How To Zip And Unzip On Ubuntu Terminal

Well if you are using Desktop, it is easier to do zipping and unzipping an archived files, but if you are doing on server that running Ubuntu, or any other Linux distribution, here's a simple and quick way for you to do basic simple file management on your server.

1. Firstly, you must have an installed zip program ready for your terminal, just type zip to check if it's exists, or you can just run this command, it will check if a zip already on your machine or not, if it is not then it will installing it for you.

sudo apt install zip unzip

2. Zip files and folder  on Ubuntu, you can run this commands

sudo zip -r directory_of_your_files

3. To unzip a zip file, you can using this commands

sudo unzip -d directory_destination

That's so easy right, you can do that over and over to make you familiar with those commands, if you somehow forget, you can just bookmark this blog page and comeback whenever you forget.

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