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Heroku Cloud
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I’ve been switching my projects lately from a Bare Metal VPS Server to Cloud or Platform as a service kind of type, as it is much more simpler, all i needed now is to focus more on the codes and the business logic, not on the infrastructure.

As you may already know if you follow Tech news, people nowadays talk a lot about Clouds. And that’s why there's so many companies trying to compete as a cloud provider. 

So now, we have many options to choose to deploy our project for the public user much faster because of the Clouds. 

I see big companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba and so many I can't mention offering Cloud. Some of them offer unlimited trials, but with limitations in storage and bandwidth. For hoby or individual projects, it’s okay to use free trials since we didn’t have any customers yet, we wouldn’t need so much resources in our cloud.

Heroku Cloud

Heroku is one of my favorite cloud providers. I've tried Google Cloud, but I just found the simplicity offered by Heroku is what makes me like it. I actually don’t have sufficient knowledge on Cloud infrastructure since my focus has always been on writing codes for the front end and some back end systems to process the data.

So, the things i like about Heroku Cloud, and maybe cloud in general is, deploying my codes to production is very simple, we don’t need to touch our production server, for example usually we use ssh or cpanel. 

In Cloud server, we just  need to push our newest codes to our version control or Git, using commit and push commands. And the Cloud system will automatically compile our codes and deploy it for us.

How to manage our Database in Heroku

You will be given the database credential on the Database menu on Heroku dashboard, and then you will use that credential to manage your database using any Database management program that supports Postgres.

Heroku provides Postgres as the default database system, it is totally free but with limited maybe in the database storage capacity. I am not so sure, something like a maximum of 10,000 rows. But I didn't really know, as I've rarely engaged on the Heroku dashboard.

How to Start Heroku

Visit heroku.com and Just sign up, you will then create a project and get a free subdomain and the whole Cloud features.

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