In Just One Month, Hackers Took Millions From Bitcoin Transfer

After some famous public figures' accounts on Twitter got hacked, and tweeted some bitcoin giveaway scam. The hacker announces that the account giving away a lot of cryptocurrency for free, as long as they send them some cryptocurrency first. This leads to an estimate of hundreds of thousands of dollars in total, that user sends a bitcoin to this fake tweet.

Elon Musk Twitter Account Hacked

The cyber attack trends continue, now they targeted a smartwatch based company, Garmin, with a ransomware attack.

Few days ago, CWT, a travel management company, got hacked too, by an anonymous hacker using ransomware asking for 10 million dollar. Although the deal ended with only CWT paying the ransom for $4.5 Million dollars in Bitcoin, it’s still considered a major loss.

This CWT hacking is interesting because we can see the deal between CWT and the hackers, which the negotiation between CWT and the hacker was left on a Live chat conversation. So we can see how the deal is happening and the situation in which the hacker frees the ransom.

The method of the hacker is unknown, but they provide some security flaws in the CWT system indicating that this is the backdoor to enter their system after the payment was received. Here’s a screenshot of how the negotiation between CWT and the Hackers left in live chat messages.

Bitcoin reputation is now in question with many criminals using Bitcoin as their payment method for their victims, as in the Bitcoin system nobody can trace the owner of the targeted wallet, even a government institution.

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