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Building web app using Firebase - Part 2 (Create API and Read Write DB)

Our First Web App Using Firebase Continuing from the previous post, which is only just one time only setup, let's further advance on doing the codes. After the Realtime database is ready and you have created a document, we need to develop the code. Just create a typical Node-js project as described below: Write our first Firebase function After you created the document you followed from the previous post, you already have the read and write API to your document. For example, you will be able to read your "user_detail" document using HTTP GET Request to "https://[PROJECT_ID]" . More on using Rest API can be read here . Although Firebase RealtimeDB has its Rest API implementations, sometimes, When we need some underlying logic for our app, we need to create an API. But here's just an example of how to create a simple API using firebase functions. 1. On your project, initia

Building web app using Firebase - Part 1 (Create Firebase Project)

Google Firebase In the following example, We will develop the most efficient way to build a website. Unfortunately, people tend to over-engineer a website by using more and more tech stacks; yes, it will boost productivity later, but sure, the learning curve if you are not familiar with the stack; it just drains your energy and wastes your remaining precious time living on this planet Earth (which you only have once), which is very beautiful to explore rather than if you are just sitting there doing something about human-invented technology. The solution is Firebase; this gonna be a cheat sheet for whenever you want to start building a new project or if you are just a beginner using Google firebase. This will guide you through creating a website from scratch. No server setup required; no dev-ops skills needed, with NoSQL database to not be bothered by the SQL and its slowness and many problems with locking, foreign keys, maximum column size, and so on. Let’s just start building a w

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