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How to Develop Intellij Plugin Part 1 - My First Time Experiences To Develop Plugin

It is fun to develop a plugin for Jetbrains IDE platform, you know Intellij, PhpStorm, Pycharm and the like. As you may already know, Intellij is one of the smartest IDE in the world, especially for Java and Kotlin and frameworks like Spring. I believe it's their main concern.  If you are using Spring, Intellij will act so smart to detect any bugs you may introduce in your program, giving you completion, symbol references, even recommendation for the best possible code it might be. If you are not a Spring user, maybe because your company you work at doesn’t like it, or they are just happy with the framework or even language they already use, and Intellij doesn’t support it, then you may need to create your own plugin. Intellij provides an API for you to work on your framework or even your own language that they didn’t have support on, The API is i believe complete enough to get things done the way you want to, but the lack of documentation makes it really hard to get things fast, s

Start Using Docker Great Video Tutorial For Beginners

docker logo It’s not gonna be a post about a testimonial or using Docker as an expert docker user, contrary i don’t even know how to use it, i am just starting to use it. So there will be no useful tips or tricks provided on this post about docker. It's been a while since i've first heard about Docker, i tried to use it several times but didn't get any reason on what is docker can be used for, then i uninstalled it, and reinstalled it many many times, still not getting any idea how useful docker is. Then I watched a really good presentation about Docker, this is the most basic Docker that made me amaze how cool docker is. Here’s the link of the video. I am still kind of unsure how to properly use docker though, because my software development career is usually not involving something like a mission critical system that we need to care about hardware level, and also the language and the platform i am mostly used like Java is already handling the cross platform part. Docker h

How To Start PHP Storm Plugin Development For The First Time

Phpstorm version 2020.1 I was impressed by how smart Intellij IDEA and other jetbrains IDE products can be. If you use a framework, library or tool that the IDE doesn’t support, they also provide you with an API to develop your own plugin to support that framework or tool.  Problem is, it is not as easy as flipping your hand. In fact it’s pretty much night mare, because the lack of documentation and also plugin development is usually a very complex thing, that sometimes your framework that you want to develop the plugin is radically different from the simple example they provide, so you need to figure it out yourself. Recently I learned to develop a PHP framework plugin for PhpStorm, the framework is called Codeigniter. The framework is pretty much popular in the PHP world although kind of old and irrelevant to modern web application development using PHP compared to Symfony or Laravel. But I decided to keep going and with spirits in mind that if anyone can then i’ll learn in the end i

What current level of Artificial Intelligent do we have today?

Shirt Without Stripes Queries AI or ML is probably the hottest tech jargon in current development of technological advancement. From individuals to large corporations they put so much effort into this field to invent some kind of sophisticated robot that, so advanced that they can learn by themselves, we just need to program their brain, and feed them some initial data and then their algorithm will do the rest. AI has been used by major tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft for their and user products. they made their own AI system themselve, it so far works but probably far from perfect. I read hacker news today and found at the top list titled Shirt Without Stripes , which basically shows some flaws from the current AI system used by the company I mentioned above, their neural system is still for some queries that didn't work. They may be really good at some queries but there are still  many flaws so they can’t understand the word 'Without'. I tested it myself

Difference Between Windows 10 Home Pro and Windows Enterprise

Windows 10 wallpaper Windows 10 is my favorite OS, why? firstable because it is the most widely used operating system, so for example application or game developers will likely target Windows as their target user because it has big users. So Windows has lots of programs that sometimes other OSes don't. That the main reason, the second reason is, because i've been using Windows as my main Os for very long time, along the way i learn how to customize the Os (not really customizing the core part, because unlike linux, windows is very much commercialized, you get what microsoft give). By customize i mean just deliberately keep programs that only useful for me, remove if they are just consuming my computer resources. So now I have almost full control over my computer. Not to be bragging, but i know many aspects of window OS, like what is services, command lines, etc. I don’t really know that much, but enough for me to stick to the OS. There are three main branches of Windows 10, t

How Start Building Mobile App Using HTML, Javascript and CSS via Cordova

Cordova mobile app framework Nowadays developing a mobile app can be created using so many frameworks and language, of course the native approach is much more recommended as it will produce native apps with look and performance very fast and adapt to its mobile OS, in this case material design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines on IOS. The drawback of using native code like Java in android or swift on IOS is that they are not compatible with each other, so if you want to create a native code for two IOS and android, you must have two different code bases. There’s google flutter or react native for creating native apps with just one single codebase, but again it's a new learning curve. What if we just want to use the language and UI templating that we already knew, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Yes, you can create cross platform mobile apps by using Javascript, HTML and CSS technology, there's a framework for doing that, one which is my favorite is Apache Cordova. This how y

No mouse no problem, How to use computer without mouse or even touchpad

using computer without mouse or even touchpad Is it possible to use your computer without even using our touchpad? Reason is sometimes we just don’t want to touch the mouse because our fingertips hurt after a lot of scrolling and clicking. Yes it is possible, i am using Windows 10, many OS are hard to navigate with just a keyboard, but windows 10 in my opinion is the easiest and for me it is just my favorite because i’ve been so familiar with this OS because i’ve been using windows for since beginning i am using computer. 1. Windows search In windows 10, everything is searchable from app to files, so basically for example to open a program, you can just press the windows button and then start typing what app you want to open. 2. Click desktop icon TO open program that is on your desktop or wallpaper, you can begin with CTRL+D and than using arrow key to navigate through each icon, then press enter as soon as it points to app that you want to open. 3. Open program on taskbar To get star

CodeLobster - Modern IDE and Free Editor for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

codelobster editor interface A variety of modern WEB-technologies opens great perspectives for specialists for professional and career growth.  In this article we are going to consider CodeLobster PHP IDE, which constantly follows new trends in development. You need to choose IDE very carefully, a good program will speed up your work and contribute to mastering new and most effective technologies. Such key factors as a convenient and fast editor, hints on the code and autocomplete solve a lot. They help you to unleash the full potential of the programming languages used. 1. Main Editor Features Autocomplete - get a list of available functions by pressing Ctrl + Space and a hint on the parameters with Shift + Ctrl + Space; Syntax checking - CodeLobster automatically highlights errors in the code and adds closing HTML-tags, quotes and brackets; Tooltips - just hover your cursor over the element of interest for detailed information about its purpose; Dynamic help - when you are coding IDE

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