Develop Web Based Application Faster Using PHP

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I’ve been developing apps using many different frameworks, across different languages, so I can tell you which one is best for building web based applications the quickest, simplest and easiest.

For me PHP is the easiest way to build web based applications, you don’t need to compile the codes, you don’t have to use classes with long namespaces, etc. 

And PHP is widely known, it’s actually very popular, so if you have some troubles while writing your codes, you can just do some quick search and find the answers right away. 

Web based app using Wordpress

If you just want to build a Web blog, company profile, no need complex business process, just using Wordpress is enough.

Wordpress is not just a blogging platform, it can be much more complex than that. The way you do customization is by developing a custom plugin.

Many developers in the Wordpress community already build themes, templates and set of complex features, for example for Ecommerce purpose, Inventory management, Payment gateway and many others.

So basically wordpress is not tight for blogs, you can do anything you want using wordpress.

I’ve always wanted to learn to customize my Wordpress website, but I didn't get enough free time and a strong reason to learn it. I’ve already learned some basic wordpress API but never got deeper into how to develop templates, how to develop plugins, etc.

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Write your own codes using Codeigniter 3 framework

Do you hate Wordpress or any other CMSs because the learning curve is too much, or you feel you don’t have enough flexibility, so you want to write your codes instead? The solution is by using PHP Framework. 

The framework I use is this framework called Codeigniter. If you have never heard of Codeigniter before, you can read about this framework documentation here

For me, Codeigniter 3 is my number one choice for building a small scale web based application, it is for me proven to be an effective and fast way to get applications running. It’s very simple and the learning curve is not very much complicated, yet you can develop whatever your app you want to be.

I learn Framework like Laravel and Symfony but it doesn’t attract me to go further because I don't find any special thing about those frameworks.

Develop apps in Codeigniter, you don’t need to learn much stuff about the framework. You can just learn only the basic framework feature called MVC (Model, Controller and View). With just that, combined with front end Framework like Bootstrap and Jquery you already can build very sophisticated apps.

Codeigniter actually has evolved and now there's the newest version, Codeigniter 4. But i don’t like this version, it’s just adding complexity into the framework. I will stick with PHP and CodeIgniter 3, I just hate the idea of PHP being over complicated. And also I don't want my small scale app to be written in PHP. 

PHP is good because it’s simple, you don’t have to care about Types, Classes, Entities, those things are for Codes to big business where you don’t want small mistakes so must be very structured. 

For hobbyists like us, or just starting a business, I would recommend using PHP. In my case I've been writing codes using Codeigniter for so many clients and it just works well. They can launch their business sooner.


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