Start small! You don’t have to solve world most difficult problem

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You don’t have to create new business or solve the world's most difficult problem. You can just start a small doable business by following other businesses that already exist, as long as you have better product, packaging and marketing.

People are too ambitious and think too far, it’s okay if you are Elon Musk, but if you just some random guy creating your own business, although it is possible to compete in space race, its chance is very slow compared to already exist doable business that you can just start

So, start small, don’t overthink things. Only when your capital is significantly larger, only then you can start to think about expanding your business. Most businesses will fail before 1 year, so be careful, you have to manage your resources carefully.

I read the book Atomic Habits, which can be summarized the following:

Atomic Habits by James clear is a definitive guide for breaking bad behaviors, showing you how small, incremental, everyday routines will compound into massive, positive change over time.

As someone working as a software developer, I don't even have to read the book to do what the book says. When we develop software or apps, we split large projects into smaller manageable action. We use scrum to track the progress of small doable tasks.

It applies to starting a startup, when you try to develop a product, you shouldn’t aim for the big result rather start things smaller that can grow overtime. Bigger things are harder to do than smaller one. It is very easy to understand yet very difficult to do, because our brains get more excited about bigger things than smaller one.

The problem is that your brain is a primitive brain, our ancestor's ways to guarantee survival in nature. When the ancestors go hunt, they will prefer big marmot over small easy to hunt animals. Think of it that way, our brain is a primitive mechanism that is not accurate anymore to apply it in the modern world, we must think hard to make our brain evolve.

I am not a businessman myself, but I have been helping them deliver the product for them by doing IT development for them, so I have been with some businesses that last long and what’s not. I observe what they are doing wrong and why they fail.

Ambitious project, if done correctly, can have a sweet ending, if not it thorns down apart, not just the project, but the team, the people working on it, and the company. Small project can have a sweet ending, if it fails it doesn’t hurt that much.

You have to think big, doing small projects is not categorized in that principle. Actually, a small project can grow into a bigger project, but a big project doesn’t, it is only doable if you have lots of resources, with the high risk that if it doesn't work it will hurt so many people involved.

Conclusions why you have to start smaller project

- Smaller project has less risk. It's more doable, easier to manage

- Schedule resources for doing the development are easier too

- Return on investment is faster, because doesn’t require large investment

- Smaller project is faster successes, bigger one is harder

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