What To Do To Become A Good Content Writer - A Guide For Beginners

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If you want to be good at content writing, if you want to make money out of it, here's the very basic principles of becoming a good content writer.

  • The first thing you have to do is to push yourself to read a lot, and only read on a topic (or in content writing we call it a niche) that you are interested in, no need to read a lot of miscellaneous stuff. only the one that is fascinating to you the most. learn and master that topic as deep as you could possibly be.
  • Then after you have a better and strong understanding of that niche, you can finally begin to try to describe that topic in your own words. Split into different articles, produced as many articles on that topic every single day.

Study the niche deeper

As long as you have the knowledge (very strong knowledge) of a specific niche, you can basically write anything on that niche, as many paragraphs as you want. Some content writers suggest writing at least 2500 words, which even for pro writers feels like it’s going to take forever to finish.

Don’t overthink of your writing result, just publish it

The other important thing is, you just don't overthink about your writing, by overthink I mean, you care too much about other people.

Yes, you have to create the best possible content in the world, but those things are not important for a beginner.

After you finish writing many, many articles, your skill will grow and in a matter of time you're going to be the best writer in the end, as long as you are consistent on writing, don't stop even if you feel stuck.

Boost your mind using caffeine maybe

Reading or learning can be boring, sometimes, but there's some brain stimulant like coffee that can boost your mood to help you better focus on learning or reading and eventually you accumulate knowledge through time.

It makes you have a little insomnia, so maybe it depends on the person, maybe you can have lighter caffeine contents, or basically any stimulant to boost your mind to be active. 

Nervousness and restlessness, increased heart could also be the side effect of consuming too much caffeine, and other side effects. So be careful when using any brain stimulant to boost your productivity.

Consistency on writing

With enough knowledge and experience you will become better and better at writing, until you finally find that writing is as easy as blinking your eyes.

Unfortunately, this won't happen in short period of time, the only thing you have to think about is what and how you going to make a single content today, so just focus on what you can do today, no matter good or bad it is just start writing and publish it on your blog or other blogging platform that many people will discover your content.

Writing a consistently single content every day is not easy, in fact it's very difficult, it depends on quality of the content, if you want to write a simple few paragraphs article then it's easy, but if you try to write at specific minimum words with deep research and deep insight than it's become painfully hard that can consume at take time, you need dedicated on that writing.

Begin with very simple contents

So, for beginners it is just easier to begin with a simple shallow content that does not need deep analysis on the content, until someday you feel ready to create a better-quality content.

It's easier to compete in the search algorithm when you have thorough better content but it's difficult to create it, it's easy to create lots of simple content but it's going to be difficult to compete with many of the pro writers out there on the search engine results.

As a beginner, your only focus is maintaining your blog or website to keep it up to date with fresh content and don't have to care about competing in search results, as your goal at first should be how to get familiarity with content writing, in matter of times you don't realize that you are good enough to beat all those pro writers.

Benefit of become a pro content writer

The benefit of becoming a good content writer is unlimited, writing is a profession that sort of hobby that you can do whenever and wherever you want, so you have the freedom of time and place where you want to write. 

Opportunities in the writing business like big companies seeking freelance writers to write copywriting articles, to promote a product like advertisement for big companies, become successful bloggers and many economic benefits, especially when everyone needs something every day to fulfill their need.

Develop writing habit

When you write content every day, you will develop a habit of writing which you don't have to push yourself to write, writing can become something that is strict in your brain, you will crave to write daily content blog that with accumulation it grows and will benefit you in the near future.

If you follow the above first 3 paragraphs in this article, for a beginner it is enough to become a good writer, and the next paragraph you can just bookmark this page and read whenever you need to advance the basic framework on writing.


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