Gitlab Or Github, Which One Should You Choose

Gitlab Or Github, Which One Should You Choose

I really like Gitlab, one of the best platforms for hosting our codes, if you are much familiar with Github, then Gitlab is the same. Only with Github, they are limited for public repositories, meaning your codes are open for public, everyone can see it, even though your code isn’t supposed to be open source.

That’s why I use Gitlab, unlike Github, in Gitlab you can create unlimited private repositories. 

1. Gitlab

Most of the time, I don't want to expose my code to other people, because it’s something that I really work hard on, so i need to keep it secret. I am not ready for open sourcing.

If you're just an individual developer like me, or a small startup team that still struggles with getting stable revenue yet.  Maybe you want to minimize your startup budget, so Gitlab is the  wisest choice for your team.

Gitlab as I know as I have been using it for more than 2 years now, is a free platform for your team to collaborate using Git version control.

Not only for hosting your code for free, Gitlab also provides a premium feature for DevOps kind of operation. So you can just upgrade to premium when you are ready, without need to move to another platform.

2. Github

Like many of you you Github is much more popular because it’s probably one of the first of version control. 

Actually, Github now offers a free private repository for you, but with limited feature and storage capacity. 

You can sign up for your team and decide which membership plans are fit for your projects. If you choose the free version, there’s a limit of maximum 200 mb, which is i think it’s not enough if you plan to do many projects in the future.

For example, I have been programming for the last 5 years, and I already got more than 200 megabytes overall. 

But it is also because I didn't know the package manager before, and use the wrong technology to code. My code is very messed up, it should be less than 200Mb.

Also github is not that much expensive, for $5/month you will get 2GB more capacity and some premium features.

So if you ask me which one I should choose, Github or Github? right now, I will definitely choose Gitlab.

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