The Era Of Cheap Information

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Nowadays, you can get any information you need from the internet very easily. You can find almost anything from it, what you want to know and what you need, and most of them are free. Even as if the thing is very impossible for example because it’s very valuable content, require lots of time to working on it. There is always someone doing it and then share it for free.

The best thing is not free

Actually if you have the ability to do some internet searching, and you are not bothered by dealing with something like pirated content, you can always find anything for free. For example there’s tons of premium ebooks, premium video lectures, movies, tv shows, ready to download from pirates website.

The best thing is not free, but if you are kind of internet savvy, you will always find someone willing to share premium content for free for no particular reason, they just love to do it. They bought some non-free content and then they shared it for everyone and you can download. Of course it’s illegal and you shouldn’t support this action, but just for your information that these things exist.

The open source

Open-source is a type of material or usually software in which the content or the source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the content or the software to anyone and for any purpose. 

Open source gained popularity because some major companies like Google already release some of their big projects for free on github for example the Android Project. You can know what’s behind android because it’s an open source, you can study or learn the codes, maybe try to create something better out of it.

There’s some open source books too, like you can see in the Project Gutenberg, and some open source pictures for example unsplash, free music, or whatever you need is probably available for free on the internet. 

Actually if you are looking at the trends, some companies or individuals shifting toward open source mechanisms, they are trying to reveal their secret codes for the public. Not just software but some companies or individuals try to release some contents, lessons, or other types of material for free, so everybody can use it.

I personally have a desire to release some free open source projects, or free ebooks or anything I can create, to just show to other people that I also contribute to something to this world, even just small things.

I create this blog, and as you may know, blogs are free to read. I share some technical information for free here, which in the past you can only get from books, private courses or universities lectures.

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