How to Create Javascript Countdown App

Countdown Timer

If you need to create a countdown app in Javascript, this is the solution I am going to reveal. It's very easy to do anything in Javascript, especially because of the abundance of libraries out there. You don’t have to experience the pain process developing stuff from scratch.

It’s generally not easy to make a countdown app because the nature of our calendar system which is very mess up and not well structured, so sometimes 1 year is 12 months, or  365 days sometimes less, sometimes more, and then a month can have between 28-31 days, a day is 24 hour, 1 hour is not 1/10 minutes but  it’s 1/60 and so on. Real mess, so very difficult to crush those numbers because it’s nothing like base 10 which is the number we are familiar with.

Luckily in Javascript there’s tons of libraries to deal with Calendar or Date stuff, there’s one that stands out is MomentJS.

So here’s a Javascript code on how you create a countdown app using javascript, in this example we are gonna do a countdown of the new year of next year. But you can change the variable EVENT_TIME which you desired, maybe your birthday or something.


The year 2020 has passed and leaves us with so many memories. 2020 has been filled with negative vibes, for most maybe it feels like the worst years, but there’s always the other side of the people that made a lot of great success, breakthroughs in their life, etc. So if you feel unlucky this year, just keep trying until luck comes to you.

I am gonna do very crazy things for the end of the year. It in fact looks very silly and not worth any attention, we are gonna create a simple javascript countdown.

Javascript is the right most important language for this year and probably this decade and decade coming, for those of you that want to be good at software engineering Javascript is one the easiest languages to start with.

As you can see from that example above, it’s very easy to create an interactive simple countdown for new year using Javascript. I don’t think that just creating a simple count down on another language is going to be that easy.

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