Firebase and JQuery Tech Stack - Simplest and most Scalable way of developing a website

Firebase jQuery Bootstrap stack

A lot of companies and indie developers in the real world develop websites using so many tech stacks that it is such a waste of time, money, and resources. It’s economically not wise, either they don't know or they are just deliberately doing so to make the company they work for spend tons of money. Certainly, there’s a better approach to doing websites, which should be a cloud base.

This is not a secret, you can develop a large-scale application with just less tech stack that even a beginner does not need to learn so many tech stacks. The tech stack I recommend is Firebase, JQuery, and Bootstrap.

In the traditional app, these are the workflow of setting up the tech stack to make their website run:

  • Lease a server from some hosting company
  • Install the OS for the database
  • Setting up the database of choice: MySQL, Postgre, Oracle, Mongo, whatever
  • Install the OS for the backend / Rest API
  • Setting up the web server for the backend API
  • Developing some backend code could be Java PHP or NodeJS, and you need to know the language 
  • Install the OS for the front end
  • The developer must install nodejs
  • The developer must know about the build tool in NodeJs otherwise screw up
  • Develop the front-end code using either React, angular, Vue whatever is that 
  • Setup git for both backend and front-end source code
  • Setup the CICD for automatic deployment
  • An additional thing is by adding more stack for building into the Docker image

I couldn’t imagine doing all of that if I were just a solo developer, that's so painful. Even in a small to a big company, traditional way has so many things to do, requires a lot of effort. And as an individual you have to be able to collaborate with the whole team to synchronize the requirement, each service needs to have the correct configuration from the server infrastructure, frontend, and backend.

Meanwhile, in the Firebase world, you are expected to do less, you only need to focus on designing, develop the code, and focus on the business logic. For new developers who never know about Firebase, just a little bit of learning about how to use Firebase hosting, Firestore, and functions and everything you need to develop a website. And you only need to code HTML and JavaScript. Isn't that simple?

I am not mad about the traditional way of developing a website, because I still maintain some of the code that I describe above. I am just trying to give a better solution to build a future website.

The thing that I hate is when everything in the JavaScript world becomes NodeJs everything. Although I like package manager, making everything more scalable, I still don't like NPM, and build-tools is just too stressful to make configuration right, and it’s just adding more steps to building a website. Just adding up more stuff to learn. All I need is just to focus on the business that matters.

I also hate when jQuery is forgotten, this is the nicest thing someone ever created. In the Firebase tech stack, I would never forget jQuery, it will always be useful, and I will stay away from those React, Vue, or Angular things. 

I don't hate angular or react, I have been doing a lot of coding with it, and it's pretty fun, but still too many tech stacks that are unnecessary.

I don't hate RDMS like MySql, it is the nicest database I've ever known, I love doing SQL queries, it's really beautiful, but again it is just adding more things rather than the real business.

I also don't hate Spring with its many helpful annotations, and JPA. It's just incredible, but again it just adds more stuff into the work, bugs that need to be fixed, and code that needs to be maintained.

I don't hate Linux or docker, it is a really useful tool and it has been fun to learn about it.

All that matters is to get things done, and make the world better, not just get screwed by technology, by adding up more stuff that is no longer relevant anymore.

I know that by using firebase, it loses the bare metal, hardcore coding, setup of the server, and stuff. And we are very dependent on Google infrastructure. And if somehow Google goes bankrupt, where will the code be running?

But by looking at the current Google report, they won't be running out of money anytime soon. Even if that's happened in the future, it is still not that hard to replicate similar infrastructure like Google Firebase. And we can even make it even better.


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