3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Blog Up To Date, Even Though You Are Very Busy

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After a few years stick with the blog you have, you have been promised to create a daily content to your blog so your blog won’t sink from the internet, but it doesn’t happen, your blog lacks contents. And then its visitors start to decline. But don’t worry, you're not alone in this case, it not just happened to you, it probably happened to the majority of bloggers.

Yes the only thing to keep your blog growing or at least stay and not losing any visitors is just to maintain your blog up to date by giving your time to write and publish at least one single post everyday.

But then life turns out to be very complex and messy, it rarely, or worst it never goes according to our plans, it's just the way life is, full of surprise and chaos. Our life requires us to take care of other things in our life other than just writing some article for your blog, that’s why your blog is sinking from the internet search.

If you need some motivation on how to keep your blog up to date, here's 3 easy to do tips and tricks to keep writing for your blog even though you are very busy.

1. Just push yourself to start writing

Our minds can be wild and uncontrolled, it’s easier to be lazy, not doing anything or just doing something passive like watching videos on Youtube or TV. It’s hard to do something active like writing or doing exercise.

Writing requires thinking, and thinking is difficult and energy consuming, and that probably the major cause your brain won’t work on to write a new article for your blog. It’s often difficult to just start on choosing what topic you're going to write, so then you decide to not do it.

As soon as you have time to write, open your favorite word editor, preferably something that have text spelling and autocomplete like google docs or microsoft word, type whatever that is in your head, it doesn’t have to be the topic your choosing, just write as many many word as you could, doesn’t have to be well written or well structured, because you can always edit it latter. 

2. Write easy stuff that you have full knowledge of it

Writing can take time, hours if not days, if you are trying to write something that you have a good understanding of, it may become easier. But if you are trying to write an article that you have little knowledge about, the chances are very tiny that you're going to finish it, so don’t write very complicated things if you don’t have enough time or mental energy to actually publish it.

3. Read something that motivate you

Whatever activity you are going to do it requires gut and motivation. Read something inspiring that can motivate you, why you need to write for your blog, what your goals etc.

If you are able to picture your future because of the discipline you're doing, it’s a good indication that you have motivation to start. DOn’t hesitate, back to step number 1 “push yourself to start writing”, it doesn't have to be good at the beginning, you can always write random things and along the way there is always an opportunity to connect it.

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