. Medium also has clap feature, it similar to like in we see on typical social media, but clap allow you to not just like a single time, you can clap more than one time, so if you have good writing, it's possible to have thousands of clap even just with few readers. And Medium also has highlighting feature, so if you find some sentences in article you want to highlighted, it is possible to do that. Bad thing is, Medium is not free blogging, you are limited to read only some few posts, i guest is three. And it doesn't have feature for writing HTML code, or

Stackoverflow Forum For Software Developer

Stackoverflow Homepage Stackoverflow is forum for software developer asking and answering question, it is also a great site for newbie to learn programming, by learn i mean if something going wrong or your code didn't work, Stackoverflow has everything. So many different type of programming language, Java, Typescript, SQL or Framework like Spring or Flutter. Yes ranging from Desktop, web, mobile and even embedded devices. Stackoverflow has millions of questions, and much more answers, it is really big, the community is very active, they compete each other for badges and reputation. Badges is kind of reward, badges are like "Peer Pressure", Student", etc. Reputation is like point, it is represented by number, it possible to you to have bad reputation, your reputation is minus. The nice thing about Stackoverflow is it is easier to get solution, you don't need to scroll deep down to the page or even go to next page, or even worse identifying it one by one, b

McDelivery - How To Order Food In Indonesia

Image Menu List McDonalds is a international scale fast-food company, they almost everywhere in cities of the world, they may be hundreds of it in Indonesia, mostly only in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc. The thing about McDonalds in Indonesia is, it is precious restaurant for the most people in Indonesia, they have relatively above the price of average food price in Indonesia, about two times more expensive, they have large parking lot, bigger building compare to any other restaurant here. available in web version and mobile version, the web is simple and easy to use compare to the mobile app, they are to small and hard to make an order. McDelevery has many payment system, you can pay online through credit card, Doku Wallet, TCash. Other than ordering through phone call, McDelivery the app version is much more efficient way to do if you want to order McDonald's foods, you can look the menu and decide which item would you

Maximize Youtube For Self Improvement

TED Talks Self Improvement Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world, million peoples active watching many variety of videos, from music, movie trailers, vlogs and some people using it wisely to educate themselves by watching many quality videos. People say Youtube is worst, parent may prevent their kids to use it, don't waste your time on Youtube because it's just time wasting, but there's other positive side of Youtube, it is education type of video. There are many channels on Youtube that aims to educate people, they teach you basic science, basic money management, not just basic but sometime into more serious and deep teaching in many field. As and adult or teenager turn into adult life, Self improvement is one of the must thing to do in your life, you need to get better at your self, or social life, or financially or else you'll be a useless garbage society that have no self awareness about anything that you need to have. Be healthy,

Android Studio The Best Android IDE

Android Studio Designer Android Studio is the official kind of code editor for Android app development, but it's not just that kind of simple text editor, it has lot of feature for like writing codes, integrating with SDK and JDK, running emulator and event sign your app to be ready to be publish on Google Play Store. Android studio is just a perfect development tool for developing android projects, you can really build high scale android app for banking, or just for simple personal branding, and of course you can also develop game using android studio, you just need to add more tool from your specific library game that you use. People often say that android studio is sucks, but I've been a while and been successfully develop some app using android studio, i know at some point in the past, yes android studio was troubled with bugs, often crash and took so long while synchronizing your codes changes, but it's been improved over time, and now android studio 3.x.x is

Just A Short Quora Review

Quora Homepage Quora is one of favorite web in the internet, I've been spent lot of time scrolling, reading, and commenting on the web, it is really informative, sometimes fun, sometimes motivating me to get better in my daily life, overall it really helpful. You can ask question in so many topic, from tips to get up in the morning to your struggle in financial. They will answer your questions so quick because the community is really huge, there's kind of like everybody is there, from every aspect of topic. So that's one of the cool thing about Quora. The bad thing about Quora is, they kind of have ads that really bothering, they almost looks like a question, so it kind of they trick us to click the ads that appear on Quora, it is really bad and not ethic.

Push Notification Cordova, FCM And PHP

This post is about how to create a push notification in mobile app, using Cordova, firebase cloud messaging (FCM) and PHP as a server-side programming language. And we are gonna use cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated as a cordova plugin. An here's the step. Example Cordova Push Notification - Register a FCM project, and set your app id as, com.exampleyourprojectid.lokal or you can create you can create real app id for your own app, go to  to do that - Create cordova project, using this command: cordova create project_folder com.exampleyourprojectid.lokal - Move terminal directory to your project using command: cd project_folder - Download the google-services.json on FCM dashboard, put it on your project_folder - Add the plugin: cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated - Add Android platform to your cordova project: cordova platform add android - Now build your app: cordova build android - Open androi

How To Know Wifi Password On Windows 10

Sometimes we forget the Wifi password of our router, and we don't know how to get back that password, or if you just want to connect to another device but you forget your wifi password, this post is about how to identify your wifi password if you already have computer or laptop that connected to that wifi network. We are gonna using windows 10 for the demonstration, but any other windows is almost using the same menu and interface, so it it is not gonna be harder to follow if you are using other version than windows 10. 1. Go to control panel, under Network and internet, click view network and internet status. 2. After network sharing center opened, click your connected wifi name. 3. Then when pop-up wifi status appear, click wireless properties. 4. In wireless properties click security tab, then check the show character checkbox, now you can see your password. After you have the password, you can try connecting your other device using that shown password, t

Namecheap Where To Buy Domain And Create A Pro Web Presence

Namecheap buy domian and create web Namecheap is a tech company that provides domains, server hosting and SSL as their main selling products. Buying domains, hosting or SSL on Namecheap is relatively easy as they provide Paypal as their base payment system, we already review that Paypal is the easiest way to pay , so buying product on Namecheap can be done with no time, very quick compared to another domain provider. If have some idea you can build a website for your brand and make it popular, Namecheap help you to set up your web, and managing with their infrastructure, they have so many variant of service, so variant of price, from the really affordable one to enterprise level that really need high speed and huge storage. If you start from small company and then your company turn into bigger company, Namecheap is ready to handle that, you just need to upgrade your package, and it so easy to do. They have really good customer services that can help you if you find difficultie

Where To Create Post Category On Blogger?

If you are new to Blogger and then decide to create a post and want to categorizing your posts and confuse where or how to do that, this post will try to help you. Blogger doesn't have category, but instead it has Labels, it work the same as categories does, just the naming is different. To create a label of your posts, locate to the right side bar or post setting on blogger editor, click labels and start typing your label, if your post has many labels, you can separate them with comma (,)  so for example: My First Label, Second Label, Other. Blogger Label Location So now, you can create label as your post category, it doesn't matter, label work the same as a category, basically grouping your posts into one or many similar label. So it can make it easier for your audience to find some post they want based on their interest on the label name.

Paypal The Easiest Way To Pay

OUTWIN THE NORM WITH PAYPAL Paypal is one of the most popular online payment system in the world, it's been operated since a while and it's still growing in transactions, some report says it has 143 billion dollar transaction volume in the 3rd quarter of 2018 alone. With that number, it is no doubt that Paypal is being used and trusted by people around the world as their payment system, in online transaction. Yes as long as i know, Paypal can only be used in online store, while you checkout on some online store, etc, you can't use Paypal to buy something offline. Maybe in the future they will look forward into that field. But they still making huge amount on the current field, you know Paypal fees is about 2.9%, so if we take the number, they would made about 2.9% of 143 billion, about 1.4 billion within just 3 months, still a big income for the company. I used Paypal sometime because it is so easy when i am buying some stuff online, it is more faster than other me

Running Whatsapp In Web Browser Is It Possible?

Whatsapp is undeniably the most popular chatting app, outside the US. Whatssap has simple look, and reliably so fast in sending and receiving messages, that's the reason why so many people choose to use Whatsapp. Its features including text chat, video call, and phone through internet connection. I always using Whatsapp on web browser because almost all of my activities is me working with my laptop. It makes me more focus on work only using my laptop without even touching my phone when there's incoming message on my Whatsapp account, so i can be less multi tasking on using so many device, just open the browser and finishing my tasks. Yes it is absolutely Possible  to make your Whatsapp running on the web browser. Web whatsapp running on web browser Whatsapp available in so many platform, include using web browser, but if you use it on the browser, it can't make phone or video call,  only is available text messaging. These are some steps to make your Whatsapp runn

Tokopedia The Most Popular Marketplace In Indonesia

Tokopedia Product List Tokopedia one of the leading marketplace here in Indonesia. Many user consider it as the easiest place to buy something online. It has web and mobile platform available, most often the web is limited on promos, so people tend to be using their mobile app. Actually the business Tokopedia made is in advertisement, it's as simple as if some store want to sell their product and want to make their product to be displayed on the top of the search list, they can buy an ads package for sum amount of money for some period of time, this kind of business id proved to be success and have great quantity of demand. The world has been flooded by marketplace, it is everywhere, a lot of transactions happen in every single day, everyone tried to be exists in this industry, to provide an online market where anyone can sell and buy the product they have or they want. It is consumerism that leads this industry thriving. Some make it, some didn't, it's just kind o

BukaLapak The Largest Marketplace In Indonesia

Image web version Bukalapak is one of the largest marketplace in Indonesia. It is quite big and almost anything you want is there you can just browse using the search field. It is thriving and attracting many consumer to use their platform. They have lots of promos and events to make them not just survive from competition in the tech world, but also maybe could be the the tech giant in the world someday, we don't know. As many other marketplace, they allow you to sell your product, new or used, fake or original, it doesn't matter, as long as the product is in good condition, you can just take picture and upload on buka lapak and start selling that product, and maybe making some money. For buyer, it has good interface, supporting many platform, not just web, but also you can download their mobile on either Android Playstore or iOS Apple Store. It is slightly better to use the mobile version, because sometime the promo they made only works if you are running on m

Why Is My Windows 10 Slow?

If you are using Windows you might face the same problem as other Windows user to, i am one of those user who experiences the frustrating thing when i want to operate my computer, slowness of computer using Windows 10. To diagnose what program causing your computer so slow, you can open the task manager by right click on task bar and click task manager. Open task manager by right click on task bar After the task manager opened, you can look which program is running an using to much of your either CPU, Disk or Memory. If it's turn read or rich 100%, it means that your computer dosn't have anymore resource to use, so if you want another program, it need to wait until the previous program is finish executing the task. Task Manager List of Program In the task manager, CPU indicate something going on with your Processor, if your processor is an old version, it is better to upgrade to the newest release one. Disk is about what disk you are using, to make your computer

Windows 10 In A Nutshell

Window 10 Desktop Start Menu Windows 10 is the next version of many others says the failed Windows 8. It is completely the most reasonably the best Windows release so far. It is change so many aspect in its look or UI (User Interface), if you are using Windows 7, and it has Windows app store, so you don't need to browse via web anymore to install some program you want. Its improvement in a nutshell is about an OS that implement IOT (internet of thing), which is basically sending what ever your data to the internet, like your location, your internet browsing, etc. Because you constantly sending your activities on computer it can make Windows to better understand about you. In case you you need to know a bit about Windows, if you maybe really new in computer or technology. Windows is one of the most popular and the most used desktop OS. It's been more than 35 years since it came out at 1983, the OS still be the choices for computer user in the world. The thing that make Win

IMDB Movie List For Cinephilia

IMDB Top 250 Movie List If you are a Cinephilia, someone who loves movies so much, i am gonna guess if you must be already know this platform, IMDB. It is collection of the past, present and even future movie release. Not just movie though, but almost of entertainment including TV shows and documentaries. Not just that, but also actors and actresses is also presented. IMDB helps you before or after you watch some movie you like,  you can see the movie rates, which rated by IMDB members, and you can also get involved on that. You can go to  if you really interested to get involve in reviewing or just give rating to movie you already watched. But to make review on a movie, there's some moderation by IMDB, so every review that appear on IMDB was filtered and only review that has been approved by the IMDB. There are some good list on IMDB, Most Popular TV shows, like Top 250 Movies, etc, which is contains list of movies by rating, so it basically a list of movies

Flutter The Future Mobile App Framework

Image homepage Mobile app development can be really daunting, for my personal view, it is harder to develop mobile app than web app. It is because lack of good software or tool to work with, and also the smaller screen compare to desktop app, make it harder slightly difficult to build mobile app user interface. There are lots of mobile framework based on Javascript like React native, JQuery mobile, etc. And they are work great, but then it is still took time to developing it from start to finish, hard to learn, and the look isn't quite good, like native app. Now come Flutter, the framework for the future of mobile app development. Their Tagline is quite impressive and sounds promising: "Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single code base." Yes within flutter you can build cross platform mobile app that can run on Android, IOS and may be the future OS like Fuschia OS, since the framework and the OS itself is made

Postman Program To Debugging Web Service

Postman User Interface Doing debugging while developing your program is really hard and sometimes really stressful. It is not that we don't have ability to solve the problem, it is because sometimes we don't use the right tool for doing complex development task. For web developer, handling HTTP requests is the routine task to do in daily basis, there are some types of HTTP request such as GET, POST, PUT, etc. For GET requests, it is more easier you don't need other header, basically just can just open the browser and type the requested URL, and that's all about GET. But if we want to debug some specific request like POST or PUT, we can not just typing the URI request on the browser and enter, we need to specifying some header, like field name and value on the body of HTTP request we made. To do this task, developer can use such tool like Postman. Postman is tool for HTTP request, you can set whether it is GET or POST request, and you can set some variable or

How To Uninstall Angular CLI, The Angular Framework

Angular uninstall on Windows 10 If you are already using and installing Angular CLI on your machine, somehow maybe there's some bugs that you might face so that you want to be able to uninstall it, but it turns out to be not very easy to do it. And then reinstall Angular CLI later on, these are the steps that you can follow, step after step to completely uninstall Angular CLI from your local computer. First, start by opening your terminal (for mac OS and Linux) or command line in Windows, and then type the following lines of command, enter these commands line by line. npm uninstall -g @angular/cli npm cache clean If you've having some troubles removing the angular CLI on windows for some unspecified reason, you might open the command line using Administrator privileges.  Or if you are using Linux or Mac, just put 'sudo' in front of the  'npm' command, then enter your password and hit enter, wait until the terminal process is completed. Now your Angular C

How To Create Laravel Project In PhpStorm

Laravel is the most widely used PHP Framework in today's web development, it is modern, clean and have so many features you can use to make coding experience less painful. It is recommended for newest PHP projects you will create to use Laravel or at least using any other similar modern PHP framework. You can use advanced IDE to create your Laravel project to be much easier, you can use PhpStorm, a PHP IDE created by Jetbrains. It helps you develops your project much more faster, then if you just creating your project using simpler text editor and by the help of terminal. Here's some simple start to create a Laravel Project in PhpStorm: 1. Open PhpStorm, click new project 2. After that choose Composer. On the project location, choose your project folder, on filter package, search for 'laravel/laravel' then select that package. Then click the Create located on the right bottom of the dialog. PhpStorm new project laravel dialog Now wait for all d

Hacker News Where You Can Get Latest Technology News

Hacker News Homepage Hacker New has been exists for quite a long time, it is for me the best source kind of news feed about technology on this universe. It's simply just contains bunch of list of the latest blog or web post from any source related to technology and science. I don't have more detail on who or how they organized, but for sure it is an amazing web. If you want to go to Hacker News follow this link . It is simple and old classic web interface, not much can you expect from the UI, but it doesn't matter, we need more contains and great list of web, we don't need great UI but contains just useless things. There are some menu you can click. "Welcome" is which you can read their greeting or some information about hacker news. "New" is basically just homepage, but it is more update, i don't know the difference between home and new. Other menu, it is straightforward to the contents, so it doesn't

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