Very Beginner Tutorial How to Develop Python Applications Using IntelliJ Community

This tutorial is intended for beginners trying to learn a programming language, or you are a programmer but have never used the code editor called Intellij before.

IntelliJ is widely regarded as one of the best choices for developing web applications using Python. Whether you are a professional software developer or a beginner, IntelliJ offers a comprehensive and user-friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can greatly enhance your Python coding experience. In this tutorial, we will explore how to start writing your first Python program using IntelliJ Community Edition, which is the free version of IntelliJ. And hopefully as your skill level increases, you can develop much more complex projects using Python.

To get started writing your very first Python code in Intellij community, follow these steps:

1. Intellij is Java IDE, so to start Python programming you must Install the Python plugin. 

2. To install the Python in IntelliJ Community Edition, create a new project, choose the language Python. Navigate to the plugin marketplace and search for the Python plugin. Install it to enable Python development within the IDE. Fortunately, the Python plugin is available for free, making it accessible to all users.

3. Create a new Python project: Once the Python plugin is installed, you can create a new Python project by specifying the project name and location. Click the create button, and IntelliJ will set up the project structure for you.

4. Create a new Python file: With your project set up, you can now create a new Python file within the project. Right-click on the project folder in the project explorer, navigate to New, and select Python file. Give your file a name, such as ""

5. Write your first Python program: Now it's time to write your first Python code. As is customary for beginners learning any programming language, let's start with a simple "Hello, World!" program. Enter the following code in your Python file:

6. Run your Python application: To execute your Python code, you have several options. You can click the run button in the IntelliJ toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10. This will execute your Python program, and the output "Hello, World!" will be displayed in the console window.

6. You will see the result of your code printed on the IDE console located at the bottom of your code

Congratulations on writing your first Python code in Intellij! This is just the beginning of your Python programming journey. To further expand your knowledge and skills in Python development, explore more Python programming tutorials available on various platforms, including blogs, documentation, and online courses.

Python is a powerful and versatile programming language, and with the help of IntelliJ Community Edition, you can take advantage of its features and enhance your productivity as a developer. Whether you are building web applications, data analysis tools, or automation scripts, IntelliJ provides a robust environment for Python development.

Remember to experiment with many Python libraries and frameworks supported by IntelliJ to enhance your capabilities, Intellij simplify your development process. The vast Python ecosystem offers a multitude of libraries for various purposes, such as Flask for web development, NumPy for scientific computing, and pandas for data analysis, try one.

As you continue coding on Python with IntelliJ Community Edition, don't hesitate to explore its extensive documentation, you can seek support from some online developer community. With time and practice, you will gain confidence and proficiency in Python development, eventually it allows you to create complex and sophisticated applications.

IntelliJ IDEA also offers a paid version called IntelliJ Ultimate, which includes additional features and functionalities, the Community Edition is still highly useful for developing Java applications and serves as an excellent choice for Python development. If you are a professional software developer, it is worth considering investing in the Ultimate version, as it provides advanced tools and capabilities. However, if you are a beginner or a non-professional developer who finds the Community Edition comfortable to use, then using the community edition is just enough.

IntelliJ is not just a Java IDE; it also supports various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and even Android development. Once you have installed IntelliJ Community Edition, you can easily add the Python plugin to enable Python development. In the example,  you have succesfully using IntelliJ Community Edition to develop a Python project.

So, you can now start your Python development using Intellij, start using the power of Python to build many amazing application that you will be proud of.

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