The Internet Distractions We Face Day To Day

The internet distraction we face day to day
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Because I often get distracted by many things when I am in front of the internet, I've been thinking why this happens to me? Or if it also happens to you, then why does it happen to us?

So why were we distracted?

It is because as our brains evolved and became large and complex, and the easiness of information we can get from the internet, we are thinking about many things simultaneously, we want to improve this, improve that, basically everything, and it’s not wrong, that’s how we human species survive until this moment. 

Our survival mechanism requires us to improve ourselves day by day, so we must learn new things in order to survive, we must be the smartest and the strongest in order to survive and to pass our genetics to our offspring.

Also as we grow into adults, day to day, we face different people each time, and we face many problems too, and if we want to solve that problem, we need to learn how to solve it. What is most effective to minimize solving something like that problem over and over, we don’t want to do that again in the future, because it’s painful, solving problems is unpleasant.

And then now that we have this reliable source of information called the internet, simply by just opening our Internet Browser, typing in Google whatever the information we need, and they will show us tons of information also with some ads in it. 

The problem with these ads are, these ads are personalized, Google gathers our data, analyzes it and then they will use it to control which ads will be shown to us.

And because these ads look like this is something that you need, so you click on it, scroll and scroll the screen and see so many interconnected links, and then you click one after another, you consume information too much in a day, and then that’s how you’ll get lost.

Nowadays I become much more aware about myself, about the internet, Now I can just say no to spend too much time reading unnecessary information, I simply just tell myself that I should quit, and start doing the thing I am supposed to do.

But in the past, when I tried to quit these distractions on the internet, I have no control, I just did read so many non-essential things, just by saying OK this is the last thing i’d read, this is the last Youtube video i’d watch, it’s never happen, i keep continue surfing until i sometimes forget about sleeping.. 

In a way when you are reading whatever it is, self help, self improvement or even just a fictional story you will gain knowledge and that knowledge is sometimes will benefit you in the future. The only problem is that those things are quite often not really matter, you can just leave it and there will be no consequences. 

It is different with for example your job, these things are much more important, you shouldn’t delay whatever needs to be finished soon. You must finish what’s in your plans in timely order from the very urgent to the less or unimportant. Reading or watching something  online, even if it's educational, is important, but not urgent, so you must do that later after you finish your work.

Curiosity is also one of human survival mechanisms, we always crave for knowledge, we can’t get rid of them, because this way we survive. If our ancestors didn’t have curiosity, they wouldn't wander around the world, then we wouldn’t be here today, because we would have been extinct from some sort of diseases or natural disasters.

My trick to get things done

My trick to always prioritize is by planning everything that I want to do. You can use a simple notepad to break down what you are going to do. Don’t complicate it, make it simple and make it sound easy to do.

From my personal experiences, although I still couldn’t completely get rid of the distractions, and I couldn’t focus on my work all the time, whenever I apply this trick to me, I can fight back and get my things done.

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