Inkscape Open Source SVG Editor

If you are a graphic designer, you must already been doing some vector manipulation, which usually wrapped into SVG format or other similar format, basically it's just an image format that can be easily manipulated its shapes using tool or even hand-coding the file because the SVG file is not encoded, you can open it using any text editor, but it's require a  knowledge of SVG specification which you can go into detail by this link SVG Tutorial.

Inkscape is free open source tool, meaning you can using it without paying sum amount of money to get the program, you can install Inkscape by downloading the installer here Inkscape download link. Choose based on your operating system.

Inks-cape is free tool with has many almost complete tools you can work on your project. You can do vector image editing, importing image, exporting image into variety of image file type like PNG or JPEG. And many other tools that can help getting your work done. And there's a lot of tutorial about Inkscape out there, so don't worry to google about how to works with Inkscape, if there's anything you don't know people out there may already have solution for you. 

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