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This is such a big topic that cannot be justified by one single blog post. There are so many questions in the world that have been around and some are meant to never be solved because the universe has always had a secret. And some questions are just comforting to us to know the answer, that can give us light and hope when we feel lost in life's unending struggles.

Some Quora answers are just top and well written, that make you feel guilty for reading that valuable material for free. It feels like it deserved more than as it is just free to read, sometimes we don’t even recognize who's the person writing that answer, truly they deserved more out of it.

Here are some 10 most Quora’s best question and answers that in my opinion is life changing reading material. It gives me comfort and better understanding on how to act better to survive and thrive in this journey of life.

1. What is the meaning of life?

Asim Qureshi answer’s is the most upvoted in this question, he answers:

Quora: Try this. Go to a cafe in a busy part of a city and take a seat that gives you a view of people walking past - perhaps a table on the pavement outside.

Now observe.

What you'll see is hundreds, and, if time permits, thousands of people busily walking to their destinations. Rich, poor, old, young, men, women, boys and girls, not where they want to be, trying to get to some place that they do want to be. When they get there, they’ll soon want to be somewhere else.

You'll see a struggle on most people's faces.

And that's life. We're all trying to get somewhere we're not. It’s a struggle, which only ends on the day we die.

Read more answers from Quora https://qr.ae/pGMkqM

2. What are some of the best life tips?

Quora user Shravan Venkataraman gave more than 100’s life tips in his answers, some of them are:


1. If the crowd goes one way, walk the other way.

2. Read a book every week. Not just fiction, but also non-fiction, self-help, fantasy, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology.

3. Open your mind to a new genre of books every 2 months and force yourself to read the best in that genre. If you like the book, pick up similar books and read.

4. Watch one critically acclaimed movie every week. Not just Hollywood, but also French, German, Indian, Australian, British, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

5. Open your mind to new genres of movies and movies of different countries every 2 months.

Read more answers from Quora https://qr.ae/pGMk6J 

3. How does one succeed in life?

James Altucher wrote very thorough answer about this, so the summary of his answer is

A. VALUES - what do you value most in your life?


If you improve 1% a day at the things you love, then very quickly you find obstacles. 1% a day equals 3800% in a year when compounding.


I’ve asked 400 of the most successful people in the world what they did when they were at their worst.


Sara Blakely, the wealthiest self-made woman in the world (she created Spanx) got her first big order and had only a few weeks to deliver.


When you love something, you WANT to do it in every spare moment.


Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, told me, “I’m pretty good at drawing, but not the best. I’m pretty good at writing, but not the best. I’m pretty funny, but not the best, and I’m pretty good at business, but not the best. But I’m probably the best at the combination.”

G) VISION Don’t read the news. 

Read a lot of books by smart people. Here are some starting points: Sapiens by Yuval Harari the Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley Antifragile by Nassim Taleb Zero to One by Peter Thiel Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke


Every successful person I know, knows how to persuade. Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” is the Bible of persuasion techniques. BUT, Vision + Obsession + Health makes it easy to persuade others.


Rule #3 of improvisation is: “Make your scene partner look good.” Nobody gives a shit about you. Stop caring so much about what people think of you.


- get a waiter’s pad every day 

- write down ten ideas

Read James Altucher’s full answers from Quora here https://qr.ae/pGMkG5 

4. What is the best way to improve life?

Hamza Ahmed answer this question with if you are really want to change your life, do these things: His Read, Run, Write, Learn, Watch, Diet, Plan, Talk, Appreciate, Love, Travel

Full answers from Hamza Ahmed can be read here https://qr.ae/pGMktN

5. What are the simple ways of healthy living?

Aga Holda answer to this question, some ways of healthy living are: Sleep 8 hours per day, Hydrate yourself, Sweat daily, Eat local and organic products, Experiment with Intermittent Fasting, Learn something new, Spread kindness.

Read the full answers from Quora here https://qr.ae/pGMkui 

6. What makes you happy?

It turns out this question is too broad to answer in general terms, so there’s so many unique answers from Quora, each answer is unique and has special meaning to them. One of the most upvoted answers is from Jackson Brownlee.

It’s about a kid, a child named Dane uploading his first YouTube video, titled “0 subscriber special”. And the story goes on and is touching.

Read more these answer on Quora https://qr.ae/pGMkgz 

7. What was the best relationship advice you ever got?

With almost 50k upvotes, this answer from user Paul Langness on Quora is the best answer.

Here's the important part: if you are not willing to accept this temporarily unequal state of affairs, then you shouldn't be married. If you don't love your wife enough to put her happiness and wellbeing above your own, then you don't deserve it when she does that for you.

Read here for more detail answer https://qr.ae/pGMki8

8. What do you do when you feel sad?

User Alcatraz Dey's suggestion on what to do when you feel sad is to get out of the house and wander around the town or someplace far away.

New places and observing new people will help you to cope up better. I am not saying the pain will suddenly vanish, but you will understand that it is a process which you cannot forego.

Read his full answers on Quora https://qr.ae/pGMkaf

9. What is the most important thing in life?

MA Sadik with a simple answer, a picture of a tree that overgrown a fence that is placed to protect it since the tree is first planted. He says that unlike the tree, we as an individual have a choice to overcome the system that we live in.

Read his answer here https://qr.ae/pGMkJ8 

10. What’s the best way to increase productivity?

User Divyansh Mundra have his answer to this question that to increase productivity by start working very early in the morning, don’t waste time, take super-long drives and take a bath (usually 3–4 times a day), change his clothes, and then sit down to write.

Read his answers from Quora here https://qr.ae/pGMkm4

There are so many more questions but those are just some general questions in our life that are very much satisfying if we finally know the answer to it. It is impossible to cram all the good things on Quora into just 10 items.

Our world changes and evolves, so the technology that helps us become better people. By reading much more quality reading material, you will, if not be kind and wise, grow and become at least a better person whether for yourself or when you interact with others.

We are lucky that we have the internet to access so many good stuff for free by just asking it on google search. If you are someone like me that likes learning new things every day, Quora is one the best websites that is addicted to reading so many useful questions and answers to fulfill our curiosity.

Usually, it can consume lots of our free time to read a lot of useful advice and thoughts from people all around the world written on Quora. With brilliant ideas and brilliant ways of answering Quora’s questions, Quora is still a top platform to get answers about some aspect of life, self-help, motivation, even fact and sciences.

One of the good things about Quora is that the best answer is up voted so the people can rate the answer and if anyone feels it is very useful then it shows how many upvotes the answer has. So Quora is a collection of answers from different ideas of different people that are upvoted and make the best answer stay at the top.

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