What current level of Artificial Intelligent do we have today?

Shirt Without Stripes
Shirt Without Stripes Queries

AI or ML is probably the hottest tech jargon in current development of technological advancement. From individuals to large corporations they put so much effort into this field to invent some kind of sophisticated robot that, so advanced that they can learn by themselves, we just need to program their brain, and feed them some initial data and then their algorithm will do the rest.

AI has been used by major tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft for their and user products. they made their own AI system themselve, it so far works but probably far from perfect.

I read hacker news today and found at the top list titled Shirt Without Stripes, which basically shows some flaws from the current AI system used by the company I mentioned above, their neural system is still for some queries that didn't work. They may be really good at some queries but there are still  many flaws so they can’t understand the word 'Without'.

I tested it myself and found that this is really true. I opened google, bing and amazon, I searched for shirts and they showed me countless numbers of shirts. Then the world stripes, also they work fine, it shows me stripes.

The third query I typed 'shirt stripes' and still pretty much accurate, there are some shirts that have no stripes but its okay it's just one or two.

And then the Shirt Without Stripes is completely wrong, the world without is ignored, instead they are showing me shirts with stripes, like the second query, seems like they can’t understand the word 'Without' is a negation of shirts and stripes.

This is fascinating, showing me what level the world's most profitable tech company AI has developed. In a way, they are so advanced that individu like me have no any chance to compete on the development of AI, but maybe I am wrong, maybe we still have a chance if we can work harder and make AI much better than they had.

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