Trying ChatGPT to give me the template for writing a research paper

AI: How may I help you?

When trying chat gpt I stumble upon learning about how to write a research, I ask the research template but the bot just asking more specific about what type is the research, I thought the bot asked me the subject of the research, but the bot clarify that it need the type of research, so I just learn that there are 4 type of research paper.

1. Survey
2. Questionnaire
3. case study
4. research report

So The template for writing a research paper. When you are doing research and want to make a publication on your research into a Journal for scientific publication paper, you can follow the research report template like this.

  • Title Page: This should include the title of your report, your name, date, and any other relevant information.
  • Executive Summary: This should be a brief overview of your research, including your research question, methodology, key findings, and conclusions.
  • Introduction: This should provide background information on your research question and why it is important.
  • Literature Review: This section should summarize previous research on your topic and identify any gaps in the literature that your research intends to address.
  • Methodology: This should describe your research design, including your data collection methods, sample size, and any statistical analyses you used.
  • Results: This section should present your findings in a clear and organized manner, including any tables, charts, or graphs that may help illustrate your results.
  • Conclusion: This should summarize your findings and discuss their implications, as well as any limitations of your study and suggestions for future research.
  • References: This should include a list of all the sources you cited in your report.

Yes, I have been doing some research recently, and trying to make a publication out of it but struggle on how to create a publication paper that I normally read. It’s not like a formal research on some institution so it doesn't have to be so formal. I also struggle writing some sentences but luckily nowadays we have a technology called the Large Language Model, like ChatGPT. 

Chat GPT is now a very popular jargon in the internet, websites, blog, or youtube videos. It looks like a new innovation but actually it’s not. A search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing is still a very powerful thing if you are looking for  a solution on the internet, or you want to find a thousand different recipes for making a sandwich. 

ChatGPT is somewhat good but in my opinion it isn't always good. My brain still always keeps doing Google search rather than typing in the question on the Chat GPT open AI website. Because i always work on the browser and google search you just type enter on the address bar of whatever question you asked. Even though with google you have one extra step by which you have to choose which website is better at answering your question, it is still not that much of a problem. Chat GPT only gives you a single definite answer, but google search gives you more options for the variety of different answers you can choose.

The bottom line is Search engines give you better answers, but it doesn't help you write a sentence. LLM AI can, and it also answers your question straight away, but it lacks an option if the answer is the correct solution or not. The search engine always gives you more options to select many different answers from many different websites.

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