How To Register A Namecheap Account

Namecheap is website where you can purchase domains or web hosting. They have cool feature and great customer services, it has live chat where you can use it 24/7 to talk to namecheap reps about your problem using their services. I've been contacting the so many times, the always nicely and help to solve all of my problems, it's been nice and i feel satisfied with their services.

If you want to buy domains or server stuff, or maybe SSL (https), namecheap is one of my top recommendation. They support Paypal payment option, so transaction will be processed immediately, easy and secured. Below are the step to create or register a namecheap account, before you register, you must have an email aacount, you can using Gmail or Yahoo email, but i recommend you to use Gmail, it is on my opinion is the best email service.

1. You go to namecheap home page by opening web browser then type: on the address bar of your browser, you will se Sign Up link on left top of the page, just click it and you will be redirected to signup page

2. Type in your desired username on the textbox with label username, username must be unique, so everyone must have different username, let's for example your name is Jerry Jackson, you can make your username as jerryjackson123 in case username jerryjackson was already taken

3. On the Password field, you choose your password, it must contain at least 8 characters. Retype your password on Confirm Password field. Then your first name on First Name field below the Confirm Password field

4. Enter your last name and your own email address. After you fill all of the fields required, then click on big orange giant button "Create Account and Continue" 

That's all, you've been registered as namecheap user. The next step is you to verify your email address, go to your email then find email sent by namecheap, open it and click the confirmation link to finish the regristration process.

Now after all process was completed, you can login or sign in then you can start to buy domains or web hosting on namcheap.

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