How To Buy A Domain On

If you want to have a website, you need a domain, it is making people easier to come to your website, you just need to give them for example: so people type on web browser and than can see your website running on that domain.

There are so many domain provider out there, i can list it like  goddady, hostgator, bluehost and of course namecheap. I've been their client since a while, i found them really good domain provider, it's faster to buying domain on namecheap than any other company listed above or else, payment proccessing really really fast, using paypal, in just one your payment will be proccesed automatically in seconds, really fast. Sometimes i only took less than 2 minutes to buy a domain within namecheap.

Here is steps provided for you how to buy a domain on

1. Go to, just click the link or you can type it yourself onto browser address bar

2. On a serachbox on namecheap website, you type in what domain name you want, mostly people using their name, you can use it too, for example:

3. After you press enter, or click the magnifier icon, you than we'll see weather your domain is ready or already taken by another person, if it's ready than congratulation, you can continue to the next step, if it's not, you can pick another name, just make it sounds unique so that people may never think about that, but don't forget it must be easy to remember and spell

If you sure you want take that domain name, for example mine is, then just click the green shop chart icon, next to your checked domain name, you will then continue to next step

4. Click the view cart button to procceed to next step

5. Click confirm order button if you sure you want to purchase the domain, if you change your man, then just click the close button on your cart next to the domain name, if you may have another domain name idea, it will remove emptying your cart 

If you have a promo or coupun code you can type in it, usually you can check this link if they have some coupon code 

6. You need to login to namecheap to go further proceed your order. If you don't have an account you first need to Sign up, we'll make tutorial of it on the next post, so type username and password if you already have an account

7. You will see Checkout with paypal button, just click it to continue

8. Login to your paypal account and then you will need to choose a way to pay (payment method), weather using paypal balance or using your credit card, then click continue

9. Wait for seconds and you already have domain, you open your email, both namecheap will inform you about your transaction

That's how you buy domain on namecheap, it's really easy. The next step would be how you can use your domain as your website domain. It's gonna be more complicated, but it's not hard, we will cover it with images.

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