8 Tips On How To Start Blog From Zero To Success

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There seem to be some basic rules that govern a successful blog, and it doesn’t require spending money. Most of the blogs I know, a personal blog usually get popular naturally, by naturally i mean, unlike a big company’s product that needs an intensive advertisement. Usually a  blog is without that marketing thing. It just organically comes from the internet like people search on google or a link shared by someone's to their friends, etc.

With no more intro, here’s 8 things that are sort of basic things if you want to start a successful blog. You can follow these tips as your guide on blogging whether you are a long time blogger but struggle on making a successful one, or a beginner and want to have a successful blog. 

1. Really just start a Blog

Most of the time you have a picture of perfection, you don’t want to start a blog because you are overthinking about a lot of stuff that prevents you from starting a blog or writing content into your blog. Maybe you are worried that someone will make fun of you, you think that everything is already on the internet so you don’t think your blog will compete, and so many other fears that prevent you from starting.

By stopping overthinking about a lot of worse case scenarios, or other people's opinion, why would you just ignore and just do stuff that may lead to a successful thing.

Starting a blog is very easy, as by 2021 you can find thousands of tutorials on the web search to guide you on how to start a blog, buy domains and have a first publish content. So starting a blog is essential but it's not gonna be your main challenge.

2. Choose a niche

Sometimes though you start a blog, write a few articles on it, but then you blog is not advancing because you struggle on the topic of your blog. It’s because you are choosing the wrong niche, before you are trapped into a niche that is not your like, make sure to choose the perfect niche for your blog. A niche that people will love, maybe less competition, and most importantly a niche that you are comfortable writing about it.

Before starting to write a blog post, think about some keywords that you want to compete with, for example on google search results, read some top result articles.  Then you try to write better content that is more relevant to your target audience. Write better content that is optimized for that keyword.

3. Feed your blog with content regularly

Having at least one blog post a day is difficult but it can help your blog grow faster. But as a beginner, keep in mind that you need to be patient on the growth of your blog. Even though you already write on your blog everyday, don’t expect too much result in the beginning, the result will come later on if you are still persistent on feeding the blog.

4. Have a strong motivation writing

If it is something you truly enjoy, there will be no suffering. Been trying to write a book for about 5 years now and through all my procrastinating and lack of ideas that work, I can say this; It will never be easy. But it will get easier the more you write. If you can already see that hardback copy sitting on the shelf ready to be bought, then you already know what the end of that story looks like. So lay out your outlines, your notes, or whatever you have - and bring that book into existence one step at a time.

5. Learning an efficient blogging

People have short attention spans, so you need to be as creative as you can be so people will visit your blog either from search engines or social media shares by just glance looks, for example by making an almost clickbait title (but not clickbait, clickbait is wrong). 

Find a nice way to put an interesting title or headline on your blog post that can attract people to come to visit your blog even though they just have a few seconds to visit your blog. Some readers just don’t care about the description on the page, online read the heading and the first few sentences in a paragraph. Catch their attention quicker before they leave.

6. Share your blog

Sharing on social media like twitter or pinterest is also one of the strategies that can make your blog little by little known by the outside world. You can create a pin and put it in category boards in pinterest that is related to your niche. You can do it every single post you publish, but don’t be too spammy.

I do product pins on pinterest, usually create a better  thumbnail to put on both blog or pinterest, again people have no time to read, usually they only see pictures, if it's interesting enough they will continue, if not they don’t bother looking.

7. Don’t quit your day job yet

Quitting a job and jumping into full time blogging may not be a good decision, in fact it's a really poor decision, unless you have a lot of savings in your bank account that can support you while it’s not making any revenue yet and you're work hard growing your blog then it’s okay.

Your blog won’t give you overnight success, the time it might become success is not only dependent on you but other outside factors that may risk you wasting time on putting too much effort on blogging that may not be a success. 

Maybe if you are diligent enough, you can make your blog successful sooner. But things are unpredictable sometimes. The key to a successful blog is by writing on it regularly, but it’s gonna be hard, even if you promise to write every single day, but a month later you still don’t have anything to publish, it happens a lot to me.

So it's gonna take time to make your blog a success, just don’t quit your job yet. If you are not giving up, you still believe in your blog, you feed the blog with content regularly with a perfect niche, then it’s just a matter of time for your blog to take off.

8. Monetize the blog

Monetizing blogs can come from different ways, as your blog becomes popular many marketing businesses from small to big might start contacting you for things like advertising on your blog. So be prepared for that. As you are just beginning to monetize your blog. You can use a common advertising platform like from google adsense that can generate income every click on that ads. 

You can also start doing some affiliate marketing like to link a product that you get a percentage of the sales you made of the product.

To be very honest, as this blog post comes out, this blog is not that much of a success, so it’s kind of blind leading the blind. This blog only has thousands of visitors each day so you can do the math of how little I made from this blog, so don’t be over excited, maybe those are not gonna be the best advice you can get from the internet.

But this blog will continue to grow into even more success, and I am personally very optimistic with those 8 frameworks of building a successful blog from zero to making revenue and eventually a successful blog.


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