How To Create Spring Boot Project Using Netbeans

Spring Boot is a handy tool that simplifies the development of Spring Framework applications by reducing the need for cumbersome configuration. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through creating a Spring Boot application using the Netbeans IDE.

While you can certainly create a Spring Boot application in Netbeans manually, it's much easier with a plugin designed for Spring development. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Install the Spring Boot Plugin:
  • Open Netbeans and navigate to the Tools menu. Click on "Plugins."
  • Once the Plugins window opens, select the "Available Plugins" tab.
  • Look for the "Nb SpringBoot" plugin, then install and activate it.

2. Create a New Spring Boot Project:
  • After restarting Netbeans IDE, you can create a new project with Spring Boot.
  • Go to File > New Project.
  • Under Categories, select Maven, then choose "Spring Boot Basic."

3. Add Dependencies:
  • With your new project created, open the pom.xml file to add the necessary Spring Boot dependencies.
  • You can customize your dependencies based on your project requirements.
The Netbeans version I am using is 11 LTS. If you want to download it, the official link is There might be some differences in newer versions. I hope this still works for the newer versions, but I will make changes to the tutorial if needed.

And there you have it! You’re now ready to start developing your Spring Boot application in Netbeans. This streamlined process should make your development experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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