Start Using Docker Great Video Tutorial For Beginners

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It’s not gonna be a post about a testimonial or using Docker as an expert docker user, contrary i don’t even know how to use it, i am just starting to use it. So there will be no useful tips or tricks provided on this post about docker.

It's been a while since i've first heard about Docker, i tried to use it several times but didn't get any reason on what is docker can be used for, then i uninstalled it, and reinstalled it many many times, still not getting any idea how useful docker is.

Then I watched a really good presentation about Docker, this is the most basic Docker that made me amaze how cool docker is. Here’s the link of the video.

I am still kind of unsure how to properly use docker though, because my software development career is usually not involving something like a mission critical system that we need to care about hardware level, and also the language and the platform i am mostly used like Java is already handling the cross platform part.

Docker helps developers bring their ideas to life by conquering the complexity of app development. We simplify and accelerate development workflows with an integrated dev pipeline and through the consolidation of application components. Actively used by millions of developers around the world, Docker Desktop and Docker Hub provide unmatched simplicity, agility and choice.

If you just want to start using docker, then you can download docker and install it, go to Docker official website to download


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