Blogging is hard, writing content for public readers is really hard, consistency is the key

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash
Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

When I was in High school and learning for the first time about creating a website or blog, I really enjoyed designing and writing on that blog which I lost. 

It's a fun activity when you are doing the thing that you really like, for me working with a computer is the thing that I am very good at and enjoy spending time with.I am kind of introverted and have very few friends, so the outside world is not attracting me.

Now I have grown up and blogging is not just a hobby anymore. Somehow I need to make a living because the job I currently work in is really not enjoyable. Then Blogging becomes less fun and somewhat intimidating. 

Writing content for public readers is really hard, you are forced to have one level of knowledge above your readers, if they find you somewhat incapable of your writing, they’ll just leave and without recurring visitors, your number of visitors will be very limited.

It’s a lot harder writing as an independent blogger, it’s easy to start but it’s so hard to keep running. The blogging world is tough and unforgivable. 

You won’t get anything in the first year or two after you start blogging, but if your content is good enough to attract more people and you are consistently working on your blog, maybe after two years if your blog survived then you can quit doing the job you hate because now you can start making money from your blog.

I have a dream that someday this blog will eventually make consistent revenue for me so I can quit my job and begin writing and doing other things that I enjoy the most. 

This blog has been around one and half years since this post was posted but it’s pretty much doing nothing, it doesn’t give me much income for me to start thinking about quitting the job, maybe it’s still far in the future, or maybe even never. 

But I am not losing faith that eventually this blog will make it. I keep writing, I push myself hard to make content to post in this blog.

It’s not easy to make money on a blog. The fact I know is that most bloggers starting their blog will never last more than a year, let alone making some stream of revenue they wish their blog will do. The reality is, making money from blogs is very difficult.

The consistency part is probably one of the keys to become successful in blogging, which most of us don't have this ability to be consistent on keep writing every single day at least one a post a day.

Sometimes even being able to consistently feed our blog with contents is no guarantee to success in blogging. Beginners like us will likely not survive very long not because we can’t write, but another factor is that there has been too much blog out there that is better than us.

There are millions of active blogs probably in the world, the competition on search engines is becoming tougher, so likely the better the writer will mostly win the SEO competition to place their site on the very top of search.

So i think let’s focus much on the process, the quality of the content, not the results. Enjoy blogging as much as possible.

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