4 Marketing Principles to Learn for Beginners

4 Marketing Principles to Learn for Beginners

Starting into a marketing business is so difficult, you can’t just say you jump knocking the door and offering a product to the customer, although it is practically possible, it’s not going to be very efficient in current day market situations. Here are a few beginners marketing principles to learn if you are just starting in marketization of your product, or company you are working in.


Specialization is determining where you are going to specialize which your product or service is categorized. It can be a product or service, or it can be a particular market area that you want to work in. For example, McDonald's customers are people who want to eat quickly and they want cleanliness, efficiency, value, price and pleasant surroundings.

What they will do is they will offer every product that they possibly can for people who want to eat quickly whether it's a burger, milk shake, ice cream, coffee serve based on that specialization. In other words, they're constantly looking for other products that they can offer to that customer who's in that market segment or specialize in which people want to eat quickly and efficiently.


Differentiation was the key to any business, all business strategies have differentiation strategies, a competitive advantage on how they are different and better than the other competitors.

Customers always want to know:

“Why should I buy from you, rather than from someone else. You'd better give me a better reason than your competitor does or I'll buy from your competitor.”

“I want to get the very best deal as a customer. I want to get the highest quality for the lowest price, you tell me why I should buy from you why you are giving me the highest quality the lowest price and if your answer is better than that of your competitors, I'll buy from you and if it's not I won't” 

“And that’s not personal no emotion involved”

We get emotionally involved, because it's our business so differentiation is the key is how and why and where are you different.


Segmentation means looking at your market/potential customers and saying who are the specific customers in the market that will more likely buy our product, it can be age specific, gender, races or other factors. In other words, in every marketplace identify those customers who are most likely to buy from you the fastest.

Segmentation the market who will pay more for your area of specialization than anybody else. 


Once you have determined your very best market segment that does really well, what you do next is you focus all your energies on them. The specialization that says this is the product service customer market or area of technology where you focus all your efforts in. Now what your business value is different from other competitors. 

Concentrate on areas where you need to put best service and effort to the customer, based on what your business plan and goals that you have already determined.

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