How To Start Java Web Development

Developing Web app on Java can be daunting, it requires deeper understanding on programming world, but don't worry, this post will give you a summary about set up web development using Java, for detailed step, you can just googling or asking on active forum.

1. Install tomcat
2. Set tomcat user password /tomcat/conf/tomcat-user.xml
3. Install Java EE plugins on Netbeans
4. Add tomcat server on Netbeans
5. Generate your spring boot project here
notes: - on the dependencies field, add at least web, mysql, jpa and devtools
- on packaging, choose war
6. Extract the zip file into your projects directory
7. Using Netbeans, open the project
8. Set up located in src\main\resources

spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/youDatabase?useSSL=false
spring.datasource.username = root
spring.datasource.password = 1234

9. Build the project
8. To deploy your web application to your sever, just upload your built war file to your server with tomcat installed, you can using tomcat GUI the one looks like this

That's summary about developing web app using Java.

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