3 Basic Principles For Success In Life - Learn Plan Action Technique

People love to get rich quickly because we as humans have an urge to get instant gratification. Being rich overnight, or making money fast, but that’s unfortunately not how the universe works. Universe works very slowly, and humans only live for some tiny fraction of it.

These 3 principles are very simple rules that if you follow it, it can help you to become better and successful in your life.

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Whatever field you are doing in your life you have to be knowledgeable about it. The world is getting more competitive day by day, and chances are higher to win that competition if you have a better understanding of the field you are doing.  

Lucky for us that the Information age we are living in right now gives us more opportunities to learn literally anything from the internet for free. Go and open the internet for positive things like learning, so that you have a better chance to succeed.

Not everything on the internet is positive and useful. In your life you don’t have the time to know everything, so don't learn too much miscellaneous stuff, just learn at the field that you love the most, or you are currently participating in, either job or just a hobby.

Learning takes time, so be patient and don't easily stop. There are no shortcuts when it comes to becoming good at something, try to keep learning and some tricks to make it fun and not dull.

You don’t have to memorize all the things you learn because our brains can handle too much information we consume, we are easily forgetting things. The learning process is different from person to person but for me, the best way to memorize something is by trying to imagine if we want to explain the thing we learn to other people.

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The purpose of planning is to make big problems easier to get done by splitting it into small pieces of processes or tasks. Whenever you have a problem to solve or business to run, make sure to plan what to do, when and how to do it. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan because a perfect plan takes time and just prevents you from taking action.

In your planning you must have to clarify what you are trying to achieve, determine when this needs to be achieved and decide how the above will be prioritized and coordinated.

We make plans that we fail to carry out, so you need to know several things about why plan fails which could be failing to address the weak spot in our project, assumption of the project is wrong, inadequate resource allocation, and the most common one is that the problems we are trying to solve is way bigger than we could handle.

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All that learning and planning won’t matter if you don’t take any action. Sometimes we just have a plan, we have been researching a lot on some specific subject but we don’t do the most crucial part which is taking action.

Taking action is the alarm of life, without it you can just dream about it and it just fades away when you wake up from your sleep. Nothing you can gain from just dreaming, planning stuff that doesn't execute.

Of course, those are just three simple principles to follow, in life we need many other different ways in order to help us achieve our goals. But sure, those are the most fundamental ones, some other technique you may discover by yourself on your life journey.

Those are easy to remember things that you must apply in any situation where you are trying to do something, entrepreneurial, building your own business, career and even in your home.

Given a chimp money, they will spend it on bananas or whatever that it thinks will satisfy them. This is the instant gratification inside our DNA that we share among other chimps and mammals. We want everything quick to satisfy our needs.

For our psychology, to become successful is not an easy task to do, because our psychology is based on primitive ancestor that the concept of money is not present yet, it could take hundreds if not thousands of years to our brain to finally evolve to adapt to modern world, which everything is not just food or survival.

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