How To Install Vim On Windows The Right Way - Using Chocolatey

Nowadays you can find a lot of very advanced IDEs that are really smart and support robust development of any application. But among pro or advanced level programmers some prefer to use vim as the sole code editor to use, why?

Vim is a terminal based text editor that is very popular among programmers. It’s been years for Vim to be around  programmers for their major code editor, who have been proven to work from any scale of application development. It is simple, fast and supports many plugins to work comfortably using only your terminal and computer keyboard. So why bother to choose difficulty over simplicity that is offered by many smart IDEs out there.

1. Install choco package manager

Chocolatey can save a lot of time, especially installing software that otherwise would take a solid half an hour to install and set up to get it running. For example installing a media tool like ffmpeg, in choco you can just type choco install ffmpeg. And choco will handle all the install process until you can type ffmpeg on the terminal.

To install chocolatey, go to download choco from the official website, and then install chocolatey so that it will be available on any terminal, cmd or power shell on your Windows PC.

Download choco from

2. Install VIM

After you install choco, now you can install basically almost any windows application automatically just by using a command line, you don’t need to manually install windows apps using installers such as exe or msi files. To install vim using choco use command :

choco install vim

Make sure you run your cmd, powershell or windows terminal using administrator privileges.

Choco also helps you update your application on your computer just like in linux, you can use choco  update command to update patches of your application running on your computer. For example, to update vim you can use.

choco update vim

That’s very easy and convenient isn’t it, just like in the linux system. You can browse or find many other apps or packages on choco repository that you can install on your computer here [URL]ssss[/URL] or just google search the app you want prefix with choco, for example “choco some app”.


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