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How To Connect SSH Using PEM Certificate On Windows

Usually you will need a pair of SSH username and password to connect to a remote server. But there's also another way to connect to the server via SSH but without password, just using a dot pem (example.pem) file. Here's how we usually do on Windows 1. Let’s SSH login using pem to confirm if it’s throwing error or the pem is fine, if error then we need to move to step 2 to fix it: ssh adam@  -i server-cert.pem And here's the usual error that will throw if your pem file is not ready for SSH login. You need to follow the next step to make your pem certificate ready to login to your server via SSH. 2. Open Windows Explorer, then right-click on the pem file, then select "Properties". Navigate to the "Security" tab, and click "Advanced" 3. Disable inheritance 4. Delete all permissions, so it doesn’t have any permission 5. Now add you as the only only owner. By click button Add and then Select a principal, then Advanced. 6. On the showing p

The Era Of Cheap Information

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Nowadays, you can get any information you need from the internet very easily. You can find almost anything from it, what you want to know and what you need, and most of them are free. Even as if the thing is very impossible for example because it’s very valuable content, require lots of time to working on it. There is always someone doing it and then share it for free. The best thing is not free Actually if you have the ability to do some internet searching, and you are not bothered by dealing with something like pirated content, you can always find anything for free. For example there’s tons of premium ebooks, premium video lectures, movies, tv shows, ready to download from pirates website. The best thing is not free, but if you are kind of internet savvy, you will always find someone willing to share premium content for free for no particular reason, they just love to do it. They bought some non-free content and then they shared it for everyone and

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