How to Turn Off Your Computer Properly

This tutorial is for Windows 10 user, but even if you are not using windows 10 OS, this tutorial may be still can be applied, just different look. So without further ado here is how you turn of your computer properly

1. Click the windows logo on the left bottom of your computer screen, then start menu will appear like the picture bellow

2. Click the switch off icon, it looks like upside down Q letter, after  you click that icon, list of black pop up will appear, they are, sleep, shut down and restart:

If you want to just make your screen off, select sleep

if you want to turn of and end of all of your programs, click shut down

if you want to turn of, close all opened program, and start it again automatically, then click restart

So now you know how to turn off your computer properly, hope it easy to follow.

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