How Make Youtube Dark Theme

Youtube is video sharing platform for watching videos free, it has a lot of videos uploaded by everyone on the world. Youtube shows amazing statistic million of people watch youtube videos , there is lot of money circulation on there, billions of dollar. I am not gonna talk about money, this post will show you how to make youtube darker, or using youtube dark theme. This dark theme is one of youtube new feuatures, i forget when did it started, but it's about early 2018.

Here is how you can change youtube into dark theme. It is the web version, but if you change this settings while you login using your google account then your youtube mobile app will also be changed to dark theme.

1. Go to

2. On the top right of the page you'll see an icon, three dotted icon, then click on it, the list of menu will be shows up, an then click "Dark Theme"

3. After click the "Dark Theme" menu, click the toggle "Dark Theme" to turn it on, if you click it again then it will be switched again to light mode

5. Example of youtube dark theme mode

Playing youtube video in dark theme

Video recommendation on dark theme mode

Comments section on dark theme youtube

That's how easy is to turn on dark theme mode on youtube, i hope it clear and to the point, enjoy watching youtube videos!


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