What To Do For Productivity As a Solo Developer

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Not long ago I wrote something in this blog about the definition of AGILE principle to better improve productivity. Well, this blog has a lot of things, and i couldn’t even remember when. Now I continue to do more practical ways of doing AGILE in a team or individual work. It’s not fully AGILE, but still a part of it.

When trying to deliver a project it is always not an easy task, especially if we are not a disciplined person. We need some system or a routine to achieve the goal we dream of, which is getting bonuses from the boss, or if you are working for yourself, getting your product launch feels special already.

Daily stand up meeting

We do quick meetings at the end of the day to share our day to day progress. What we have done today, If it's not done then explain what’s the problem causing it that took long, and if it's solved, what each individual is going to do for tomorrow. And it’s not even take an hour, it could be very simple at least the higher up knows what we are doing and hears it.

Weekly presentation of progress

At the weekly meeting we need to do a full presentation of what has been done in a week, showing the progress and the result on the monitor. Everyone can look and correct it. After a full week of work, we must have done something right, a week is very long to finish some task, it could be some feature or some bugs that we fix, or an improvement on the existing system, certainly two or three tasks must have been done in that frame time right?

Each day we must have at least one or two tasks. Whatever time you can set to gather up the daily stand up or weekly meeting, can be the start or the end of the day, could also be in the middle. It’s just whatever is better for other members on the team. Maybe in the morning all the team is not yet full or too tired to do at the end.

We all know the more productive we are, the better the profit we can make. But it's not easy to always be productive each day, especially if we are just working as solo developers. Because we are easily distracted when trying to finish even a single task.

I really feel very useful to always have someone review our work at the end of the day. It feels like what we have done in a day is verified or recognized by others and satisfies our mind.

Even if you are a solo developer you still could follow some of the tips above, you are pretending to talk to yourself as a different person, pretending to be your boss or manager.

Currently I have been married so everything in our house becomes a team work of two people. To achieve productivity in our house I really use these two methods every day and each one every week. We share and review our own things. Even though sometimes I don't get the idea what my wifes is doing and also maybe she doesn't know what I am doing, it's just a routine, the feeling of making.

Now, not only do I need to report to my real boss at the office, I also have to do one more report to the boss at home, but it's all fun.

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