5 Advices About Writing A Tech Blog For Beginner

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Today’s is not going to be a technical tutorial about how to do stuff in some programming language or fixing some bug in some programming technique. It’s just my overall view about blogging without any preparation or research, it’s purely written straight from the document editor.

As I am now a self-proclaimed tech blogger, because I feel I have written enough articles to have myself categorized as a blogger. I will be giving some advice about writing a tech blog, but this is for beginners. So, if you are not a beginner, maybe this is not the right article for you.


Writing a blog is not easy, in fact it is very hard that every beginner will leave their blog untouched after a few tries writing less than 20 posts. For me the hardest part of writing a tech blog, or any other niche blog is the consistency, because we don’t always have perfect time, or perfect mood to develop a written article.

To be consistent writing on your blog by just a single post every day is difficult. You don’t have yet a specific goal of what you are going to complete or what you going to achieve from your blog. So, if you want consistency, first set up some principle or goal in mind: what to do, what to expect, what you should not do and what to achieve from your blog. That will help you to be consistent.

Start small

Sometimes we have lots of things in our brain but it is not enough to develop a fully written blog post. If you have heard a lot from other bloggers, it is that a blog post requires a perfect word pattern, proper research, with at least 2000 words. That’s totally not true, for beginners, you can just start small by writing anything in your chosen niche, without no need to follow those professional recommendations. 

Even me, when I start blogging, my only rule is just to start with 3 or 5 paragraphs, it’s much easier for me at that time. Writing your article without any specific pattern or how many words you have to write is much easier. If you follow all the professional advice, then it’s just going to slow you don’t on becoming a blogger.

Hit publish

We are all learning, so don’t be afraid of being an amateur, I don’t feel afraid when the first few months i wrote a lot of not well written article, proper word structure, correct information, etc. at that time I just hit publish as soon as I have written 3 or 5 paragraph, as my only goal at that moment is just to feeding my blog daily with fresh content, other than that I don’t care.

Lot of reading

You can just wish to be good at writing a blog by just sitting and hoping you can master it. It needs effort, in this case of how to be a good blogger, all you need to do is by reading a lot from other bloggers. Not only will you be better at writing your blog, you also gain more knowledge in the topic that you're interested in.

People are generous, on this day you can get lots of free informative tips, techniques, information about how to do basically anything, from the internet. All you have to do is just some internet connection, a browser and a time to digest the information into your brain and memory.

Be patient

Time moves fast as you grow up, that is good news, because to be a better blogger, or to be better at anything, it needs time. If you are patient enough doing blogging, try to write a blog post daily, eventually you will make it. Only time will tell the proverbs that guarantee your success in becoming a blogger.

There’s no overnight success, even if you won a lottery ticket, it is not that you are successful, you are just being lucky, and there’s a difference between success and being lucky. Success is if you achieve a goal with planning, so you can repeat the process. Luck is if you get hit by momentary things that you will never be doing the same thing again.

Being a successful blogger will pay off, it is very hard in the beginning, but overtime you will develop some sort of framework in your mind on how to write a blog post, that will make your blogging career easier because you can write a blog post pretty easily.

I hope this is going to be useful advice, but if you find it is not, you can write on the comment section below about what is your main struggle on writing your own blog, maybe I can help you giving some solution to your problem, I really glad to help.

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