Feel unhappy with your new you job, how to deal with moving to new job

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I’m just a few days working at my new job, it just feels horrible. I was so stressed, anxious about the next day, and felt helpless, wanting to cry and just feel unhappy. Even though I have so much experience, at this new job, everything feels new to me and there is still so much to learn. I almost give up and want to quit and go back to my old job, where everything is just so much fun. But there's no way back, I have already quit and there’s no way I can just give up from moving forward with my dream. I feel like It’s not that I don’t know. But more like that I am so overwhelmed that I can’t think straight.

Then I started to question my decision to change careers. I feel like this is not a good decision. I was thinking of not coming back to that new office, that's how overwhelmed I feel. I think I am too much confident that whenever moving to a new place I would just feel nothing, but actually there's a lot more than that. I expect that I should automatically know the job, the place, the friends. I'm used to "knowing" what to do and how to do it, but now I am just like a newborn baby who knows very little.

So why does it feel so unpleasant when we move to a new Job, and how to deal with it?

Say everything will be okay

There are several tips you can do to make yourself better when you are moving and working in a new environment. To deal with this anxiety you must stay positive in your mind and set realistic expectations about your future rather than communicate a lot with people around you, and someone that is really close to you. It could be your life partner, family member or friends. Someone that will always support you in any condition you are experiencing.

Stay positive and set realistic expectations

The best way to deal with unpleasant feelings is to relax your mind in any stress or anxiety of any reason. Just throw away any negative or overthinking of things that make you feel even worse. To keep thinking positive, think that everything will be better if you can pass this bad situation. Someday it can be your valuable life experiences to remember and it will feel very sweet.

Each time you pass hard and struggle in your life, it means you are leveling up to become better. So always think there's a positive outcome after you can tackle any bad situation, it makes you stronger and you are getting closer to your success.

Communicate what you feel

You can communicate with your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or your new coworker about anything you feel in your new job. So, you don’t feel alone doing these new experiences, at least you have someone that knows your situation. They may not help us on your side, with deep relationships and good communication you will feel a bit better that they're also experiencing the same thing you're doing.

You will feel alone in the workplace because you have friends in the old place that don't move with you. You feel like without them you feel unsafe and insecure. That’s one of the reasons moving to a new place is stressful, because you lose friends and you need to adapt and find new friends at your new workplace, and it can be hard.

It feels better when you have someone to talk to during break or lunch time, to communicate about everything, so just find someone at your new place where you can share your thoughts about your feelings and help each other in hard situations.

Get over it and move forward

Crazy day this week, I feel unsatisfied with my life, an accumulation of bad things that I’ve been doing. I feel like comparing to other people that have more success than me and comparing the lifestyle that I have been doing makes me feel dissatisfied about the life I am currently having.

If only I worked harder, if only I saved more, if only I am working at better companies with better salary, and so many regrets that I can't even do anything about it. Only regret and promise that I will do better for my future. But could it be just wishing and promises like the past? Or this time I can do better and finally I do all the stuff that I want to finally I can realize it.

My primary income is still mainly supported by my day job as a software programmer. It feels really unpleasant sometimes working as a software developer. Even though some people say a lot about programming is fun, after you are doing it over the years, that fun feeling deteriorates over time and it becomes less fun and even boring.

Recently I just moved to a new job that has twice the salary, but doesn’t feel like I fit in this new environment. I know maybe only time will tell, finally I could get used to it after a few days in the environment, but this feeling of moving to a new place is not pleasant, I have moved from company to company before but never feel like this before.

This week I feel bored, unhappy, and a lot of mixed unpleasant feelings have resided in my heart for a long time. I hope that I can cope with this feeling, get better and better every day and finally feel normal like what I feel every day.

I miss the old place, very comfortable, whatever I can do at that old place I love, whatever I want, I feel so much free like in paradise. And also, it’s the place where my girlfriend and I share so many memories that I feel like the new place will not be the same. Now I live farther away to my girlfriend so I can meet here very quickly whenever I miss her.


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