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Trying ChatGPT to give me the template for writing a research paper

AI: How may I help you? When trying chat gpt I stumble upon learning about how to write a research, I ask the research template but the bot just asking more specific about what type is the research, I thought the bot asked me the subject of the research, but the bot clarify that it need the type of research, so I just learn that there are 4 type of research paper. 1. Survey 2. Questionnaire 3. case study 4. research report So The template for writing a research paper. When you are doing research and want to make a publication on your research into a Journal for scientific publication paper, you can follow the research report template like this. Title Page: This should include the title of your report, your name, date, and any other relevant information. Executive Summary: This should be a brief overview of your research, including your research question, methodology, key findings, and conclusions. Introduction: This should provide background information on your research question

Airline Booking System Free Template at Github

In my spare times i try to create many HTML template as much as possible, i feel like i don’t want to waste my time doing nothing, the only thing i know in this world is through coding, i will share it for free, so i am trying to be useful as long as i am alive. By always coding it keeps my brain sharp, I sometimes end up finding some new and interesting idea while in the process of making one type of template. I have always dreamed of managing my own airlines, or actually having my own company, any type of industry. But one of my favorite types of company is the airline company, because it still feels like not as many as other types of industries. It's also just cool to own so many airplanes worth billions each. So here's what a free airline web page template i provide you for to clone, which include the following pages: Front page with form to book a flight Front page with form to check in a flight A member registration and login In the next few days I will update the styles

How To Switch Java Version On Linux Ubuntu

Java is a programming language that has been around for over 20 years and it is still widely used in the development of enterprise software running millions of businesses and organizations all around the universe.  If you want to install a different Java version on Ubuntu OS you can use the simple apt install command like this, first, you can find the Java version you want: sudo apt search openjdk And then install the package which JDK version you want that is listed on the list for example I want to install the 11th version like this: sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk How To Switch Java Version You can have multiple Java in your virtual machine, Ubuntu, or any other Linux operating system. And then if you want, you can then switch your Java version using the following Linux command. sudo update-alternatives --config java After that, it shows you the existing Java in your OS, if you have multiple of it, you answer the prompt by selecting the Index number on the Java version you want

Intellij Error: Spring class file has wrong version 61.0, should be 55.0

Intellij is a very smart IDE, but unlike any other ide you are still smarter than it, so whenever a problem arises when using the IDE and the ide doesn’t have the clue what is the problem, you are the one who is responsible for fixing it. The IDE just gives you a pointer of the error, with hundreds of possibilities that can cause it. For starters or even a developer that uses Spring boot frequently, it’s still quite ambiguous problems that often prevent us from starting to develop the project further because it’s the beginning of creating the project. Currently the default Spring version when creating a project using is Spring boot v3.x. And that is to use Java 17. But if you have multiple projects in your working computer that use older versions of Java, upgrading to java 17 is not convenient. So that becomes the problem, because Spring 3x must use Java 17, but in my current COmputer i set it to Java 11. How to fix Intellij class file has wrong version 61.0, should be

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