Most Influencing People In My Career and Personal Life

These are some people or even myths that I admire, and inspire, and also their thoughts that influence my life.

1. Seth MacFarlane (actor, writer, director, and more)

Very progressive person and very funny, he is the creator of the Cartoon that every episode I have watched, Family Guy. Also his new Star wars sitcom, the Orville. Whenever he appears on TV I always find him to be a very funny and inspiring, really talented person.

2. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX)

Could probably be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. A businessman, The richest person ever lived, some say that African kings are the richest, but I didn’t believe it. Elon musk is very successful, achieving so many things in his life, with his knowledge. I like how the business man he is have been creating multiple company like so easily. Also like his futuristic views about space exploration.

3. James Gosling (the programming language Java)

Not everyone know about him, even in the developer community, but he is very inspiring. He is very brilliant person, know lots of technical thing about technology, especially computer programming, and is one of the early people to know and use the internet.

Have been listening to and watching some of his talks and interviews, and am very inspired by his expertise, and loyal and humble way of working in the field of information technology.

4. Albert Camus (the existentialist writer, the stranger)

My life has always been up and down and full of fear. Whenever I grip on the philosophy that Albert Camus coined, life has no meaning, man doesn't have the ability to know what the meaning is if it exists. It energized me to not constantly worry about anything, very helping my sometimes unstable feeling about my life.

5. Zeno of Citium (the stoicism philosophy)

My life is always influenced by stoic philosophy, whatever thing I do is probably unconsciously based on the stoic philosophy and a mix of other philosophies.

I also like Frederich Nietzsche, but he's a much more individual guy. In my current views, we are still a very social species that needs other people. Agree and disagree about some of his work.

There might be some more people but not very much influence me as much as they who are listed above.

What about Spiritual or religious figure? 

I believe that any of the prophets or saints in history is just like any ordinary person. So, I don’t see something special about them, unless they write their own book that they invent something miraculous and help improve humanity forward. 

Their ideas or teaching is just kind of borrowing from any older text. It seems to be they are just kind of using some older tales to legitimize their campaign, either spiritually, politically, or economically beneficial for them.

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