Everthing on the clouds soon - Google Drive, Onedrive and Windows File Explorer

File Explorer, Google Drive, One Drive

As a forever Windows user, I have been using File explorer since the very first time I knew about this OS. It is the default program for browsing files on our computer, so we were familiarised with its feature, and that it’s very convenient to use, work smoothly, and make it very efficient for our daily use.

Windows file explorer is a very simple program basically just showing a bunch of files, with its properties like file name, size, file format, date created, date updated, type of the files and many more handy features. Just like most file explorers in any operating system.

File explorer actually has many more functionalities behind it, but for me i have never used most of them because file explorer is file explorer, it is just for working with files. Some features in file explorer  for example i have never used is the search box that is on the right top of the windows. I have almost never used it for example because it’s not always showing me a meaningful search, the interface is somehow difficult to navigate. And it’s very slow too, i know it because i have literally millions of files in my computer, system files mostly.

As a software developer I can understand why file explorers are not very good for performing search, the caching system maybe is not efficiently handled, but caching millions of files is not an efficient solution either.

Let’s see what Google drive is.

Google drive is a cloud based storage infrastructure that facilitates google users for limited disk spaces with an optional paid subscription to upgrade if the users need more spaces. Unlike local files, it guarantees to be securely stored on the google data center. So we don’t need to worry if someone steals our laptop or our hard disk gets corrupted because we can always get the files as long as we have our login email and password.

It’s not too fair to compare a local file explorer to a cloud based system like google drive, but this article is rather just as a daily user of google drive, i notice that using drive is not as convenient as compared to using file explorer, so i wish that google drive could get better in the future. If only I can use google drive as seamless as file explorer that i would never use a local file anymore.

Why i don’t want  a local file, why i need everything to be on the cloud?

Yesterday my laptop's wifi became unstable, it’s always switching off by itself, even though other devices seem just perfectly normal, so i noticed that there was something wrong with my OS. Like so many times before, it is impossible to detect which program is to blame in this mishap. So without thinking further, I just reset my OS, and that's the beginning of the pain. I need to reinstall everything over again, not just that, I forgot to backup some important files on the C drive so it is forever lost. And that happens like at least one a year, again as a software developer, it’s easy to break our computer because we constantly need to install some program for work related, but sometimes it breaks things and the only solution is just reinstalling the OS.

What i want from Google drive

What I really wish from google drive is that Drive could work seamlessly, responsive and fast just like a local file explorer. But it seems to be impossible right now. Because clouds need an internet connection, so it depends not only on the development team at Google but also on us, the user. Our internet needs to be fast enough to transfer gigabytes of files from our computer to google data server.

So it’s not that Google Drive is very slow and not convenient to use, but rather the nature of the cloud system is that it needs better internet technology than we currently have, that is the problem. By the way, 5g is coming, can it be the solution so that finally everything will be on the cloud so i don’t need to go through pain everytime i reset my computer? Can we finally don't need local files anymore, will everything be on the cloud? That’s the technology that I am very excited to be available soon.

Thinking of file explorer integrated with the clouds

File explorer also can be integrated with cloud backup, by default microsoft sales division heavily promoting so called Microsoft one drive. But personally i don’t think i like Microsoft other than it’s windows OS. Onedrive is greedy and only gives very limited free space that is impossible to not run out of space. So that’s why I don't like microsoft onedrive.

Onedrive is not the only choice, in fact i believe everyone can develop their own cloud system and integrate it to windows file explorer. Google drive is also available for windows. And it’s work just like onedrive, but for me it doesn’t fulfill my expectation, somehow it’s confusing and kind of a mess, because you can have the same files both on local and on the clouds, which is very inefficient. And again it’s only to backup our files like image, pdf, etc, not something that i really wish it could backup more.

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